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  1. Of course the only newsletter I’ve ever intentionally signed up for struggles to reach me, whereas petsmart and random baby diaper emails I’ve never signed up for (and I don’t have any pets or kids!) find their way easily! LOL Just signed up through and alt Gmail and received the most recent email, so hopefully they’ll keep coming!
  2. @Chaos thanks! I’ll try a new email for the newsletter - guess I’m glad I’m not the only one!
  3. Hi friends! How did you get the link for the dark one exclusive livestream? I had pre-ordered dark one and was waiting to get the link (apparently waited too long). Just trying to figure out how dumb I was! I also don’t get Brandon’s newsletters even though I’ve signed up for them, so trying to decide if I should be skeptical of my email or.. thanks! Also, thanks for the notes on the livestream!!
  4. Hahaha thanks! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it! It was fun to plan and create!
  5. My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.
  6. @Agent34 I was looking for a word of Brandon that said something like this (or hoping it existed). I was getting so hung up on this are they really dead or just brain dead or just need to spend enough time gathering/creating new hordelings. But this makes sense to me, that if enough are dead they lose their personality and for all intents and purposes are dead. Lots of good things to think about here! Thanks everyone!
  7. Do we know how to kill a dysian aimian? Would one have to kill each individual hordeling? If this has been discussed elsewhere I would love to be pointed to that discussion! Thanks in advance!
  8. @thegatorgirl00 have you posted your summary somewhere on the forums? It was great! I would love to read it again and share with some friends if that’s ok?
  9. I really enjoy the WoB episodes! I am looking forward to new topics though! Long before I did much scouring of the internet I new that SA was going to be 10 books - I adamantly refused to read them for nearly 5 years because of that. However, I had previously read other series that I later found out were going to be longer than I hoped, so I may have gotten in the habit of checking how long a series was supposed to be, and the status of that series. Also, back in 2012/2013 when I first heard about SA, Brandon was not very far along, another reason I would not read it. Clearly, I have seen the Light and am starting a second reread of Way of Kings! Basically, I agree with whomever was lamenting people not knowing it's going to be a 10 book series. While y'all were talking about the the series as a whole and the two 5 book arcs, a knot began to form in my stomach as I started actually considering that some of the characters I love will not make it to the second arc. :'( I think knowing it's inevitable that some die is worse than not knowing, so maybe I would've been better off not ever scouring the internet for information, that way I would read hoping everyone lived, verses anxiously reading waiting to see which ones will die. Oh, my heart!
  10. When, while reading this thread and coming across the above post you read “when you see a truck labeled knights raidiant transport,” then finish the sentence and look back only to then realize that it was KR and your brain read Knights Radiant on it’s own. (To be fair, I was on this forum, so I’m sure that has something to do with where my brain was at).
  11. @SpikedAugur @Govir I was having these same thoughts, and found this word of Brandon: In addition, my thought is then, stab the Mistborn, have all 4 physical powers in the spike, split that spike into 4 pieces and then stab in the correct bind points so that you get all 4 physics powers (or respectively cognitive, spiritual or temporal). This would work right? I guess the question is, is one fully powered spike granting one power better/stronger than 4 partially powered spikes granting 4 different powers?
  12. When you feel personally offended during the following experience: Your brother, who has read, and hence loved, Mistborn asks for the title of “the next Brandon trilogy,” by which he means Stormlight. So I tell him, and then launch into an explanation of the series (because I want him to have realistic expectations-it being larger and longer than he has read and that 3 of 10 are writte ). I talk about the two five-book story arcs, and then mention that each book is essentially a trilogy and a novella and my sister who was sitting nearby started laughing. And now she is telling each member of my family this while laughing. She thinks I’m making it up. So I told her this is like his big epic fantasy, something he didn’t know if he’d ever publish because he didn’t know if anyone would want to read it (I thought I’d read he said something like that). And she said, “and no one is reading it.” And I said “everyone is reading it.” And that made her laugh more. And I’m feeling personally offended, but also defensive about Brandon and his awesomeness. Currently, the only redeeming quality of my sister is that she’s on page 150 of Mistborn.