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  1. Well I was saying it mostly as a joke but it does raise the question where does the investiture go when Chromium is used. But yeah mostly for comedic affect. I mean even if the larkin "took back" the investiture then the knight radiant wouldn't have it. It would have gone KR --> Mistborn --> Larkin. So even if It worked like that it wouldnt end with the KR getting his investiture back. But on the flip side we don't know what would happen if Chromium is used with stormlight, we know that with allomatic powers it just disappears but we don't neccessarily would do the same with all types of investiture. Now Someone's probably gonna find a WOB to make me eat my words but that's the extent of my knowledge at least
  2. I say you arm a knight radiant with a larkin so when a mistborn uses chromium you suck it right back out of him. Genius if I do say so my self
  3. For some reason I have never understood this as a shade gun, And I've read this book many times over. c r a z y But although BranSan did amazing things with swords and spears I'm excited for the next step. Haven't seen much of modern/future fantasy and even if it is set in modern day for some reason they seem to come up with excuses to use magic or swords rather than science or modern weaponry anyway
  4. replace Odium with the Joker, Ruin as the gun, and mentally deranged hoid as two face
  5. Well "Vibrance could mean full of energy and enthusiasm. Or it could mean quivering; pulsating. (both google definitions) Personally I think it'd be funny if it was just a normal place that was "quivering" or "pulsating" just everything that had color was just vibrating like mad.
  6. Does Aluminum bullets make it so you can't heal? if so then it would make sense that it would disrupte all investiture based healing but this is the first i've heard of it.
  7. This would make it easier, which is why Brandonerson didn't do it Here's a WOB answering this question
  8. So do we know anything else about shins and possible scadrial relations? or is this just a rabbit hole?
  9. Is that all he's talking about? Because I do remember that I was just caught up in the phrasing of it I guess
  10. So what?! I've personally never heard of anyones shardblade changing in anyway. The lengths are all meticulously measured and are literally stuff of legend. People would notice a change and comment on it for sure. So what did he mean by the blade sometimes does under circumstances. The only thing I can think of is the theory that Adolin is going to bond with Maya but that doesn't sound like what they're talking about. Plus this was back in 2017. Do we know answers? and if not I'm accepting of theories.
  11. But Kelsier being the person he is I doubt he would accept help from him. He literally is afraid/ hates hoid to a point where he is trying to get Vin not to go talk to him in the 3rd book. Hoid has no ill will towards Kelsier, he doesn't really care but Kelsier is a proud person, Unless he was forced to I doubt he would team up with him, he would believe that he could do it better without Hoid
  12. I highly doubt Hoid was involved, the two kinda hate eachother remember?
  13. Storm father existed before Honor but was more heavily invested once he arrived. After Honor's death a the cognitive shadow of tanavast with the already existing spren. - coppermind and we know that the almighty and Honor is the same
  14. Skybreaker, Gonna grab me a nightblood real quick I'll be right back
  15. It annoyed me that he got brought back to life but at least he introduced nightblood to Stormlight archive so I was more forgiving just because I was excited for Nightblood. No the real crime of the Szeth story arc is how brandon changed the continuity to have Kaladin not kill Szeth. That scene was super cool and powerful for me and when it just changed to "szeth just killed himself" I think it took alot out of the story for both characters.