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  1. I’m going to sell the forum game I’m running as well. Come join the Cosmere Roast Battles! It's super fun and I can take a lot more people. Anyways, welcome! We have fun here, so enjoy yourself as much as you can!
  2. I am a lot more sarcastic in person. I avoid it online because the tone is hard to convey sometimes.
  3. If you ever meet me you’ll know why my Ookla name is this.
  4. Welcome! RoW was great! You can use spoiler boxes with the little eye button.
  5. Good game! Thanks for putting this on Mat and Lotus! It was a lot of fun, and it was my first time getting lynched, so that's nice.
  6. @Ookla the Intimidating we're in need of a ban in this thread today.
  7. Glad you still keep up with this! RoW Spoilers
  8. 17th shards christmas

    We always play bingo on one side of the family and we bring a whole bunch of bingo prizes, and on the other side we have a soup supper.
  9. Got you! Yep, no need to actually rap. You can just write it like a poem if that's easier.
  10. I have 8 more spots, so mention your friends!
  11. Thanks @Ookla the Channelknight
  12. It's never too far in a Sanderson book!
  13. OOKLAAAAAAS lost the game.
  14. You joined during Ookla season, which is the most confusing time to join! Welcome and good luck!
  15. hopefully fun

    I had a duke.