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  1. horror

    A thought crossed my mind pondering the mechanics of color and Awakening. Since Awakening uses color as fuel, could gemstones (like the ones on Roshar) be used? If so, how would that affect the gemstone's function? I know that a some of the gemstones of Roshar are effectively only different in color and almost identical in chemical structure. Because of this, would a gemstone's ability to hold stormlight and trap spren be affected if its color was drained? If the gemstone that is drained were in a fabrial, how would it affect the fabrial's functionality? Are a gemstone's and a fabrial's magical properties about perception or more about physical properties? Also, I think the fact that it is practically impossible to draw from the color of living things suggests that investiture affects the accessibility of color. If this is true, I suppose that infused gemstones would be hard to use as color fuel. I suppose if someone used the color from spheres (although likely expensive in breath for the Awakening because of the relatively low amount of color) it would prove a headache to anyone who tried to use or trade them. What are your thoughts?
  2. I divide by zero. Don't ask me how it works, it just happens.
  3. It has been mentioned in the books that Bastille bugs Alcatraz often about what he is writing in his autobiography. They way it is written suggests they spend a lot of time together, and this amount and the playfulness of it suggests a marital relationship. I definitely ship it.
  4. I have some questions about Nightblood that I haven't quite found answers for on Arcanum (although I haven't scanned all 222 WoBs tagged "nightblood") or in the cosmere books: 1: Does Nightblood need a direct connection to a source of investiture to consume it (e.g. consuming Breaths/Stormlight from someone holding it vs. it lying on the ground and consuming ambient investiture)? I know Brandon has said Nightblood can only consume kinetic investiture, but he also said that it can consume the mists so I'm not sure where the line of what Nightblood can and can't consume is. 2: If Nightblood interacts with the Spiritual realm, why can it not consume all investiture in that realm? I bet this has something to do with Connection and who is holding it, but I'm not sure. My knowledge of how spiritual mumbo-jumbo works is limited. 3: If Nightblood consumes enough investiture, would it become a perpendicularity? If so, would someone be able to use it without being consumed or is it more like a black hole with an event horizon? 4: On the black hole analogy, is Nightblood's investiture slowly dissipating like Hawking radiation? 5: Since Nightblood deepens colors around it, is it converting all the investiture into Breath or some other form of Endowment's investiture?
  5. I've got one: If a Radiant were to work out while holding stormlight, would he/she grow stronger or stay the same? Would the desire to gain strength be enough of a cue to the stormlight to facilitate that?
  6. Ah, I see. I never noticed that before. Thank you.
  7. After completing the series for a second time, I realized that even though Alcatraz ends his account after they leave the Highbrary, he dropped some hints that the story goes on. These include the fact that he wrote his autobiography, the fact that we know the world wasn't destroyed like Biblioden wanted because he wrote his autobiography, and a few other things he mentions about his life afterwards that I can't remember off the top of my head. Also, I know that Alcatraz suggests that one of the following happened (but most likely the first one): he and Bastille got married, Bastille married a Smedry, or Alcatraz married a Dartmoor (which is unlikely, since we only know of Bastille and her sister). I can't remember exactly what the wording is or where it was, but I am fairly sure it was in the third or fourth book if someone wants to check. Any guesses as to how Biblioden was stopped or about what life was like after the official story ends?
  8. You're right. Right after the chapter ends they are all together like nothing happened. I guess you could say that Bastille was still list so she was still affected, but it is a bit of a stretch.
  9. Main question for this topic: What is your favortie quote/joke/witty remark from all of Alcatraz? Mine: "Definition of 'Crapaflapnasti': 'adj. Used to describe an item which is as disgusting as fish sticks.' (Note: This word can only be used to describe fish sticks themselves, as nothing has yet been found which is equally crapaflapnasti. Though the unclean, moldy, cluttered space under Brandon Sanderson’s bed comes close.)"
  10. Will do.
  11. Sadly we are too few and far between. Alcatraz fans unite!
  12. Hello everyone! I'd love to get started with discussions, but I'd first like to introduce myself. First off, I'm not a hardcore Sanderson follower, but I have read all of the Stormlight Archives, Mistborn, and Alcatraz. I like to talk about the cosmere and other world's like the Alcatraz universe and how it relates to reality in certain ways. Any tips for a newbie? P.S. I would not like any cookies, thank you.