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  1. Could it be deactivate or out of power?
  2. Granted, it is covered in salt I wish to know what to wish for, and to then wish for it.
  3. Granted you are a Truthwatcher in a chasm, in the middle of a highstrom. I wish to have and to be able to read every Sanderson book that will ever be written.
  4. Greetings! I'm Atium, I'm 14, and I am a student at BCI. I write because I have many ideas for possible stories that I want to get out of my head and onto paper. With my writing, I am currently working on two fantasy stories with some Sci-fi ideas. Each one takes place at about the same time, but in each one, the other character is the antagonist. My favorite Books and series currently include Mistborn, Stormlight Archive, The Martian, The Dark Elf Trilogy, and The Shannara series. In my spare time, I write, read, game, and try to figure out how to write dialogue. See you around!
  5. Granted you don't know which thoughs are yours and you become a refection of the personalities and thoughts of the people around you. I wish to become an AI.
  6. Could there have been a shard on Ashyn and could humans, using surgebinding, have splintered this shard and created the dawnshards? If so, could the shard have been responsible for the floating cites and when it was splintered could it have caused the cities to fall. I don't know the size, the number of or the height of these cites but if they were large enough and high enough they could have caused the cataclysm. If what I said above is true, could the splinters be kept in gemstones on Aimia and could the Sibling be one of these splinters?
  7. Granted but all hydrogen in the universe it destroyed. I wish for the ability to read the next three Cosmere books and understand how to use that ability.
  8. Granted, but you can't read it I wish for infinite free cake
  9. If a mistborn were to drink liquid Iron for example (Without it solidifying) would they still be able to burn it?
  10. Trapper: First of the dawn Vorin: Nowen Sel: Ateaan (Silence, truth) returned: Starflight (because I love space and flight) Kandra: OeNwen (I Think that is right) Intent: Discovery
  11. Granted, but it dies slowly and painfully the next day I wish to become a cryptic spren.
  12. 72 truthwatcher 53 lightweaver 42 elsecaller 6 willshaper 5 duskbringer 3 edgedancer
  13. Bridgeman, less painful death. Though getting to kill Sadeas easily... Would you rather become Hoid or a Shard?
  14. Thank you!
  15. What about scenes that provide infromation that will be used for later conflict? Should I cut those?