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  1. So 11 must be max damage. Cause it should be 12 after breaking through like that. Also, we only had 5 effective defense last turn. Lan died, which sucks, but pretty much confirms Moiraine exists. Elims targeted Steel, but he was protected. Sabotage actions will be cancelled while on this layer, so if we want to we can make this one last a while. Given the situation with creepers and creatures and everything though, I don't know how long we want to try and hold out before the eye. Once we hit the Eye Rand can start trying to kill Aginor, which will stop more creature summons.
  2. Well, 1/4 of us will be dead in the morning. We're definitely running out of time here. Make sure to protect Rand, Green Man!
  3. So, Fifth said NPCs can be roleblocked, but roleblocked The Blight will have no effect. So, unless there are secret roles or secret abilities that players have, I feel the only real axplanation is that max damage = LivingPlayers - 1. Or just 11
  4. I'm honestly so confused right now. The only daytime ability I can think of is that Rand attacked the Blight. But Rand had to have attacked a Creeper, because he is the only role that can. Wormwood(Creeper) was killed so Rand had to have used his action on that. Unless killing a Creeper stops the +2 for some reason? I'd have to reference when creepers died before with when we lost rings. Edit: Can't be that either. N1 a Creeper was killed and damage was calculated normally.
  5. What if secretly 11 is the maximum damage the Blight can do? Or, living players - 1 max damage?
  6. I didn't actually compare the damage from today to yesterday, or see the tag until you said that. The only thing I can think of is that someone, roleblocked The Blight. It's an NPC. It can't die. But it's still an NPC. But I don't see anyone in the rules with a daytime roleblock. Edit: So confused right now.
  7. It increases by 1 every time automatically. Desperate adds 2 more. Every time we defend successfully it goes up 3. If we fail it resets to turns +1.
  8. I think the highest value target for them would be the coinshot, but obviously the coinshot has been inactive. I agree they aren't likely to be faking inactivity.
  9. All the evidence I have seen is solid. As was stated, feels bad to vote on Droughtbringer in the face of his 'giving up' post. Don't have a lot to add on the Aman/Mark stuff.
  10. It's a pretty corner case, since it's more likely a coinshot would kill anyone they targeted that didn't die, or would have immediately outed the Seer in thread.
  11. If a coinshot attempted a kill and failed it could be indicative of a thug or the seer. So they could bring that up.
  12. I think defending is the best course of action. We've only managed to lynch 1 elim, so the more day turns we get the better I feel. I could be wrong though. Worth noting, since we took out Balthamel, there is only 1 Forsaken left. So Rand's channeling will have less of an affect once we lose the Rings than anticipated.
  13. Yes I was, sorry for not quoting you to be clear about it. I agree we shouldn't clear anyone too quickly, and that the fielder message is odd. I feel like Randuir would be smart enough not to write that in an attempt to make us more likely to believe them though. I'm honestly not sure what to think about it. It doesn't feel like anyone would have a reason to write it, village or elim.