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  1. ketek

    Carry all we now - strength? Stand and burn; flame living, hope we lost. We hope, living flame; burn and stand! Strength, now we all carry. Light the spark - darkness dispels dawn, inferno rages never. Raging inferno; dawn dispels darkness - spark the light! Lonely, watching, standing sentry, the only echo, the silence. The echo? Only the sentry; standing, watching, lonely. Silent is courage now; bravery beyond reach. Stand; reach beyond bravery; now courage is silent. The first two are both about hope, and trying to stay strong even when things are at their worst. The third one is kind of about stars, kind of about someone keeping watch on a quiet night with no one to help, but doing it anyway because that's their job. It can be taken figuratively or literally. The fourth one was my attempt to put the sentiment of the quote 'Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying "I will try again tomorrow"' into ketek form. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
  2. FotS: Third of the Dawn Vorin: Leanel Unkulaki: Meakiaimakapouli'ehāpaimai'aiikawanaao (watches in the darkness to lift up the dawn) Sel: Kiiden (justice, and I needed a suffix so I stole from Raoden) Returned: Starspeaker (because I love stars and languages) Threnody: Winter Morgan Shin: Lee-daughter-Teresa Kandra: VeiLeen (I think that follows the rules anyway)
  3. Apparently my insomnia gets worse the night before I get to go to my favorite author's book signing...imagine that. And yet there's still 18 hours, an ethics class, an upper level Russian class, and two hours of driving until the actual event. ......those classes are going to take forever.
  4. I love Asmodeus and Data both. TNG is tied with DS9 for my favorite Trek series. Brainiac 5 and the Question from DC comics, (before the movie came out) Doctor Strange, Alberich from Heralds of Valdemar, Regis from the Witcher, Soundwave from Transformers.
  5. I love all seasons of Power Rangers (with the exception of Operation Overdrive and Megaforce), and the 2017 movie was awesome. (Time Force and RPM are my favorites) I don't like peanut butter. I hate Friends and The Office and most other comedy shows with a burning passion. The 'friends' are awful to each other and the office workers are assholes. I much prefer the snarky humor (and actual plot) you get in more serious shows. I love To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Austen, and I'm a huge fan of classic Russian literature, especially Dostoevsky (especially especially Brothers Karamazov) and Turgenev (though it helps that I can read it in the original Russian, if very slowly). should be noted I am a Russian/Linguistics double major and this is basically required of me. Snape is my favorite Harry Potter character, and I think that he was ultimately a good person. I don't actually like Harry himself much at all. Moridin/Elan Morin Tedronai is my favorite character from WoT (not sure how controversial, but we shall see) I don't like the Star Wars movies much at all, though the original trilogy was ok, and Rogue One - but in general I prefer the old expanded universe, and the new novels and stuff are growing on me. It was on and finished before I was even born, but I think Babylon 5 is the greatest science fiction show ever made, though I still love Trek and Stargate and such. I also love Syfy's show Defiance, from a few years ago, but no one else ever seems to have heard of it. ...yeah, I'll stop there.
  6. Agreed that those are better, especially the Vorkosigan books, but I still enjoy HH enough to keep with it.
  7. I just finished rereading some of Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novels, and now I'm in the middle of the latest Honor Harrington book. Not my favorite series but I enjoy it enough to stay with it even though it's up to 19 books and even with Weber's habit of going into theoretical hyperspace mechanics in the middle of conversations. Besides sociolinguistics textbook. Interesting, but not quite as entertaining. And on the topic of Good Omens (which I absolutely love) and other Gaiman novels, my next read will probably be Neverwhere - I've had it awhile but not gotten around to it.
  8. "Courage, dear heart." C.S. Lewis (this one is tattooed on my arm, over some of my scars. I haven't acquired any more since I got it in August.) "Anyone capable of getting themselves made president should on no account be allowed to do to the job." Douglas Adams "Be humble, for you are made of Earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars." According to the interwebs, a Serbian proverb. "If we're just information, just noise in the system, we might as well be a symphony." Root from the TV show Person of Interest. "If you have the power to help, and you don't, you're just as responsible as whatever caused the problem in the first place." Me, paraphrasing something I've heard in different ways from multiple sources.
  9. I'm only going to post a few to start with, until I know that this is not going to fail epically, but I love to write poetry, (and the only thread I see as yet is solely keteks, which are fun but not my main focus) and I always want feedback - the problem being that I rarely have a chance to ask people I know in real life for that feedback. Assuming I get a response, I'll post more - and be happy to give constructive feedback on other people's poetry as well. None of these are actually all that typical of my style - but I like them all the more for it. The first two was me attempting a contemporary style, but I'm not too sure how it turned out. The last one was me trying to write traditional but not straight rhyming like I usually do. I've written something like 400 poems total - I've been carrying a notebook everywhere since eighth grade. Hah. I like to think I'm pretty decent - opinions?
  10. ketek

    Dreams lost in darkened thoughts; tempest rage forever. Raging tempest - thoughts darkened, in lost dreams. ^first try, mostly about being unable to control my thoughts cause OCD's a b****. Power given to thoughts spoken, words shatter silence. Shatter words spoken - thoughts to give power. ^not sure about that one, but I thought it worth posting to get some feedback. I'll probably come back with more later. I just discovered this thread and promptly got entirely too excited, I love poetry.
  11. Obsession.
  12. Life before Death. Strength before Weakness. Journey before Destination. Probably not the only one who would say that, but. I use those words a lot, to pull me out of depressive funks or what have you.
  13. Jasnah. Awkward intellectual that will rant about what I study until the end of the world and actually enjoy when people disagree with me because debates are fun. And I would totally lecture in the middle of a battlefield.
  14. (warning for discussion of suicide. not sure of the policy there, so it's under the spoiler tag)
  15. Because I'm far too much of a Broadway nerd, and because I want to see what I can come up with, Falcon in the Dive from Scarlet Pimpernel, sung by Nale hunting Knights Radiant. ...that did not take near as long as I thought it would, and I am rather proud of it as my first attempt.