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  1. Thank you both! My section leader sent out a clarinet-only recording thankfully, but I'll keep it in mind for later!
  2. Narrator Ghanderflaffle was disappointed in the fact that she missed the party.
  3. No, I mean I know the notes and all that, I just am bad at the rhythm itself. The time signature is part of it, but it affects the rhythms.
  4. I'm auditioning for my college's marching band, but I'm awful at reading rhythms. Can someone either recommend a free software that will read the rhythm for me or volunteer to tell me what it is? I audition in two weeks and I still can't figure it out, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!
  5. From there they moved on to the Somewhat Known Universe, which was slightly bigger. Glad to see how much this has grown in my absence!
  6. I'm no longer dead!

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    2. ookla the gastrointestinal
    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      welcome back to the shard, revived Ghanderflaffle. your empire has flourished.

    4. Ghanderflaffle


      As it should be.

  7. Happy clone season y'all! :D

    1. Ookla the Tall

      Ookla the Tall

      Was that really a year ago? Huh

  8. I’ve done so good all summer. @Rosharan A.C. join us.
  9. When 11 out of 20 books that you used for senior pictures are Sanderson titles.
  10. I will actually have to switch this to pinchhitting. I didn't realize that this would probably start the same day my county fair does.
  11. Lux

    Reviving this since there's more up. I actually full on screamed when

    Sorry I haven't been on here much. Turns out I turn to this a lot more when I use it to procrastinate. I also don't like using it on my phone. Anyways, I'm going to be on more often again.

    1. ookla the gastrointestinal

      ookla the gastrointestinal

      ^ things that aged poorly

    2. Ghanderflaffle


      Hey now, I have a laptop again. I just don't like using mobile. And the Shard got blocked on my school iPad.

  13. Have fun @Frustration! I generally made a bracket, either by hand or online, to help organize. It might help you out.
  14. My contact methods are now alphabetical and I am satisfied.