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  1. I think that Pattern almost died because of her...
  2. Thank you! ;P
  3. Yay! My first Ookla festival!
  4. I would be First of the Morning.
  5. WOW! This is so good! But how dare you do this to me? *cries*
  6. I can see this happening as a gradual change, something over time, considering current Alethi culture. Maybe at first only a few women join up, but I can definitely see it gaining traction over time. It would be really cool to see!
  7. ketek

    Congratulations @Extesian! Those have got to be the coolest wedding invitations ever!
  8. ketek

    Congratulations @Extesian! Those have got to be the coolest wedding invitations ever!
  9. Assuming that I would have reliable access to stormlight, I would probably be an Elscaller, because soulcasting would be pretty handy, and I’d love to have a spren companion!
  10. ketek

    I am dreaming | hard awakening | eyes open | eyes awaken hard | dreaming, am I? ^Probably my favorite ketek I’ve written so far!
  11. I LOVE guacamole! Sign me up!
  12. Hm, probably Hoid! I mean, I did name an immortal succulent plant after him, so...
  13. Hmmm... I have to say Roshar, because I loved all the thought put into the world building, especially the different cultures.
  14. Hello internet people! I recently discovered this site and thought it looked like a nice community so I decided to join. So far in the Cosmere I’ve read the Stormlight Archive, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, and Sixth of the Dusk. Can’t wait to meet you all!