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  1. Huh, as soon as I saw this topic I thought of that WoB, guess I was beat to it
  2. Studio C eh? Granted, but your fridge is a mini-fridge. Actually, a get the idea. So basically, you've got a chicken the size of a dust particle. I wish that Mistborn: Secret History 2 was out now, that I could read it, and that I would be able to remember all of its contents and the contents of all the other Sanderson books.
  3. Ayyy I asked the same question during probably my first week here, phrased almost the same! Got the same answer too...
  4. This theory is...very complicated, I'll have to think about this a bit to understand it Congratulations! Gonna sneak into Six Flags too?
  5. Well it takes that long to summon a Blade because it's dead, so I think the only way to do that specific example is to get the spren to be less dead...somehow?
  6. Granted, you are now so happy that you literally explode, sending pieces of you all around the globe. These people that get hit with your exploded flesh are happy (after all, it is infinite happiness) but it's still pieces of flesh flying around the globe and hitting people. I wish to be a Full Feruchemist with easily accessible Feruchemical metals.
  7. Granted, you think of an amazing wish, but that wish is not granted, for you already asked this wish. That is also your bane. I wish that I was a Surgebinder and could use water as Stormlight.
  8. Uhh Detritus isn't part of the Cosmere. Granted, you can fly. are also a fly. And have only a few days to live. I wish school wasn't boring to me or anyone.
  9. Granted. Every single member of the 17th Shard that has ever seen your username suddenly lives within a 100 foot radius of your house, and each are your best friends. However, you cannot seem to go anywhere without them following, and at school (I assume you go?) everyone else becomes your worst enemies. Hope you can deal with this! I wish to be a Fullborn with unlimited access to the metals I want but this access will not directly or indirectly cause my death.
  10. Life is brutal. If we don't experience anything that tests us then what are we? What would our purpose be? I'd like say the same for any fictional universe; in my belief, life is a test, and how we handle trials and tribulations shows who we truly are, what we can stand up to and for. Mr. Sanderson has created this universe that shows this to us. I just finished Bands of Mourning again and there is so much on this topic, at least on the topic of choice, about how Harmony allows each person their choices, their agency, and in Mr. Sanderson's universes, each character chose the actions that brought them to where they are (or were). (Ham would love this discussion.)
  11. I think it was in one of the Wax and Wayne books, maybe Shadows of Self; Wax says "Murderers are needed?" and then Harmony responds "No, the potential for murderers is needed." There needs to be the potential for us to choose good or evil, otherwise there's no real meaning to our choices. Agency (the ability to choose) is vital to life here on Earth, and presumably anywhere else, fictional or not. Robots cannot be good or evil, but we can choose. Anyway that's just some of what I think.
  12. Granted. You feel the ground shaking beneath your feet, and as you look down towards it, you realize that the ground is completely flat. Zero bumps or slant. Well that's neat, you think. But wait. You see a minuscule black dot in the sky growing larger - until you realize that it's not getting bigger. The Earth is being pulled towards a black hole, caused by the breaking of the laws of reality (for the Earth to be completely flat, it must be 2-D, so...) I wish I was a Surgebinder with accessible Stormlight .
  13. Do we have any confirmation that the Vessels chose what Shard they took up? I was under the impression that they took up the one that fit them best. Such as, Mistborn Spoiler
  14. Granted. Air moves into your lungs...and OUT! Once. I wish Aang was in this world, and I knew him
  15. Granted. You lose your Mind-the name of the newest iPhone! The problem is you also lose every piece of technology everyone else has-if you touch it. I wish to be a great Airbender.