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  1. Personally, I think Hoid is trying to get revenge because of a personal vendetta. At every possible moment in The Stormlight Archive, Hoid is going against Odium by helping Shallan, Dalinar, and even Kaladin to an extent. He helps Jasnah when she gets back from her visit to Shadesmar, and it is possible that he helped Lift, seeing as how she remembers a crazy old man who jumps into a greatshells mouth - Hoid fits the profile. Also It makes sense that Odium would've killed someone close to Hoid. After all, he's sort of almost like maybe half a Shard.
  2. Point, once again, to you.
  3. What other types of relationship are you implying?
  4. I'd have an Essence Mark that lets me predict all of Brandon Sanderson next books plots- and one that lets me become good at writing.
  5. Point to you, sir.
  6. The reason I think that Kaladin and Jasnah have a future is because when they first meet, Kaladin acts like he did around Shallan, and Jasnah in turn. Also, age is a relative thing since Hoid is seen in Mistborn and Alloy of Law, which takes place 300 years later- in Shadesmar, which we know Jasnah can travel too, age isn't a thing.
  7. Elantris Raodon and Sarene have just been cornered in Teos Hrathen appears to help them fight against Dilaf Dilaf does Dakhor chants and incapacitates Hrathen Raodon and Sarene die Wyrn takes over the world
  8. I honestly can't tell. But the woman on the outside, I thought, was an Edgedancer, because she looks like she's growing vines.
  9. I think Jasnah and Kaladin maybe might have a future together.
  10. I don't get the rank systems, well, ranking. Spren=One up vote, but are below Darkeyes, at six? What? Why?
  11. I think Venli suits me- she always did have a knack for venturing out into the unknown- and bringing Dusk to her people.

  12. Hands down Kaladin. No contest. He fly's (falls) and doesn't where white and kill people.
  13. Alloy Of Law, because it was the first Cosmere book I read.
  14. I'm new here, and I don't understand a lot. I've posted a couple of topics, but apparently I'm a spren? (hopefully highspren) And people are gyorns? They preach Derethi teaching, or is it just ceremonial? I'm so confused!
  15. I chose Forgery because I think it's one of the more useful abilities, since I could overwrite my past self and become a new person. Yes, I know about Lightweavers, but can they give themselves fresh out of nowhere skills? No. Can they make a stamp and change items at will with "crude wood stamps" (I'm paraphrasing) No. You have to get special training for two years, then you can go out and shape reality.