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  1. I recently read the Wheel of Time books again. The first time I read them I remember reading at the end when Rand switched bodies with the Chosen he came back in time for the birth of his and Elaine's twins. I couldn't find these events when I read the books the second time. Could someone tell me which book these events occurred or if I was dreaming?
  2. All I can say is that I think Kaladin is meant for great things. MR. SANDERSON, IF KALADIN DIES I WILL NOT READ ANYMORE STORMLIGHT BOOKS!!!!!
  3. I agree. Kaladan and Syl should end up together. Because as has been stated already, they have a very deep bond now. I can see them growing even closer. Syl is the only one Kaladan really trusts. He needs her. Anyway, if Kaladan and Syl end up together I believe they will be transformed into something very special. Since I read WOK the first time I always thought there is more to Kaladan than just a Windrunner. He has on occasion shown tremendous powers that I think maybe something different than what Windrunners are know for. But, I maybe way off base here. But this is what I wish will happen.
  4. I don't like the cover. Should have included Kalidan on the cover.
  5. When I read the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, I never pictured Kaladin as of Asian descent. I was surprised by the artwork in Oathbreaker.
  6. Does anyone know if the Stormlight Archive will be available in the special leather bound volumes like some of his other books?
  7. I think Syl is Kaladan’s perfect partner. What I would like to happen is that Sly becomes human in the end and marries Kaladan. He depends on her and cares for her. I think Kal is more than he seems and could possibly become a new Herald. That is what I would like to happen. This is a FANTASY story after all. Any thing can happen!!
  8. Guys, you are being too literal. This is a SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY story. ANY thing is possible. What I would like to happen in the story is for Syl to become human and marry Kal. Also I believe Kal is more than he appears.
  9. No, Stormlight Archive is the only one.
  10. I think Syl will be turned into a human and Kaladan will fall in love with her. She knows him and his different moods. Kaladan has trust issues and she is the only one he trusts right now. What I would like to happen is that Kaladan becomes a Herald and King of all of Roshar!!! I say that becomes to me it seems that his special gifts are different from other Radiants. Syl will be a great partner for him.
  11. I don't think we have seen her yet. I have read all three. My favorite is the Way of Kings. Kaladan's character drew me in and kept me interested. Oathbringer really disappointed me. I had a hard time getting through it. I kept thinking, where is Kaladan!
  12. I do not like Shallan. Her attitude really annoyed me. I ended up skimming the parts with her in it. There was just too much of her in Oathbringer and not enough Kaladan!!!!!!!!
  13. Just joined the forum.