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  1. Idiocy Hierarchy 1. Meeker 2. Nobody comes close
  2. If i'm taking your name, I need to act the part, too
  3. They could die with each other in their arms
  4. Very much so yes. Can't wait to see what it grows into =.
  5. I feel like I'm the lurking, sarcastic cousin that nobody notices much or knows what to do with.
  6. I didn’t have any plans. I’m just thinking of disasters from every book I’ve read. What about if everyone’s dog dies? That’s a pretty common one.....
  7. Okay.....fine. I’ll drop it
  8. What about biohazardous waste? Radiation caused death is different.... @Sorana
  9. Blood fever. Kills investitured people and creates new ones.
  10. Yeah, I was notified that this was a section, so I decided to do one late.
  11. I guess Kaladin, he’s the only one I can remember
  12. Hammond, the Cutest overwatch hero
  13. Lol. No, Me and a couple of my friends live in the southern part, closer to Portland than Seattle
  14. Hello! I just now realized that this was a topic on the Forums, so I'm making one just a little bit late. I love to read, especially Brandon Sanderson's work, write, and spend most of my time indoors. My favorite subject is Math, and I've had many people suggest this site to me.