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  1. Continue
  2. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! I think I’m going to go with @Rushu42's suggestion of Rust and Ruin. I’m not sure which for which yet, but I want to save some of the other ones for future animals. And this one really made me smile.
  3. I wish, but no it’s just something we made up. Come join The Longest Thread in the community tab.
  4. So I did this for a Spanish project, but it was for a bunch of non-Sanderfans so I had to keep it simple. If you haven’t read WoA there’s a slight spoiler if you can catch it.
  5. So now everybody at the bunker party was hemalurgic.
  6. Abused
  7. Welcome to the Shard! We have ghanderflaffles, at least we do in TLT. What’s your favorite Sanderson book? Have you read anything non cosmere? Have you read the Arcanum Unbounded?
  8. Charged
  9. I took creative liberties then.
  10. We need “Narrators” on there somewhere
  11. We need “Narrators” on there somewhere
  12. Fantastic
  13. My brother won’t tell me were he’s at in HoA anymore because he says I spoil things when I try to have a discussion over it. Oh well.
  14. I have two kittens that I need names for. One is a long haired grey calico (female) and the other is a short haired grey and white male. They look like this (I don't know why they are upside down): (Spoilered for size) The pictures have been updated if you want to change @Invocation @Kualo @ZincAboutIt @Karger I would love a cosmere name, but I can’t decide on one myself.