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  1. Hey, where you been?

  2. It's yo birthday? 

    Happy birthday!

  3. Welcome to the Shard!
  4. *Slowly, ever so slightly, wins*
  5. I can vouch that @Ark1002 and I may or may not have been the friends that "attracted" him to the shard.
  6. Do not eat the cookie, Sgx....and its good you listened to our sentiment
  7. No!! Join the Ghost Bloods
  8. Isn’t tuba supposed to bake? @Ark1002
  9. Interesting...How the shard works..
  10. Do
  11. could this be your first post?
  12. main plot

    Morph watched, as hydrogen, from the sky, high above PlasmaCore. They had done something to the city. He wouldn't work for them, at least not yet. They might be able to pay well, but they might also destroy the Alleyverse. And that wouldn't be good for business.
  13. Hello! Welcome to the shard....I would second the fact to not eat any cookies, or sell anything to anyone even if it seems harmless.