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  1. There’s an entire thread for this!
  2. And our finalist is @BreezeCauthon! Congrats! Thanks for playing @Shard of Reading, as always. Officially speaking, we have our winners! The Rosharan team has pulled ahead, winning this tournament 4-2. Congrats to @Random Bystander as Nightblood, @yeshevishman as Adolin, @BreezeCauthon as Wit, and @Matrim's Dice as Nikki! However, @Random Bystander and @BreezeCauthon have battled hard to get here, so I will still give them their final round. Good luck against each other! You have until Monday at 5 PM CST.
  3. Let’s see who move on to the finals! Link
  4. And the person continuing on to the finals is... @Random Bystander! Congrats to you and thanks for playing, as always, @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine. Our second to last round shall be between @BreezeCauthon as Wit against @Shard of Reading as Wayne. This should be a fun one, so good luck to you both! Roasts due on Thursday at 6:00 PM CST.
  5. I’ve also repeatedly recommended it. Mainly by using one of his books for our quarterly book projects.
  6. When your teacher mentions listening to an audiobook and noticing Sanderson in the recommended, then she proceeds to marvel at the fact that the audiobook is 48 hours long.
  7. Since we’ve moved on to semifinals, not really. I still appreciate you letting me know, even if it’s after the fact. You can join the next tournament once this one is over though!
  8. Sorry I’m behind, always busy! Here’s the link!
  9. @Random Bystander you now have until 8 AM CST tomorrow.
  10. If @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine is ok with it, I’ll give you an extra day. We’ve had enough people drop out that I’m comfortable giving you an extra day since you’ve been on.


  12. So, as some of you know, I had to write an Argumentative essay in my English class. I asked my teacher if it could be over a Sanderson theory. She approved, so I went straight to here to find a theory because mine aren’t well thought out. I found a couple candidates, but I eventually went with @Windshaper’s theory that you can go read here. It has a metric ton of background information for my teacher to understand, but overall I think it turned out ok. It’s not quite what I wanted, but deadlines are stupid. Anyways, please enjoy a nerd’s essay. (Yes, I forgot to delete the header. Oh well, it’s an easy to guess last name)
  13. He never contacted me and I can’t keep track of everyone’s schedules. There’s not much I can do about it.
  14. Either way, you win! @yeshevishman has been offline for over a week, so we’re going to move on. Our score is now 2-2 with four competitors remaining! Semifinals will start off with @Random Bystander as Nightblood against @Hoiditthroughthegrapevine as Felt! You have until Wednesday at 5 PM CST! Good luck!
  15. Sorry for the double post, but due to new votes, this post is still valid! So congrats to @BreezeCauthon. @Shard of Reading and @yeshevishman your roasts are now due Sunday morning at 8 AM CST (You get some extra hours, I wouldn’t be able to check Saturday night as I’ll be at prom.)