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  1. So in the stormlight archive there is a character in the ghostbloods, named mraize and in one scene he is said to have a "chicken" (Rosharan for bird) which brandon has confirmed to be a Aviar. Any Ideas on what it's power might be?
  2. Okay so I knew that Wax had a resonance (his steel bubble) but I this WOB stated that Wayne also had a resonance. My question came from this WOB. Any ideas on what it might be?
  3. So I've read all the books countless times and would really love to read Aether of Night. But Brandon's website now directs you here to find it distributed. Can anyone help a brother out? @Invocation, @Chaos, @Argent????
  4. This is Awesome thanks for posting it!!!
  5. When you finish your rough guide of investiture could you post it somewhere? You said something about and I want to see the final product ^_^

    1. Lord Furret

      Lord Furret

      Oh yeah, sure! I was actually gonna make a post about and let people help with it.

    2. Lord Furret

      Lord Furret

      @Lightblood I posted a link to comment on it here.

  6. @Invocation We bow before the God-King of Hallendran
  7. ITIAH has the reputation title of scadrian waffle cook. So I sure as heck hope he exists. Are there spikes in the waffles by chance? this could start a whole new craze...
  8. That's a good point, I never really thought about the true scope of life sense. I was thinking more on sentient life but It's much more than that
  9. He can sense all spren or just sentient spren? If it was all spren his life sense would be going crazy all the time because of wind, fire, gravity, (force of nature) spren are every where.
  10. 3. Roshar was already there pre- Shattering so they already had many of the things that make Roshar unique, including highstorms 4. Ashyn was certainly not like Roshar as it had stuff like soil and birds and horses. Roshar is all rocks with the only soil (in shinovar) coming from Ashyn with the humans during the fleeing of the "Tranquil Halls" aka Ashyn 6. Two continents the bigger one being taken over by "the evil" and the smaller one has the forest of hell, it is not made entirely out of the forests of hell. There are also other places and even outpost castles. 9. Not everything on the first of sun wants to kill you. Just Patji.
  11. Thank you guys!!! I'll update the coppermind
  12. Where did you find this? I believe you but just couldn't find it in coppermind
  13. Umm, I believe that she was just unnaturally strong and had a deep connection to preservation (so maybe this connection made her stronger? If so it's never explicitly said) The connection to Preservation however let her draw upon the mists in the battle with the Lord Ruler and ascend later, However the hemurlgic spike prevented that from happening. But if breathing in the mist made her permanantly more powerful than would it not make sense for her to make another significant jump after the fight with TLR? This does not occur so I just think your a bit confused on the topic. Sorry!
  14. Thanks for finding that @Calderis!!! The coppermind only had this to say So I think there might be more to this than meets the eye. Maybe not TLR, but why was it important enough for Sadeas to want to keep it? Also we don't know exactly how Cosmere Aware Amaram was but why was he keeping a collection of flutes? Just a bit of worldbuilding?
  15. The flute I'm refering to is the flute that Hoid gives to Kaladin and he leaves in the camps. This question was prompted by this WOB So do we know anything about this? Can someone find where TLR is described?