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  1. Nobody go lighting any fires now, I’ll getcha. :ph34r:

    1. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      Wouldn’t dream of it. Now, let me just find a bandage for this rapidly bleeding wound...

  2. You can do after a certain amount of guesses, a certain amount of time, or a combination. Whenever you think it fits Drehy
  3. Shan Elarial (I think that's right. It’s spelled wrong, I can almost guarantee it.)
  4. Those look good so far! I forgot to add in my last post, but if anyone not in the current tournament would like to be put on a waiting list for the next one let me know!
  5. Let's get going! Participants are: This is going to be run like Ashspren's original plan, so you can read the first post in this thread for that. I am going to take the top two winners in the first three rounds though. The first round is going to be @hoiditthroughthegrapevine as Ishi'Elin, @Sorana as Gaotona, @Gears as Rock, and @Hentient as Pattern. Your roasts are due on Wednesday, July 14. If that doesn’t work for you let me know, good luck to everyone!
  6. If we can’t get someone by tomorrow evening we’ll play with odd numbers, but one group will be uneven.
  7. I’ve been on a Star Wars kick for the last few days and today I decided to start watching all the movies and shows in chronological order. Almost every time a lightsaber shows up on screen I think: “Shardbearers can’t hold ground.”

    1. Nathrangking


      Not even the high ground?

    2. A Windrunner

      A Windrunner

      Not unless they want to clean up a lot of corpses;)

  8. Willshapers are the best! This is a great idea! The size of the books scare most of my classmates (I’m a junior) but I wish they would at least read Mistborn so they would get my references.
  9. @AonEne this seems like something you might enjoy? If I can get twelve dividing people off for rounds is easier.
  10. If one more person volunteers by the end of the day we can start.
  11. Not right now, but if people are interested then we might do one later that's non cosmere.
  12. Got it! I'll leave this open for people to sign up for at least one more day, but if we have the right amount of people we'll start for sure on Friday at the latest.
  13. Yep! It does have to be cosmere, at least for this one. Which do you want, Spook or Shallan?
  14. I need at least 1 more person to even things up, but I can take up to 7 more.