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  1. Well good thing I made the discord already then! I don’t know who all would be interest in this, but feel free to join. Truthless I’ll just send you an invite in discord since you’re on my friends list.
  2. When you are very excited for the upcoming Ookla season.
  3. So I just discovered this party game called Spyfall. It is super fun and can get a little crazy, but the basic premise is that everyone joins a game (it’s a website) and then everyone gets a location and a role except for the spy. One person will then ask another person a question such as “What color is most common in your workplace?” The other person will respond with something vague. The players are trying to find out who the spy is before the spy discovers where everyone is, which is why questions and answers are vague. Here's a bit more in depth explanation pulled off the card game version. I was wondering if anyone wanted to play this. I would make a discord server, as it's best played vocally as people actually have to ask questions. Here's the website: Also, I can add custom locations, so we could do Shattered Plains and stuff like that.
  4. @Matrim's Dice I’ll join too! I can’t guarantee my phone will be able to handle it, it has kinda crashed the last few times I’ve tried to play it.
  5. Welcome! Glad you are here!
  6. When's the next QF or MR? Those seem a touch simpler, so I’d like to start with one of them. Edit: Ninja'd
  7. I’m interested in joining. I think I was in a spec doc a few months ago, then got busy, but I figured I would try again.
  8. Today! Here we go! This'll be a little different from last time, I want to experiment some. Each battle will still consist of four people, but only 2 of those people will be roasting each other at a time, so it's a bunch of little duels, but 2 duels will run at a time. So for the first one we have @Matrim's Dice as Fleet against @Shard of Reading as Lift. The second one will be @Fezzik as Silence's Grandmother against @Personification as Gallant. Both of these will go at the same time, but you are each only roasting one person, so Matrim and Shard will roast each other, Fezzik and Personification will roast each other, and it will all happen at the same time. Make sense? If not, ask your questions. Your roasts will be due Wednesday the 23 at the end of the day. To everyone else (and Fezzik again) I will PM you about when you will be roasting so you can be available that day. (Thanks Archer for the suggestion) This does mean that I can only give a day or two for extra time instead of several days like last tournament.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Alright, sounds like we will have 15 players, but @Fezzik will play as Silence's Grandmother and Bastille. I’ll get everything set up in the morning.
  10. Alright, that's about enough. So, does anyone other than @Fezzik want to be two people?
  11. Just write it like a poem. You can go look at past raps for examples.
  12. That's 4 votes for yes, I need at least 8 for a majority.
  13. If someone wanted to, but then they would still have a higher chance at getting in, so people would have to be ok with that too.
  14. Well, in that case we either need one more person or everyone has to be ok with one person skipping having to roast in the first round. If we do that I would randomly generate one person and that person would have a free pass to the second round. @Matrim's Dice @Hentient @Condensation @Gears @Channelknight Fadran @float @hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Personification @Fezzik @I Used To Be A Fish @Archer @Ark1002 @Shard of Reading @turtle @The_Truthwatcher