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  1. main plot

    Darkness raised his eyebrow as Mike ran off. "Some girl," he muttered. To the rest of them, he said, "Well, I'm forcibly taking command now. Wes, Zan, cover me right and left flanks. Seom, hang back to heal us if we get injured. It's time to go in." He ran forwards, killing a guard with a punch to the throat on his way. @I think I am here. @Turtle373 @Sherlock Holmes
  2. Algorath nodded. "Yes, going into the Fens alone is not a good idea. I, however, have my pack with me." At Karl's words, he spun on the boy. He leaned over saying, "Found what? What did he find?"
  3. A man that looked remarkably like Kevin Bacon jumped into the center of the room. "LETS DANCE!!!!" He yelled excitedly.
  4. main plot

    Darkness grinned. He ran for the building, but in slow motion. Not only did it look epic, but it stored small amounts of kinetic energy as well. Like an astronaut walking towards his shuttle, but running. He then broke out into normal speed, using some energy to take down two gaurds in a burst of speed. For this job, they'd need Anthony. He pulled out a phone. He had Anthony's number from the assassination job. He texted: Hey Anthony, this is Darkness. The team (which is now called Guns n' Ninjas), is infiltrating Plasmacore. Be great if you could join us. He then waited for the rest of them, standing as still as rock storing energy from himself. @ApatheticTeenager I'm going to assume you're Ark.
  5. Algorath knew that his pack wouldn't be welcome within the city. He knew that they would be loath to go themselves. But he also knew that they'd follow him anywhere, regardless of adversity, if need by. So they streamed into the city. From rooftop to rooftop, moving steadily closer to the fens. Algorath alighted in front of Mutig, leaping from the roof of the tavern. "Mutig, it's time. I have my pack, we can take it. No need to bother Amara, she doesn't need to go into danger." He paused, noticing the troubled look on Mutig's face. "Mutig, what's wrong?" He asked. @Chasmfiend#1
  6. Why? This thread is all about spammy things anyway.
  7. Why thank you my successor (My username used to be Kaladin78, long, long ago).
  8. main plot

    Darkness had taken the liberty of visiting his favorite steelsmith place before scouting a landing place for the team. He stashed several knives around his person. An assassination stiletto, two thick daggers for knife fighting, a curved dagger for torture work, a couple hundred small throwing knives, a couple stabbing shanks for street fighting, two long katanas for fighting multiple opponents, and of course, his favorite gold-plated carving knife—for sentimental value. He also stashed a small proximity bomb, for insurance purposes. Finally, he was ready to move out. "Where to boss?" He asked Mike. @Sorana
  9. You are almost at 1000 posts! Any plans?

  10. main plot

    Edalb shook her head. "We really can't grant the DA resources, or really anything about them. If you want to talk to a denizen, I can summon one." She then began to do a complex choreographed dance, summoning a powerful denizen indeed. @Voidus @Ark1002
  11. Algorath stood atop the wall in man form. A dark cloaked figure silhouetted against the sky. The wolves would be more reluctant to join him now that he was a Monster. It seemed that these days it was much harder to work out who he was. Man or Wolf? Or some strange mix of both? He like his meat raw, but he liked to sit at a table to eat it. He liked to run through the forest, but on two legs instead of four. Could he ever really live in one world, or would he be a stranger to both? An outcast? Would the wolves even come to him? He'd watched the humans in the dark streets he'd walked through. They'd looked at him with fear-stricken eyes, quickly creating a bubble of space around him. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't mind the room. But the attention they'd paid him was disconcerting, and the fear was demoralizing. Given time, it could start to change him. Make him a killer. He'd finally taken to the rooftops so he wouldn't have to face their blaming stares. But here, on the wall, he could finally feel free. He was on the border. At his back was the world of man. The world of structure and organization. The world of progress. Before him was the world of beast. The world of chaos, of the fight for survival. The world of harmony. Right now, he would not have to choose. He was content to stay on the fringe, watching the movement within each society. But nothing could sustain itself on such things. He lept from the wall, into the world of harmony. He then ran. He ran as fast as his two legs could carry him. When he could not go faster, he shifted to four. He stood atop a rock, fully wolf. Perhaps he could impersonate a citizen of either world, but the changes were only skin deep. His true self, a mix of both, would also horrify both. He thrust his mouth towards the sky, and let loose a howl. It was an eerie, haunting sound. A sound that embodied all of Algorath's pain and isolation. And they came. They would follow him into the mouth of the blackness. Wolves were loyal to the end, they must've been in order to preserve the harmony. He smiled. It would not matter if he was half man. They would follow him regardless. He shifted to his old mix of both, raising clawed hands towards the sky and howling again. Beware Roshek. Algorath's pack was coming.
  12. main plot

    Edalb unconsciously put a hand on the satchel that contained the Diagram. Stormbreaker took a sharp intake of breath. With the Diagram, Plasmacore would be invincible. No, they wouldn't be able to add anything to it, but they would be able to take over the Alleyverse at least with the resources they had. But was it worth it? Or would they just come back? To be sure, the Master Diagram back in Fortress Eternal contained the secrets of the universe. But Plasmacore would have to take it from their cold, dead, hands. Edalb said, "You may not have the Master Diagram of it's entirety, but you may have this snippet right here," she gestured to her satchel. "It relates to current events and those events in the near future. And if it makes you leave and never return, then you may have all of our resources as well." @Ark1002 @Sorana
  13. main plot

    Edalb stepped forwards, and said, "What would you have the Diagramists grant you if you were to leave the Alleyplanet and never come back?" @Ark1002 ——— Darkness followed Mike, watching as Mike contacted superiors.
  14. It's a song called "Albuquerque" by Weird Al Yankovic.