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  1. Are we sure that aluminum burns instantly? I was under the impression that it just burned very quickly and we never saw anyone have enough of it to burn that we could see it last for longer than a split second.
  2. He did. I was just wondering if this meant we had any new information on the subject. From the last State of Sanderson
  3. I was checking on the Stormlight 4 draft progress bar when I noticed a Mistborn Screenplay progress bar. What did I miss? Do we have any more information on it? Are we finally going to see the Cosmere on the big screen?
  4. Taln's temple in Theylen city?
  5. horror

    My school is weird and has given me the opportunity to run a book club on a book of my choice. I would like to do a book club on Mistborn as it is relatively short (It is not Stormlight) and self-contained. However, I was hoping that I would be able to get some ideas for some of the more complex literary devices (themes, motifs, symbolism, things that literature teachers seem to like.) Any help I can get in making the book club a success would be greatly appreciated! Edit: something appears to have gone wonky and this thread was double posted. If somebody could either delete this or tell me how to delete it myself that would be great. to keep things from getting confusing, just respond to the other thread.
  6. The Shards all have/had holders, previously separate and sapient creatures who merged with a huge chunk of investiture. What was special about the shards that allowed people to do this? We know that any sufficiently large piece of investiture will gain sapience if left alone for long enough. We also have not seen anyone really merge with any amount of investiture besides Vin and Sazed on Scadrial. My best explanation for this is that any time anyone else held a huge chunk of investiture, the shard connected to it was either alive or shredded into tiny bits by Odium. Does this make any sense? Thank you in advance.
  7. Um, actually, Denth didn’t believe Vasher beat Arsteel in a fair fight. Brass is the allomantic mental pulling metal used for dampening emotions.
  8. Um, actually, Instabam is the one with potato powers. Nightblood was awakened by Vasher with the command “destroy evil”
  9. That makes me wonder how much consciousness Night blood has. Also, does anyone have any idea what Nightblood would do if he was being wielded by someone who thaught that Vasher (or anyone else Nightblood likes) was evil?
  10. So... not easily available to a California high school student, got it. Well gues I know where I am going to college. Thanks for the information!
  11. Does anyone know where to find a full copy of Dragonsteel? Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure it was part of his Masters Thesis at BYU and so should be in their library. I tried checking their online database and it says that students were not required to submit a digital copy until 2009. Then I searched through the records that they had for 2005, which is as near as I can figure to the year are he graduated. Does anyone know if its just not there, or if I am even looking in the right spot?