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  1. Shadows of Self
  2. Neil Gaiman's producing it... I think. Apparently a writer from Doctor Who is writing on the show (I've never watched the show myself)
  3. Anyone else pumped for the Gormenghast show?
  4. This is an interesting afterlife system you've developed here. So in this universe of yours the world has a finite lifespan, correct? Seeing as how the finite stage of afterlife correlates with that of the world. So there is a creation/destruction cycle to the world then. Interesting. I've got a couple more questions I hope you wouldn't mind answering (afterlife systems fascinate me so sorry if the questions are a bit excessive):
  5. Pretty cool. How long would 'finite' be?
  6. Faulty internet connection.
  7. I accidentally posted the same thread 7 times in the Stormlight Archive section (Shard Blade Manifestations) Is there some way I or someone else could delete them? Sorry for the mistake. :/
  8. Is it possible for spren to manifest not just as solids (spears, swords, shields) but in a liquid and gaseous forms as well if commanded by their Radiants?
  9. Y U no Ookla?

    1. Pagliacci


      Because I am Pagliacci.

    2. Ookla the Meme-Thief
    3. Pagliacci


      ... What exactly is Ookla?

  10. The Stormfather's oathstone
  11. The eye of Argon
  12. Ruin singing 'Be Prepared' from the Lion King. Inquisitors as hyenas....
  13. I was watching a Patrick H Willems video about shared universes. He discussed how more shared universes should be less like the MCU and only hint at a greater universe, with the occasional reference or character appearance. The whole time I was shouting "THE COSMERE! THE COSMERE! THE COSMERE! THE COSMERE! THE COSMERE!"
  14. I can definitively say what the blacks spheres are................ An important plot point.
  15. Man walks into Azish clinic, says he's disillusioned with the world.

    He says the world is an empty place, with no interesting or original stories.

    Azish doctor says "Treatment is simple. Go see the great Worldsinger Pagliacci. He will make you feel better."

    The man bursts into tears. "But, doctor" He says, "I am Pagliacci."