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  1. So for my English class I can build an event or setting from a book I have read as a project. I can’t decide what I want to do though. It can’t be overly complicated as I need to have it done in a week. I’ve had a few ideas, but didn’t really like them that much. Any suggestions?

  3. Ah, figured it was that or White Sand. I haven’t read Shadows of Silence in a while though, so I wasn’t sure.
  4. Colors is from Warbreaker, shadows I’m not sure, maybe White Sand. Rust and Ruin is from Mistborn era 2.
  5. You can tell I have a history class at the end.
  6. SCUD!
  7. My favorite is probably Way of Kings. That isn’t quite set yet, I’ll probably decide once I finish Rhythm of War again in a week. It’s mostly because Kaladin is my favorite character. Final Empire is also where I started Cosmere. By the way, you can quote multiple people by using the little plus button under the post you want to quote. We generally frown upon double posting, but it happens.
  8. Ouch, this game is fun. Yes, it can go on for way too long. I played it for a good three hours last time. But the expansion packs really add something in my opinion. Exploding Kittens I can see where you’re coming from though.
  9. Welcome! There’s plenty of Cosmere fans to go around. Be very wary of spoilers since you haven’t read Oathbringer yet. Don’t worry as much about Rhythm of War spoilers, they are generally kept to their own topics. Anyways, glad to have you! If you are simply looking to hang out, go check out the community tab. We talk about everything there. And, as always, a question: what’s your favorite book?
  10. I’ve never had frogs, but man alligator tastes like chicken. I’m not sure if it’s white meat though, I’ve only had it once.
  11. Over the last few days I have read a lot, and suddenly I was done with Oathbringer! I believe that is 5 read throughs of that book. And man this book is wonderful. Part of what I love about Sanderson is that you can always find something new. Every reread, there’s some connection that you didn’t see before. It’s wonderful. Anyways, this morning I starter Rhythm of War, so SPOILERS for that until I finish the book. I’ll do my best to remember to keep it all in spoiler tags, so you should be safe scrolling through.
  12. Favorite month! School’s out, sheep get worked, and branding season.