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  1. The whole talk about which characters you guys think are in which groups is making me so excited for some new character interactions! I really like the idea that Rlain is a spy and could potentially interact with Venli, and it got me thinking. What if Rlain recognizes that Venli disagrees with Odium so he speaks to her and realizes she is a Radiant, and then brings her to the others and that’s how she eventually meets/teams up with the main group?
  2. This is my new favorite episode! It was so much fun. Shannon and Matt really are the power players XD I also wasn’t expecting to ship some of these but they were so good??? And the arguments were fantastic?? 10 outta 10 quality
  3. Perhaps Hoid’s hair is white because whatever happened to him around the time of the Shattering gave him some weird form of Investiture, and in addition to giving him all the weirdness about not being able to die/kill anyone also distorted his physical appearance. And maybe The Girl Who Looked Up underwent a similarly drastic flood of strange Investiture and it altered her hair too. I am not sure what event would be strong enough to do this to her, but there is a lot of strange things about her story as well as things we don’t know about Rosharan history.
  4. I’m doing a fanart of Rysn but then I suddenly realized I don’t remember what color her eyes are, and the Coppermind doesn’t say anything about it. Does anyone remember?
  5. To be honest I’m like David and say Tim-bree oops
  6. If you don’t have a real Nahel Bond, store bought is fine *puts gem in a shardblade*
  7. Wow, the pendant is so awesome!
  8. Divine Breath is a Splinter of Endowment. And while Slivers are people influenced by a Shard, which means it is not likely to be passed on to future generations, a Splinter is a non-living power source. Because of this I don’t think it is likely that it would fade over generations, it’s just kind of getting “passed around.” Good question by the way.
  9. Does anyone know about where in Tien’s timeline Pattern started bonding with Shallan? I’m trying to figure out if Tien’s potential Cryptic came through to the Physical Realm after Pattern or before.