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  1. By the time I got to the end of The Wheel of Time, I was reading them about a book a day. Eye of the World sat in my backpack for about two months as I periodically opened it up and read it. It's still a good book, but it can definitely be slow, especially if you aren't yet invested in the series.
  2. To be fair, Skaa and Nobles were designed to have different physical attributes, making them in a way both social classes and races.
  3. Brandon has said in the past that there is a slightly altered version of the laws of thermodynamics that pertains to investiture. There should be some wobs on it somewhere.
  4. Alcatraz's mom killed Asmodean.
  5. Not a Library
  6. Neat.
  7. As Shallan tells Pattern, there is a mark and it isn't just for d but for any letter. And since the entire reason we call him Nohadon is that it is symmetrical in women's script I doubt that it is glyphs. Edit: Also the lines after the letters are in the 4th and 5th letters in all 5 sets of letters. In other words that is in 2/5ths of the letters in women's script.
  8. In Words of Radiance, we find out that for proper nouns like Nohadon that are meant to be symmetrical, the name is spelled symmetrical and then a didactic mark is added to show that the letter is pronounced like and h. For instance, Nohadon would be spelled Nod`adon. I haven't found anywhere on the Coppermind page for women's script or on the major explanation of women's script on the shard that mentions this, and I was wondering if we have any examples of what this looks like.
  9. I forgot to mention this, DONT TAKE ANYTHING ANYONE OFFERS YOU!
  10. Welcome to the Shard! I too have tried unsuccessfully to get my friends to read Brandon, but just last night I finally got a friend to be excited to read Mistborn. What order of Night Radiant do you think you align with? (Their powers or Philosophy)
  11. You're assuming that Spensa is completely sane.
  12. Even so, you would expect that to only be a factor after a certain amount of time. For instance, if Kaladin flew off and everyone knew he was coming back and wasn't going that far, why would the power of squires drop off at all? It would only drop off if Kaladin left for a long period of time and Sigzil would be unable to put precise measurements on how far Kaladin could go.
  13. I actually can't remember, did we see Vivenna learn that Vasher killed his wife? That seems like something that could drive them apart.
  14. @Awaken Returner (Minor) Oathbringer Spoilers