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  1. Those who held it had to wear gloves.
  2. But a very pretty piece of dirt.
  3. It was indeed very pretty, but it also wasn't a rock.
  4. Ghanderflaffle struck out at any monster that got past the ring of fighting ghanderflaffles with her urumi.
  5. Let us loop again Luna, but I'm limited as I need to wait for Road. It's raining ghandertacos. Oooo, it's raining ghandertacos. Oooo, it's raining ghandertacos.
  6. I liked Calamity's ending. I don't believe in the Shallan+Kaladin ship. (But some people don't, so I'm not lonely.) So far, Elantris is only ok. It's not interesting enough for me so I don't read it as often, but I'm around chapter 12 or 13.
  7. Ghanderflaffle noticed that Road was down and rode over to him, the ghanderflaffles helping to cut a path. She pulled him onto the ghandercorn to keep him from getting swarmed by monsters. "Are you alright?"
  8. Ghandermeat, ghanderlettuce, ghandercheese.
  9. I preferred Dora In the purple light of the setting ghandermoon.
  10. "That's pleasant..." Ghanderflaffle turns her head away from the castle.
  11. Same. She rode off on her ghandercorn.
  12. But the Narrators were happy to fill in the rest, as shown from before. I like how we just keep bouncing back and forth between threads.
  13. "As good of an idea as any!" Ghanderflaffle replied, following suit.
  14. The only thing they knew how to sing was "Seagulls, Stop it Now!"