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  1. 3 new followers since his last appearance, I feel like that does not usually happen.

    1. I think I am here.

      I think I am here.

      As if on cue, @Toothless of Shinovar gets 3 new followers since his last appearance :P


  3. *looks. Does a double take.* You copied and pasted that, didn't you.
  4. Darkness held still. A small smile graced his face, then he realized that Ark couldn't see it through the helmet. In a sudden explosion of motion, the crystal exploded outwards. Pieces were hurled to the far ends of the room like shrapnel. And Darkness was gone from the epicenter. Instead, he was behind Ark. He struck with several small knives, embedding them to the hilt on the amber.
  5. I've updated his bio, and cleared up the confusion about his channeling abilities @MacThorstenson.
  6. Darkness said nothing, opting to let his silence intimidate his opponent. Then, he sat on the ground. He became perfectly still, like a stone. Then he waited.
  7. Yup that's about it.
  8. Kenoth has sort of the same abilities as a wise one. Can do some abnormal things, but really doesn't channel. I suppose you could say he's an extremely weak channeler, so weak that he can't access any weaves.
  9. Stands there looking cool while Ark does his next move.
  10. probably the best guild in the alleyverse

    Welcome to our most illustrious guild. I'll add you to the PM.
  11. Hey Quibble. Just in case you don't know, it's Kaladin from discord. Welcome to the shard. I hope you enjoy it here. Here's a quick guide on everything here: General Brandon Discussion is a good place to go to talk about anything Sanderson, General Cosmere discussion is a great, spoiler-free, place to post theories or talk about the cosmere. I would avoid subforums on books you haven't read, as they're full of spoilers. As far as forum games go, The Last Post Wins is a great place to do spammy things without the mods noticing . I suppose you could also go with The Longest Thread, but The Last Post Wins is better. I created it though, so I am biased. As far as role-playing goes, the Alleyverse is the best place to do that. Any questions about it I'm willing to answer, as it can be a confusing place. Hope you enjoy your time here, and welcome again to the shard!
  12. My power: Everything I do is inhanced 1,000 times. It's like 1,000 people are doing the same thing from the same position at the same time. So I have super-strength, super agility, super everything. You have to shoot me 1,000 times to kill me. My weakness would be 1,000 of anything in one place. My brand of evil would be evil. I like to act macho, and killing people is a part of that. They don't matter to me. To me it's like killing mice. I would be known as.... 1,000 Times Man and would have a cheesy boxer outfit.
  13. @Voidus/@MacThorstenson Warning, Wheel of Time spoilers to follow:
  14. noncanon

    Galvris walked in, sitting down and putting his sword on the stool next to him. "Your strongest drink" he said. He had no need to get approved, as he was already an approved character, but since he was the most OP character he could think of, he thought he'd just make a starting post here. He noticed the tavern was suddenly populated with mimes, and seconds later, that train of thought was derailed, dragged through a creek, down a ravine, set on fire, smashed into a wall, and dashed to a million pieces at the bottom of a bottomless pit. He suddenly remembered why he was here. His duel. He'd somehow been foolish enough to challenge Hellbent to a duel. He'd actually lasted quite a while. But the vast difference in power had caught up to him eventually. He'd changed at least part of that duel to canon, so he now had third-degree burns on his forearms. He'd chosen not to heal them. Not only did it look cool, but it also served as a reminder to not bite off more than he could chew.
  15. Darkness drew two short katana's from his back, and twirled them in a complex, but showy, kata. He then stepped out onto the floor, walking slowly and cautiously towards Ark. @Ax's Boyfriend