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  1. I'd have the talent of breaking laptops. I've seriously been through four in the last three months. My last one lasted 4 days. That or the talent of never remembering faces. Including my own. Maybe my face would change doing a kind of disguisers lenses thing, and i could make other people appear different. LIke, they'd all look the same, like the do to me.
  2. Mehli is a confirmed girl, and is actually Sophie as one can see in the deleted scene which is considred cannon. The he's are brought up because of Kai's general sexists leanings, which adds to the deep complexity in this book's messages about reality, discrimination, and freedom. An excellent book. I come now, because I am preparing to write an essay on it for my English 251 class, so I've been reading it several times over the last couple of days.
  3. I loved the book. The characters, even your typical villians were well fleshed out and with purpose, the main character was fun and grew, and it had a great moral. I agree though, that the mystery pay offs weren't as good as some of the other things Sanderson has done. It isn't that I guessed it before, it just didn't feel as it had as much impact. We got a reason for it, but as Ironsides said in the Epilouge, "so what?" it didn't really effect anything. However, I have to admit it as been ages since I read DE. I shall have to go back and read it, and see how that effects my opinion of the reveals. Not a bad book, still much better than what most other people write, the character growth and portrayl was better than normal, but the pay off and Sanderson 'cascade' ending wasn't as strong. Maybe I would have liked to see some more pay-off at the end of the book, more resolution. Not sure. Over-all very impressed.
  4. He definitely did that on purpose. It is slang, and rather funny.
  5. I just finished despite the fact that it is November and I should have been doing Nanowrimo. I love the message behind Skyward, especially coupled with the talk Sanderson did at the book release about the fear of failure, especially as this book sprouted from troubles with Apocolipsis Guard. It has a great message about fighting for dreams, but also about how sometimes what we always wanted isn't what we thought. Spensa's character growth was excellent, and I was pleased to see Jergen (I could never figure out how is name was supposed to be pronounced, probably from taking too many Spanish classes. I am sure it is not meant to be [her-hen] but that is how my brain kept reading it) was not just a the typical flat jerk(face) that always ends up in this type of book. Made me love them both (though I am anti-romantic and would have settled with just respect from the two rather than romantic hints). Kind of like Ender's Game, but it avoided all the bad stereotypes displayed in that story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Too much. I really should have (and should be) writing.
  6. my book collection could only be expanded by one book (the second White Sands book) I have the rest, and at least half are signed, I've just never bothered to come online before. But I am taking a class from him in the winter, so I am rather excited. Thank you much for your welcoming.
  7. If one repeats a lie often enough it becomes ingrained in their own mind. She has likely been living the lie for so long it has become the truth in her unconscious thoughts, leading to bridging between the idea of 'defect' and 'cowardice.'
  8. Hey, I am here to be of absolutely no help to you, but I'm in the same boat. Kind of. Just went to the release part last night as well. Went to school in a Doomslug shirt and just finished reading Skyward, (which I loved) so I decided I'd finally get around to making an account and talking to people who cared about this kind of stuff instead of just jabbering in my friend's nonchalant ears.