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  1. Wasn't Shallan really good at drawing at a young age as well?
  2. Ashyn was as far as we know destroyed by the humans and possibly their use of Investiture and Surgebinding. If It was fully Investiture-based, Sel might notice something similar happening to it, and want to put an end to it.
  3. Granted, but it's leghair. I wish for Brandon doing a European tour.
  4. Parshendi are very limited in how they shape-shift though. The Returned however.....
  5. Okay so, time for my first real crackpot theory. We know, from the AU essays that Sel has been gaining a bit of sapience. What if the planet Sel itself caused the Reod, being unhappy with the Elantrians, and the way they were using their power? It would give the Reod more cosmere significance, and it would be interesting, compared to the few things we know about the humans who left Ashyn. As a planet, I could understand Sel not wanting to have something happen to it, and it might have intervened.
  6. Tsss, can't even come up with one of the fundamental laws of nature on the spot? Bet you Mr T. could do it, and he's very old.
  7. Maybe a bond like the Spren form with humans. We know Seons have them, but they might not be as intimate as a Spren bond, or may not be as based on ideals and "truths" as the Nahel bond is, but that's just idle speculation.
  8. Yeah, but Odium was imprisoned when the humans took Honor as their god, replacing Odium. That happened after the exodus, and during or after the first desolation, probably. So that doesn't exactly clear up a lot, timeline wise. Maybe someone asked a follow up question to it? I'd hope so at least.
  9. Then it's fair to say that at least Jezrien, her father, was born pre-exodus. That's interesting, because I too assumed there was at least a bit of time between the exodus and the first desolation, as the humans needed time to grow discontent with Shinovar, before they decided to invade the rest of the continent. If there was, then what does that imply for the Heralds? Maybe they're kind of like the Returned from Nalthis, only granted their life by either Odium or Honor (most likely Odium, as he was the god of the humans before Honor was), but then why would they oppose him that much? It's all a bit weird
  10. Final Empire is, the rest isn't, in my opinion.
  11. Considering Hoid bonded a Cryptic, could you name one of his truths, or would Hoid be content with only the abilities he gained by speaking the first ideal?
  12. Be prepared to hear more about this character, Hoid. We're all kinda obsessed with him, because he's basically the closest we have to figuring out the secrets of the cosmere.
  13. Did Hoid have a personal relationship to Adonalsium, friendly, familial or romantic?
  14. Could it be possible that another Yolenite that Hoid knew picked up Endowment? It's also possible it'd be another Shard, maybe the Shard that just wants to hide and Survive? I'd think it'd be a good choice to not be "stuck" to a certain Vessel if you wanted to survive. Narratively it could be interesting, as survival (if that's the actual intent) can be interpreted as hiding but also as taking initiative and taking down your threats before they can take you down. It's not an "official" theory, but I'm just thinking out loud. Who knows what Brandon has in store for us in this.