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  1. Yeah I think the ending was very rushed. And I felt that Onliteration situation was left unsolved. I think it would do good to write another book.
  2. I also do it think that Steelheart knew the full extent of Megan’s abilities. I think that it would be awesome if Megan could reach into the Cosmere! Just imagine her meeting Vin, and Allrianne!
  3. Looks like I am the first Rioter! I always thought that sounded fun.
  4. I find it funny that in the poll in the big inning 0% voted for David as their favorite character.
  5. Has anybody seen they came out with a new board game for the Reckoners? It looks really cool!
  6. I don’t know why but I just felt like starting a random Reckoners topic.
  7. I also kind of think that Lucy Hale might make a good Vin.
  8. I like this, I think she would make a great Vin.
  9. She would be perfect for Vin!
  10. I agree with the fact that it would be something explosive. I think this would be hilarious. I think it would also be a great power for Mizzy!
  11. I think this was a great idea thanks!
  12. My powers would be to poison people and to turn into a ball of smoke to fly. my weakness would be goats. my cheesy name would be Epidemic. I think that anyone who is not an epic is below me and that they should serve me. my costume would be a green one piece tight jumper with black gloves, boots and headband.
  13. I think that Regalia did succeed in turning David into an Epic in firefight but he was just facing his weakness the whole time.
  14. I think that the way he ended Calamity made it sound like he was going to write another book. I had high hopes that he was going to, but with Apocalypse guard coming out I don’t think he will write another reckoners book. Another thing I thought that was left unexplained was Obliteration, what happened to him, did he die? I really hope that he will write another book, but I just don’t think it will happen