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  1. What was the Fainlife from again? As in, what unpublished novel?
  2. That's for sure. And it's pretty cool, in my opinion. I thought it was a bird, until I saw the things below the purple spots, but I suppose it could just be an Aviar yeah
  3. In the new art released by Brotherwise Games for the upcoming Call to Adventure version/expansion based on Stormlight Archive, Hoid is depicted, along with numerous symbols and illusions. Note the cosmere symbol, the Harmony symbol with a Mistborn below it, Nightblood, Wandersail, the aon Aon between the two, the Girl who looked up, Frost, Roshar, the symbol for the Drominad system, and some rabbit/fox looking thing. My question is, what do you people think the rabbit/fox thing is. I thought it was something from either Threnody or Taldain, but I couldn't figure it out. I'm hoping you guys can.
  4. And right after posting, progress bar update. Mistborn screenplay was added and is 10% completed.
  5. I did not know how to do it, I had to catch my metro back, so I only got mine, which I messed up by making it too broad. Paraphrased: "Did Hoid lose anything or anyone else because of the Shattering?" "Yes, but a lot happened because of the Shattering."
  6. Thanks! Would you recommend writing it in the book or on a seperate piece of paper? Basically, what's the most convenient for Brandon
  7. I'm going to Paris signing tuesday. How do you get a question answered in the book? Do you write it down in the book or on a piece of paper, or just ask him to write it down?
  8. Wasn't Shallan really good at drawing at a young age as well?
  9. Ashyn was as far as we know destroyed by the humans and possibly their use of Investiture and Surgebinding. If It was fully Investiture-based, Sel might notice something similar happening to it, and want to put an end to it.
  10. Granted, but it's leghair. I wish for Brandon doing a European tour.
  11. Parshendi are very limited in how they shape-shift though. The Returned however.....
  12. Okay so, time for my first real crackpot theory. We know, from the AU essays that Sel has been gaining a bit of sapience. What if the planet Sel itself caused the Reod, being unhappy with the Elantrians, and the way they were using their power? It would give the Reod more cosmere significance, and it would be interesting, compared to the few things we know about the humans who left Ashyn. As a planet, I could understand Sel not wanting to have something happen to it, and it might have intervened.
  13. Tsss, can't even come up with one of the fundamental laws of nature on the spot? Bet you Mr T. could do it, and he's very old.
  14. Maybe a bond like the Spren form with humans. We know Seons have them, but they might not be as intimate as a Spren bond, or may not be as based on ideals and "truths" as the Nahel bond is, but that's just idle speculation.