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  1. Storm father existed before Honor but was more heavily invested once he arrived. After Honor's death a the cognitive shadow of tanavast with the already existing spren. - coppermind and we know that the almighty and Honor is the same
  2. Skybreaker, Gonna grab me a nightblood real quick I'll be right back
  3. It annoyed me that he got brought back to life but at least he introduced nightblood to Stormlight archive so I was more forgiving just because I was excited for Nightblood. No the real crime of the Szeth story arc is how brandon changed the continuity to have Kaladin not kill Szeth. That scene was super cool and powerful for me and when it just changed to "szeth just killed himself" I think it took alot out of the story for both characters.
  4. Okay thank you!!!
  5. Whoa Whoa Whoa, I might have missed something, But when did the Ghostbloods recruit Sja-Anat? Citation if you can please. Was it specifically stated because I must have just completely missed it and I've read Oathbringer multiple times.
  6. Speaking of WoK chapters that I didn't look forward to, Shallan was really painful to me the first time through. My favorite character is Kaladin, not only because Kaladin is awesome but then you get to see all the bridgemen all the time. Also I love the Tien-Kaladin relationship, when I found out Tien was I lightweaver-in-training my mind exploded
  7. Also confused by the post but although I like the idea of spren being corrupted by humans perception coming to roshar ( I think that's what you were saying) I don't think that would have any effect on singer vs. shardplate armor. If we corrupted the spren and were able to make shardplate, wouldn't that also make the singers unable to make their carapace armor. Also I agree with the points @Preventer Wind brought up.
  8. Although I enjoyed the often barbed comments between the two viewpoints I believe that the synthetic gemstones could happen, as in they have the physical ability not the scientific no how. I know that you have already responded with these points @Pathfinder but I'm just adding my opinion to the mix. Although I do think that this should've been in a different forum (synthetic gemstones or something). But on the point of fabrial revolution I think that it is not only going to happen but that it has already in the process with the increased production of new fabrials and "half-shards" as well as the ability to study the new-old fabrials from the knights radiant. I think that the already increase will now skyrocket. Of course there might be a slight set back in the case of an apocalypse or something...
  9. I had to go look at edgedancer and windrunner oaths but I can kinda see it. But they could be easily done with eachother without violating the others oaths. I believe that this is for sure possible but not something we are going to see. But who knows I didn't think we'd see someone with two shardblades but hey we saw amaram grab oathbringer and dual weild so I won't count it out though I don't think its gonna happen
  10. Specifically the ones that were behead or despiked by Kelsier or his brother
  11. We know for a fact that we are getting Lift as a flashback character in the back five so we are going to get alot of lift later on.
  12. I want to see Rlain bond to the Sibling and lead the remaining listeners and those who don't want odium among the parshem
  13. So we know at the recreance through the vision that Dalinar see's that the Knight radiants leave their blades and plate at the fields in front of feverstone keep. But we know that there aren't hundreds upon hundreds of blades and plate in roshar so what happened to them all?!?! So what happened to them, were they recovered by the shin or taken offworld? and if they were taken offworld than why haven't we seen them in other worlds? Either this is a massive mistake or suddenly we're gonna be shocked by hundreds of shardweilding shin riders in the immediate future? Any thoughts or theories on where they might be?
  14. Wow. I really like this theory @TheFoxQR. I always saw this as someone that kinda feels like szeth's point of view. Death is my life, the radiant has accepted that their duty in life is to bring death to others possibly the parshmen/ voidbringers. The strength becomes my weakness, and like szeth they deeply regret having to do this but see it as their duty to do it. Or perhaps they were a compasionate person but now that they have accepted that bringing death is their life, they view their compassion, which was always seen as a strength, as a weakness as it brings added difficulty to the path they have accepted. The journey has ended I thought could refer to one of two things. One- It is referring to their journey as a radiant and self discovery. Like they were trying to find where they belonged in the order and in their world. But in accepting the life of war the journey is ended they have accepted their fate. Or two- After the war and life of bringing death they decided that it wasn't in harmony with their oaths or from the ravings of honor that they must break their oaths. This would also work with my strength becomes my weakness because they see their strength in war and surgebinding as something to be repulsed and ashewed. Disgusted by their past actions. So I have always seen it as a knight accepting his duty before the desolation or shortly after it started, or as a knight at the time of the recreance that, disagreeing with his oaths see that his actions and the information given by honor that the entire order is a contradiction.
  15. So in the stormlight archive there is a character in the ghostbloods, named mraize and in one scene he is said to have a "chicken" (Rosharan for bird) which brandon has confirmed to be a Aviar. Any Ideas on what it's power might be?