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  1. Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame
  2. Dragonsbane, by Barbara Hambly -
  3. And there I was, thinking that this post was going to be about a new documentary protocol on Roshar...Forms to be completed - properly and in triplicate - before you could apply to summon a Shardblade. Perhaps the greatest foe of the KR...not Odium, but Bureaucracy !
  4. Writing...because that's the form that Investiture takes on this particular planet !
  5. My brother and I address each other as "Lord" in text messages; if you watch the Last Kingdom tv show on Netlfix you will understand this !
  6. The two scenes in which Syl delivers these lines to Kaladin- WOR: "Kaladin, stretch forth thy hand !" OB: "Maybe it's time for someone to save you..." Powerful and beautiful ! I love Kaladin & Syl.
  7. Wordplay is one of my favourite parlour games, thank you !
  8. Actually, the new Honor is going to be Honour, Honor's British cousin (who will be played in the TV show by Anthony Head) For that matter, whilst I'm casting Shards, who wants to see Anthony Hopkins as Odium ? (Apologies if I have wandered off topic)
  9. It's hard in any fantasy story to keep one of your central characters a Muggle when everyone else are wizards/ werewolves/ vampires etc. Buffy (the TV show) couldn't do it, and neither could Brandon in the Mistborn series (Elend, of course). So I 100% expect Adolin to revive Maya and become a Knight Radiant.
  10. My theory is that Vivenna is "hunting" the sequel to her story that the "criminal" Brandon Sanderson promised to write and has not gotten round to. Fed up of waiting, she *perpendicularitised* herself from whatever computer files in Brandon's study contain the draft Warbreaker Sequel, into Stormlight Archive. (Melody and Joel might want to grab a handful of chalk and join them...)
  11. I think it's fascinating to see how fantasy fandom starts to mirror the behaviour of religion...including scholarly exegesis of the text, and in the case of WOBS, the gathering of a corpus of hadith of the prophet... Unlike most religions however, this particular prophet is available for consultation at the next book signing.
  12. Do you know, when I first saw this post I thought it was for players of a new online game called "Age of Stormlight" (I originally wrote "computer game" there, which is probably showing my age...)
  13. Why does everyone keep saying that Honor and Odium are opposites ? Honor can cause people to get very,very, indeed murderously, angry ? I do love how long we spend drawing meanings out of single words in this Forum...if HBO televise the Cosmere series it really needs to be called "Game of Semantics"
  14. I am an old month older than that kid Brandon Sanderson, anyway. My hair is mostly grey now, but I understand that's the colour it turns when all the knowledge you have gathered runs out of space to store in your brain and starts archiving in your hair instead...
  15. Best not to worry about this; No saga can ever properly be completed, and any which a particular author fails to 'finish' will continue in a different guise in any event; the characters you love will live again, just with other names on other worlds. The Wheel of Time turns as they say !