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  1. Whoops, I forgot to change her to 2nd Ideal! I don’t know what the second Elsecaller oath would be, but in terms of how it affected her, I would say it probably forced her to acknowledge her feelings of abandonment and inability to help others.
  2. Here’s my (hopefully) final version of my character.
  3. Hey, I’m back with a freshly edited character...
  4. @Gancho Libre Unfortunately no, why?
  5. Hello! I’m a newcomer to the Alleyverse and I’m hoping to join in on Era 3! I’ve never done a RP before but this looks really fun ya go: Name: Evaya Favelle (nicknamed Eve) Physical Characteristics: Female, tall with piercing green eyes and blonde hair that has a streak of black in it(usually worn up in a bun). Investiture: Elsecaller of the 3rd Ideal, spren named Sepia Skills: Taught herself throwing knives, has a pretty good aim. Excellent penmanship with both glyphs and women’s script. Equipment: Shardblade, which often forms as a knife or dagger. Pointy hair pins?? Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, virtually no hand-to-hand combat skills. Family: None Birthplace: Alethkar, Roshar Backstory: Evaya was abandoned at an Alethi orphanage as a baby and spent her childhood there. She bonded her spren when she was in her late teens, and ended up working as a scribe at a nearby spanreed center. Her life was comfortable but dull. One day Evaya was exploring Shadesmar, got lost, and ended up in the Alleyverse. Evaya realized that she had no real connection to her previous life in Alethkar and decided that she could use a change of location. She’s been living in Alleycity for the past few months. Guild/Affiliation: None yet Personality: Practical, clever, and endlessly curious, she is cool-headed and tries to think logically to counteract her impulsive streak.
  6. I love it!!! @Overlord Jebus, are you planning on writing more?
  7. WOW, what a ride! I’m both sad and relieved this wonderful/heartbreaking fic is over...
  8. This is sadly quite accurate... btw this is hilarious!
  9. It would also be extremely difficult for anyone to create a soul stamp for Hoid, seeing how long he’s been alive and how mysterious he is. You would have to be extremely dedicated, and even then it might not be possible. I do like the idea that having a spren could help prevent someone from being affected by a soulstamp, though...
  10. I love this!
  11. Different
  12. I think that Pattern almost died because of her...
  13. Yay! My first Ookla festival!