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  1. Uggh if I was forced to learn Eastern Street slang to graduate college I would just be a dockworker for the rest of my life.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that Adhesion is the dumbest of all the surges. Especially with Windrunners. We've only seen them stick people to things which they could could do already by just changing their gravity to the wall. It doesn't seem to be very effective or useful. With Bondsmiths we see Dalinar use Adhesion to spirtually connect to the Azish enough to speak their language but Windrunners are just stuck with a lame power that has been used in practicing with stormlight and never again. Any Ideas on what Adhesion might do additionally for specifically windrunners, if it does do anything more?
  3. Really just anyone of the 5th Heighting, Born on Nalthis. Bc then you get agelessness and Nalthis is pretty Cosmere aware and you could go about and travel the cosmere. It's said that people on Nalthis even have a customs office to transfer to Nalthis in Shadesmar. So you could do that and then go around with some hemulrgic spikes if you really need anything else then living forever.
  4. I hope Rlain Ascends rather than Navani. Rlain is a cool character but doesn't get very much screen time or anything to do. He just kinda sits around and gets excluded. I'd love if he got this part, and it'll bring the listeners and humans closer.
  5. He's in between if anything, He is very commited to the law, and hunts down people if they break the law regardless of who they are or what they did. I'm pretty sure the Marksman is like "why are you hunting me? there are a bunch of worse people?" and Wax is just like, "well you broke the law and you killed someone". He reminds me of Nale, He hunts down people that broke the law but also was trying to find people connected to the set. Nale was hunting down people that broke the law while also following his own agenda. He still has compassion, unlike Nale, so he was probably like early Nale before he became all unattached.
  6. Wax admits that if the survivors crew lived in his day, He probably would've tried to bring them to justice Besides the fact that Wax would've been the best skybreaker ever, I find it telling that the main protagonist of the second era would find himself opposing Kelsier. My vote is for Era 4 villain
  7. How to get the footer I see other people using?
  8. Yes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Make Marsh fight to the death with his Younger (more attractive) brother! Harmony's Ruin vs. Harmony's preservation! Battle of the ages
  9. I think that most spren, especially ones that are pulled more fully into the physical realm by the Nahel bond such as Syl and Pattern, can affect the physical realm is small ways, they are mainly insubstantial but they can affect things. In fact windspren are known to stick things together and the such. So I wouldn't say it doesn't happen under normal conditions just maybe not as often as it does on Threnody. Its all about how much they appear in Shadesmar vs. Physical realm. Emotion Spren are mostly in Shadesmar while Windspren are a rare sight as they mostly exist in the Physical
  10. @Timothy Is there a Shard with the intent of Discord? Or were you just referring to harmony?
  11. I agree, It's going to be more on a psychological level. All Radiants are "broken" so the will be more likely get addicted to Stormlight then someone using a honorblade. They have more problems and will go to stormlight just for that increase in strength.
  12. Dude thats crazy good
  13. Breeze is saying that he wished he could use it on himself after the siege of Luthadel. Shortly after he went and hid in the building and survived. So post Siege, Pre releasing of Ruin
  14. Okay thanks for clarifying @RShara
  15. Yeah, I was referring to the pure power of preservation as existing as separate being of investure. Prior the shattering, Preservation investure was just apart of Adonalsium. Hoid was alive before the intent of Preservation was assigned to the splinter of Adonalsium. Pretty much just saying Hoid was there before Preservation intent existed as it does now. So he wouldn't be a shard of preservation or "fully of preservation" as @storming lighteyes put it