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  1. I just finished episode 3 and I like it so far! I'm really watching for those Doctor Who easter eggs.
  2. Just then Ghanderflaffle bursts in. "I have returneth from being inactive!" She then steals The Ghanderwaffle. I missed almost 200 pages
  3. Whatever makes you happy. Feel free to make the next one @Ishar because no one else seems to want to.
  4. But the Ghanderflaffle empire was Narrator Ghanderflaffle's empire. The ghanderflaffle Empire was much bigger than the Ghanderflaffle empire, while the ghanderflaffle empire was the biggest and highest of them all. I've been waiting a while to tease turtle for being the one to capitalize ghanderflaffle. If only I wasn't late.
  5. I'm good with my team. I only know xino but I'll probably get along with everyone. Let's go team!
  6. And a Narrator.
  7. *Sigh* Granted, but all TUBA members convert to DA. I wish for a computer.
  8. Ghanderflaffle volunteered to help Star. I kinda want to write a reply to the pink balls thing, but I can't until after today when my finals are over.
  9. But Narrator Ghanderflaffle had discovered that the pink ping pong balls hadn't actually been used like Stormlight. It's a good idea, but I want to take a shot at story telling.
  10. For a minute I thought you were talking about me when I read Smith...
  11. Granted, but everyone dies. I wish for even more things.
  12. Just gonna let everyone know, but I have finals for the next 2 days so I won't be on much or at all. I will also probably be on less over the summer once school is out. I'll still try and get on as often as possible.

    1. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      I've got finals too so I understand how it is.

  13. But there was a secret love story between them.
  14. Granted, you now feel happy for other people's suffering while deep down knowing that it is still bad. I wish for my science notecard to be filled out with understandable and readable answers for my science final, to have it before my final and not to lose it or tear it or maim it in any way.