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  1. i know, right? Next thing you know, i'll be a dreaded "productive member of society" again. I can't stand by and allow such atrocities, which is why instead of standing by and doing nothing, i'm instead sitting by and doing nothing.
  2. Up to you, my man. Feel free to change your name to follow the herd. Or don't. I'm an ookla, not a cop.
  3. A newer, shinier official ookla thread has been created
  4. Hello all! Once again it is time for the yearly festivities of the ookla the mokovial©! You may have noticed other, stinkier threads that have been necro'd about it, but i figured that info is all completely outdated and unreliable and besides, you can't trust that shifty Kaymyth, can you! Not when you have ol' grand pappy Eero here to tell you the real truth! So....Ookla you say? You want to know the real reason for the holidays my boy? Well just sit right there and let me lay about some truth upon you! You see, a long, long time ago, when earth was in a more primordial state, Fierce God Fire and Willowy God Water were up in arms. "Water, you always douse my passions!" Claimed Fierce God Fire. "Well you, Fire, you always burn away my securities!" retorted Willowy God Water. Both were at an impasse. So, they turned to the wisdom of wise mother earth. "Mother earth," they said in unison, "Why must we always be so at odds? Can you not help us find a common ground?" "Well, children," Started wise mother earth in her slow drawl, "Let me think on it." And so she thought. Long and hard she thought. For eons and ages. Fast forward a few hundred millennia, and not that long ago (on a cosmic perspective), a man you may know by the name of Peter Ahlstrom, who happens to be brandon's assistant, was born! And that's why we rename ourselves to "Ookla the <something>" every year, children! Right up until koloss head munching day, i.e. brandon's birthday (or until we get bored of it)
  5. Moved to Cosmere Q&A section
  6. Here
  7. Actually, Europe in general is currently reported to be "above the baseline" for flu activity, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. It's not as bad as the US currently, but it's currently worse than expected (i.e. the baseline), with a number of countries reporting a "medium" impact. Poland appears to be one of the "medium" impacts.
  8. They aren't that i've found, from the few times i've been there (both sides, occasionally for trips over the years). But people are always quick to be like "I'm from kansas city. West side." or some such, and talk trash (in a more-or-less playful way) about the other side
  9. As far as immunizations go, I've heard that the vaccine is, at best, about 30% effective this year. Note that this DOES NOT MEAN you shouldn't get it, but i point it out because you should STILL take precautions as if you didn't get it even if you had your flu shot! Stay well everyone! And as far as the kansas/missouri divide goes, everyone i know from the KC area always argues and/or has pride for their east/west side! KC is very competitive with itself this way!
  10. Moved from the general discussion board. Also, merged with the existing EP8 discussion. PLEASE POST SPOILERS ONLY IN HERE! NO WHERE ELSE!
  11. That entire series is fantastic. I highly recommend it.
  12. Hello! Welcome to the shard! I have merged your posts into one. I highly recommend your review our rules, as we generally discourage double posting (i.e. posting a new reply when you were the last one to reply previously). If you have something to add, you can edit your previous reply. It's not a huge deal, you aren't going to be banned for it or anything, but wanted to make you aware.
  13. There is that as well. That said, i personally am not sure which he took the name from, though on TWG he did use an avatar that was a picture of the thundarr character.
  14. 1) "ookla the mok" was a character from a TV show called "thundarr the barbarian" from the 80's. 'ookla' was his name, 'mok' was his....race or something. 2) Maybe. It might be for all we know, since i dont believe all rep ranks are currently know.
  15. Yep. Me, and probably others, have now thrown our copies of oathbringer in the garbage at this point. Literally zero reason to read it anymore.