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  1. Road Thought long and hard. If he was somehow able to narrate the Narrator, he could get them out of this chaotic scene. Of course they had the power to get back into this mess they created, but everyone had a choice. But...he WAS the Narrator of his own story, which meant the Narrator needed to narrate the Narrator. This was the key. Each Narrator could Narrate themselves, but they couldn't entirely narrate someone else's story completely...there was free will involved. So even if he narrated himself out of the one could ever bring him back. They could live in a world of monsters and mindless narrations, each Strand being governed by a Stranded within. Or they could give up the most powerful source of control they'd ever had. The power to Narrate. And in that small, single moment, Road knew what he needed to do. He knelt and closed his eyes, reaching out to his surroundings one last time. He breathed in deeply, letting a wave of peace wash over him. It's time, his conscience echoed in his mind. Time to leave. He let the memories of his life fill his soul. The days of laughter, the days of darkness, every little moment flashed before him. The Darkest Light began to shine from his chest, glowing brighter than ever until Road's body was illuminated with pure white. He began to rise, lifting off the ground and hovering several feet above it. He shed a single tear as he looked around at his fellow soldiers. Xeno, Ghanderflaffle, Star, Lunamor, Dr Dapper. They all had different paths to take, but he had found his at last. ... "Aww STARS I forgot to drink the rest of my t-" Then Roadwalker, Shadow Wind of Yesterday, Relinquished Control.
  2. Well, he started to sing, but then his head actually burst, creating the common phrase, "bursting into song".
  3. All this talk of food made Roadwalker reeeeeaaaally hungry, so he held a meat-and-grate.
  4. "Aaaaaah Major the Monobrow, you're timing is impeccable" Dr. Ketchup cackled evilly.
  5. The Swift fans just weren't swift enough. HEEEEEY Imma back!
  6. Only in extreme cases though. Fortunately, Adolin was always stocked up on Charmin. Buying toiletries could be a pain in the butt for royalty.
  7. Currently, Roadwalker is only watching one side of the story: the enemy's point of view.
  8. I know but that's what it looks like from Road's perspective... White. Black. White. Black. It surrounded him, enveloped him, became him. Blinding splinters of it hung in the air about him, ever shifting and changing in their shapes and sizes. Then in the instant it appeared, the Darkest Light left him. What's happening? he thought. Road turned and spotted a monster running towards him. He quickly summoned Whistle, but just as the sword began to form the strangest thing occurred. The monster ran right through him. Road cringed and fell backwards startled; the monster hadn't even seemed to notice him. It just kept on galloping towards the fight. Road took a moment to collect his Thoughts. Nothing felt off or out of place, he felt fine, his scar still roped its way across his shoulder, Whistle still came when he called it... So what was wrong? Then it dawned on him. He had become a Strand in the Thread. This is the answer, he understood now. Control. We could be killing ourselves on purpose. He couldn't see any fellow Narrators around. In fact, it seemed as if the monsters were fighting the very air in front of them. Where have I gone? Can't I slow down this mad journey I'm on? He summoned his mug and gulped down the tea inside thirstily. He stopped. He looked down at his mug. Did he narrate himself to drink that tea at that particular moment? All of this was planned by himself without him even knowing what was going to happen. Has it always been like this? he wondered. His head hurt from finding all this out. Road was frightened. Could he will himself to be killed? Would he? He was still a Narrator, yet part of this epic tale, a character dictating his actions and words, his very Thoughts. He was Narrating himself. Could he feasibly narrate the Narrator?
  9. Cause everyone knows, the best moments of wisdom and knowledge always came from being in the shade.
  10. Road quickly emptied the tube, his hands shaking. He held up the grain of sand and concentrated. As his eyes closed, a mental wave came crashing against his consciousness. He fought to stand firm, but the overwhelming force of the wall pushing his mind was so heavy. This was the hardest thing he'd ever attempted. He could feel the life of the thread pouring into the speck of sand, all the complicated emotions and thoughts. He used the Connection's energy to hold the wave back. His mental entity entered the sand's Void. Instantly he regained awareness of his surroundings. Road snapped his eyes open and looked around. Astral and Xino had vanished. "Astral?!" he cried, running to where they had stood just seconds ago. There was no sign of them anywhere. "Xino?!" His scar began to pulse violently, sending freezing hot waves across his body. Road looked down at himself. His hand began to glow, then up his arm, slowly across his entire body until he outshone the sun above him. He began to lift off the ground several feet, growing ever brighter. The piercing glare fragmented across the battlefield like broken shards of glass refracting light. And then Narrator Roadwalker was gone in the blink of an eye. The grain of sand fell to the ground and was lost among the tall field grass.
  11. Road gaped. It's him.
  12. And words slowly scrolling down towards the audience, instead of up and away.
  13. Road backtracked. "I know I know it sounds crazy, but HE had the box where it was."