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  1. Ok, to recap, we know this character is a singer and is spoken to by Venli. Singers that have been guessed: Eshonai Thude - dissented when Eshonai wanted all the singers to take stormform, and escaped with some of the other singers Demid - Venli's once-mate Rlain Sah - Kaladin and Moash both meet him Venli Eshonai's mother Zuln - Council of five: dullform Khen - leader of the group of singers that Kaladin meets Vai - Sah's daugther Klade - Council of five: member that was part of the Council that ordered Gavilar's death Fused that have been guessed, because I'm unsure if fused are singers, in the same way that Heralds were once human but aren't really any more... Leshwi - fused that Moash "kills" Abaray - according to the coppermind he gave Amaram the stone with Yelig-Nar I'm certainly not making any traction here, but am going to make two guesses because we're struggling here: Hariel - the fused that inhabits Demid's body or Davim - Council of five: workform Is there a part in OB where Venli tries talking to an insane fused? And since the fused is crazy they don't talk back to her, hence the clue "was talked to by Venli?" I could be making up this memory...
  2. He’s from Roshar, he disagrees with Eshonai about stormform and rather than gathering up those who didn’t want to take stormfrom he helps them escape. I also already guessed him Can we guess more than once? I still have plenty ideas... Davim?
  3. When you convinced a guy you were dating to start reading Mistborn, break up with him before he finishes, and now you’re kept up at night 3 years later wondering if he ever finished or if you ruined him from becoming a Sanderfan.
  4. Are all listeners singers? Or only if they’ve been healed by the everstorm? Or are they considered separate? If all listeners are singers then there are still many that fit the clues, ahhh..... who to pick.... ok, I’ll go with Rlain.
  5. Shallans father?
  6. Adolin! I agree with what’s been said about him before, and he’s kind to everyone. I love his interactions with bridge four! I was definitely split between Adolin and Kaladin until the end of OB when there was that moment she Veil kinda takes over and nearly spurns Adolin for Kaladin, I just found myself vocally saying “no, no, no, No, No, NO!” And that was when I realized my true love for Adolin. I’m convinced he is good for Shallan, less convinced she’s good for him and that makes me worried. Jasnah is definitely my woman crush. She’s amazing, strong, and inspiring.
  7. That’s a good idea! I hadn’t thought of anything for the top yet!
  8. I would like to do shardblades. Like, I’ve seen small ornament wands for Harry Potter, but I don’t know if the awesomeness of the shard blade would be lost if they were miniature ornaments.
  9. I visited a Festival of Trees today, and got to see a lot of really fun themed Christmas trees! Themes like Harry Potter, superheroes, and My Little Pony, along with classics like focusing on a color or candy canes. Hence, I've been thinking about a Cosmere or Sanderson themed Christmas tree. What would HAVE to go on this tree? Initial thoughts: -Metal vials -Ornaments of the glyphs for the orders of knights radiants -Feruchemical metalminds