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  1. Kholin, of course, then maybe Sebarial or Aladar. Not Sadeas, I’m 3/4 of my way through Oathbringer and ready to murder Moash and Amaram (again!). (But I do like green... oh well, my hatred is stronger than my enjoyment.)
  2. They left without even saying hello! How dare they!
  3. Highprince colors!

    Line up one and all for insult through sarcasm and smart aleckiness.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lunamor


      *gets in line*

    3. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      *Runs always crying and muttering something about how sword-nimi will always love me*
      (haha, that was a clever insult! And thanks!)

    4. Ghanderflaffle


      I would love to go to your restaurant, but I'm not fond of spikes. Is that a Lightweaving you use to hide your own? @Lunamor

      These seem off to me, normally these roll right off my tongue a little too often. ;)

  5. I'M CONVERTING SOMEONE. IT'S FINALLY WORKING. Starting with Skyward because I have a hard copy, but she's interested in Mistborn and the rest. 

  6. Of course. I love the cul- club.
  7. Don’t make me pick! I love Cody, Doomslug, Spensa, Quirk, Bastille, and like everyone else. I haven’t gotten to Stephen Leeds yet.
  8. Start every conversation with “Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?”
  9. Let's go BoredBois!
  10. Once I posted that I realized it. My humor detection has dropped in isolation!
  11. There's joyspren and laughterspren.
  12. With as annoyed as I get at my old rainbow loom, this is impressive.
  13. You want to know what it tastes like in the name of scholarship... I wanted to use the quote that goes something like: “This is insanity! No, this is scholarship!” But it didn’t work.
  14. This is fantastic! Hopefully I can remember to check in.
  15. Marsh is Invested, but that’s my guess because I can’t think of anything else. Good clues!