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  1. These are really cute! My kitsen sketch just looks like a fox, and I was too intimidated to do a body, but I like yours better anyway.
  2. YKYASW you walk like a Vorin lighteyed lady. (But only while barefoot, as I am a darkeyed peasant). When you can’t decide which Sanderson book to use for a book report. When you want to write a persuasive paper over why people should read cosmere books.
  3. game

    I’ll have some tea with Moash. After about a thousand years I may finally start to understand him. Would you rather be a Smoker or a Seeker?
  4. game

    Herdazian nails. I would no longer have to worry about the annoyance of fingernails, as they will now be useful! Let go with: Live on Threnody with no silver, or live in the chasms in the Shattered Plains with no way out.
  5. I actually just read this a couple weeks ago, and it was really good! I have a tough time finding good books (storm you, Sanderson! ) but I really enjoyed this one. I finished it rather quickly as I was so intrigued by everything.
  6. I personally didn’t read these until about 11 or 12, but that was more from them not being available. If he’s read HP, he’d be fine though.
  7. I was finally able to return my name to its proper form!

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    2. Ghanderflaffle


      Also, Luna and Star are one reputation apart for the year. :D

    3. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      What?? No mention of how I caused you this pain and suffering? I’m offended!:P

    4. Ghanderflaffle


      You’ve been mentioned in the rest of my posts about this, I figured you should get a break. :P

  8. I'd take that. I like Shepard breeds.
  9. The painting also appears in Stormlight, I’m not sure if we ever see the actual character.
  10. The season is over now anyways, so don’t worry.
  11. And there go the Ooklas. @Rebecca
  12. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day Ooklas! Wait, no, Ookla season is now over. *cough* And I didn’t get to participate Truthless... :P

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    2. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      Ok, it is in fact up

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      I think it was just me. It said it was overloaded.

    4. DoomStick


      That happened to me too

  13. She doesn’t really have an affinity for art, she destroys it, but Ash?
  14. I can’t think of one for myself.