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  1. I think yes, that it would be possible for Alcatraz to break a shardblade. And I would love to see the outcome of that! But sadly Alcattaz isn't a part of the cosmere.
  2. My Smedry talent would be to injure myself in very odd ways, wouldn’t be much of a change!
  3. I know this would be a totally different thing, but do you think Megan could enter Middle Earth? That would be interesting.
  4. What are everybody’s favorite quotes? mine is probably “They we’re like alligators. Really fast alligators. Wearing black. Ninja alligators”
  5. Yeah I think the ending was very rushed. And I felt that Onliteration situation was left unsolved. I think it would do good to write another book.
  6. I also do it think that Steelheart knew the full extent of Megan’s abilities. I think that it would be awesome if Megan could reach into the Cosmere! Just imagine her meeting Vin, and Allrianne!
  7. Looks like I am the first Rioter! I always thought that sounded fun.
  8. I find it funny that in the poll in the big inning 0% voted for David as their favorite character.
  9. Has anybody seen they came out with a new board game for the Reckoners? It looks really cool!
  10. I don’t know why but I just felt like starting a random Reckoners topic.
  11. I also kind of think that Lucy Hale might make a good Vin.
  12. I like this, I think she would make a great Vin.
  13. She would be perfect for Vin!
  14. I agree with the fact that it would be something explosive. I think this would be hilarious. I think it would also be a great power for Mizzy!
  15. I think this was a great idea thanks!