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  1. ignore this comment.
  2. When the dwarves reclaimed Erebor would the sudden inflation of wealth have destroyed Middle-Earth's economy?
  3. Huzzah! It's moments like this I wish I was a cadmium misting.
  4. I doubt a lightsaber would be able to cut through a Shardblade.
  5. Ungoliant wins. It took the might of Melkor AND roughly seven Balrogs to ward her off. Granted Melkor was weakened at the time. It's been a while since I've read Mistborn but don't Shards see Allomantic power and metal as light? Ungoliant consumes light. Hmm... Balrog vs Inquisitor?
  6. in Soviet Roshar Death before Life Weakness before strength destination before journey
  7. Do voidspren dream of enraged sheep?
  8. Sadly, I have little experience with either of those things. A flip phone I guess. I like to think that clowns can and should be recognised as contributing members of society. Laughter is of course the best medicine but a good laugh should never be a substitute for a prescription from a psychiatrist. We do our best to help people through the day. All we clowns want to do is make people smile, which is increasingly difficult when anti-clown propaganda like The Dark Knight and It keep getting released.
  9. Ask anything and everything!
  10. I'm looking forward to watching A:TLA! I hope The Dragon Prince fulfils the potential yourself and others see in the show. I'll probably give the second season a watch. Hilda is good but not boundary pushing. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it enough to finish the season.
  11. Speaking of bad Netflix animted shows... I think Guillermo Del Toro's Trollhunters and 3 Below are bad. And so is The Dragon Prince (I haven't seen A:TLA).
  12. Jasnah: Reality is an illusion, everything you know is a lie. Dalinar: Don't get drunk at Gavilar's party. Szeth: everything is okay. You are not a monster.
  13. Can someone make a ketek from 'in soviet Roshar'? (sorry I can't think of a joke)
  14. What's you Endgame theory?

    1. Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper


      Basically that all the characters surviving have connections to Thanos which will allow them to convince him to reverse the snap. Examples of the connections I'm talking about are things like Tony being "cursed with knowledge" like Thanos, Clint & Scott both being fathers (if you could call Thanos Gamora & Nebula's father), and Nebula being his daughter. Its probably more likely that time travel or the soul stone will be involved, though. 

  15. Spoilers below Glass A rather disappointing film that attempts to say something interesting about the comic industry but fails to say anything new. It felt as if none of the characters had much of an arc, which made the whole film feel pointless. Though the portrayal of people with DID is... not the best (and potentially harmful) McAvoy is undoubtedly entertaining. However Hedwig was utilised too much for my taste. The use of colour was quite good though, an under utilised aspect within the industry. Some of the dialogue was a little goofy at times. Also SPOILERS at the end of the film has a reveal that uses one of my least favourite tropes: the faceless organisation. Aquaman My goodness this movie was lllooooonnnnnngggg. It was certainly entertaining but the story was a little hollow. Mamoa is a delight to watch as he truly inhabits the role of Aquaman. Honestly, the film's plot draws comparison to the Lion King or Black Panther, just with extra padding and none of the thematic complexity. (It was certainly awesome to see a Chasmfiend on the big screen however). In spite of its colourful visuals, I never really felt any connection to Atlantis as a place. We never actually SEE any ordinary Atlanteans. TANGENT: I don't wish to be overly negative about the film because it is certainly a fun ride, but in terms of story and character there's nothing all that innovate here. It's the equivalent of a large can of soft drink; sweet, no nutritional value and becomes a flat after a while. Still the second best DCEU film, though that's due to execution more than ambition. Spider verse A delight to watch. A cg animated film that dares to do something artistic and stylised with its animation! The characters were fun and the story moved a long at a good pace. It may be considered the 'best' in that is handles character, plot and theme better than any other Spiderman film except with how the villain is defeated. This film explores (explores, not deconstructs thankfully) who Spiderman is in a way we haven't seen since Spiderman 2. Spidernoir needs five spinoff movies. Threads (1984) A horrifying look at what would happen if a nuclear war erupted and the effects it would have on ordinary people. This may be the most terrifying and disturbing film I have ever seen. This film is less of a story and more of an experience. I stumbled out of the house afterwards and gazed at the sky for a moment, just to remind myself that the sky could be blue and not just a void of ash and smoke. If you are going to watch this film, bring a teddy, I certainly wish I had. The Good Place season 3 This show continues to be both entertaining and never loses sight of telling a good story and developing its characters. An excellent cosmic horror comedy. Though I hope it ends by season 5 at the latest, I'd hate for the show to go stale. Daredevil season 3 I'll be honest, for me this is the Wilson Fisk show. I skipped season 2. Fortunately this season is more of a followup to season 1 so I still enjoyed it immensely. The fight choreography is excellent, I enjoyed the characters (new and old) and their plotlines. Fisk is the true highlight however, especially in the second half of the season when he's given more to do. Doctor Who So... I started Doctor Who. Eccleston was magnificent as the Doctor and I'm halfway through Tennant and he is FABULOUS. The quality between episodes is a little wonky at times, ranging from excellent (The Empty Child 2 parter, the girl in the Fireplace) to wonky and dull (Aliens of London, New Earth). But overall I really like the show. Summer Camp Island A delightful little animated show. The characters are very likable, there is a great sense of wonder and the art and colour pallete are delightful.