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  1. I've been reconsidering my approach to worldbuilding and I've been struck by a question. What even is the function of worldbuilding?
  2. Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast series has very evocative prose.
  3. In the past week I've watched: Manhattan. It was pretty good. The dialogue was a lot of fun. My second Woody Allen film after Midnight in Paris. I'm 3/4s through the new Netflix She-Ra show which has been enjoyable to watch with my younger sibling. The first season of Final Space wasn't too bad. The animation was surprisingly fluid but I felt at times the writing and characters were lacking. Not as sharp or clever as Rick and Morty but also slightly less mean-spirited which was a nice change of pace. The Revenant which despite having a wonderful performance by Tom Hardy overall felt like an empty drag. The Death of Stalin which worked better as a drama than as a comedy. The performances were delightful. Simon Russell Beale as the Penguin, anyone? The Florida Project was an interesting film with a perfect cast. Though I felt the characterisation of the adults was a bit too peripheral and could have dived deeper into the characters. Robocop (1987) was a very interesting film for me. It's certainly raised my interest to finally watch Starship Troopers. Also I've never seen Neon Genesis Evangelion but it's now on Netflix. My understanding is the show itself is fantastic but is the dub any good?
  4. @Ixthos I do believe this, yes, most of the time at least. It seems to be the inevitable consequence in both the real world and in fiction. That is of course assuming one culture doesn't completely annihilate another cough colonialism cough. When two or more cultures converge it can create something truly beautiful. With speculative fiction we can look beyond what the world is and give a glimpse at what it could be.
  5. That'd work. Though perhaps make it so that the Adventurer is reluctant at first but is convinced by the MC? Just to give her some more agency.
  6. Why does the MC want to leave town? I'm just asking so I can help formulate an answer.
  7. I have a couple of steps/methods. First, I usually decide to set my stories in a setting based off a period history I'm currently interested in. Feudal Japan, Habsburg Spain, Mesopotamia, and so on. Taking inspiration from other cultures and nations offers a nice groundwork for a story and a society's little intricacies and quirks can add a nice flavour to the story. I also like taking figures of speeches and making them literal. It's a basic technique but can result in some truly fascinating worlds and civilisations. Usually in addition to this, I like looking at the current world and seeing if there are any issues I'd like to touch on through the exaggerated fantasy worlds I create. Part of the reason I love fantasy is its capacity to interrogate the problems of our world through metaphor and magic. Most importantly, however, I like to make sure my settings are specifically engineered to hurt my characters. Settings that stack the odds against the main character.
  8. How, may I ask, have these nations been able to sustain war over four centuries? Is it an Ancient Greece situation where all the nations are on-again, off-again in their conflicts or has this been a continuous effort?
  9. I'm developing a magic system that relates to the manipulation of the four fundamental forces of the universe/nature: gravity, electromagnetism, weak force and strong force. I'm trying to come up with a name for this magic. Any suggestions?
  10. The comic Beautiful Darkness. The graphic violence juxtaposed the cutesy art in a manner that was beyond intense.
  11. If this applies to a story you're working on have you considered how this magic could establish/reinforce/explore any themes?
  12. lgbtq+

    Yes, do tell. Also happy pride month, everyone!
  13. Two random dreams I've had recently: David Bowie was my secret grandfather. We talked about Space Oddity. I was in the middle of a battle that was half Mad Max and half Game of Thrones.
  14. The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
  15. Exactly and besides, race isn't a biological category, it's a political one.
  16. Why do you feel live action would better serve the character driven moments?
  17. I've almost finished Song of Achilles.
  18. You have the foundations of an interesting magic system. So magic resides in souls AND an adjacent realm? Or does a soul bridge the gap between the two realms?
  19. Does that make you the left hand of darkness?
  20. Less positive, unfortunately. My problem with the film is mainly in its structure. Simply put, the film lacks tension and Clark has no agency in his own narrative. The main question put forth by the film is "Can or should Clark be Superman?" The problem is the non-linear structure of the film answers this question in the very first scene we see with Clark, when he saves the workers at the oil rig. So any tension regarding whether Clark will save people in the flashbacks is cancelled by the fact the film has already answered the question for us. Regarding the city fight. My problem is less that the fight lead to wanton destruction so much as it is Clark (and the film) don't seem to care. MoS doesn't care about the people of Metropolis, it cares about how hard Clark can punch Zod. In the aftermath of the fight we don't see the devastation, Clark is never held accountable for his actions, Clark himself seems unaware of how many people died. The film is so muddled by flashbacks in the first half (with annoying use of shaky cam in inappropriate moments) that the plot doesn't even begin until Zod sends his message down to the humans at the half-way mark. Clark isn't doing anything until the villains show up and hand him the plot. The film is not without its good points. Those being the excellent casting (especially Zod) and Zimmer's score has its moments as well. The film is very much interested in what Jor-El and John Kent want and their perspective, I agree. If only it cared about what Clark wanted.... or actually gave him anything to care about. Also to touch on the Jesus thing briefly. It lacks any subtlety or nuance.* The problem is that MoS doesn't do anything interesting with this theme. Sorry if this is a unintelligible ramble. My intent wasn't to make anyone feel bad for liking the film, just my two cents. *
  21. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on this.
  22. Just watched it. It was enjoyable, sometimes brilliant and sometimes frustrating.
  23. How would you rank the Star Wars films? Have you watched any episodes of The Twilight Zone in any of its incarnations? If nothing is faster than light how did the dark get there first? Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Lord Ruler? Would you recommend the WoT books? How many cosmere books do you reckon Brandon should write?