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  1. Anyone want to take bets on if we will see an empty suit of living plate get up and go do something (whether that is punch a Fused or mabey a Radiant could summon their Blade and give it to their armor to go fight for them) before the end of the cosmere?
  2. I don't know if I should make my own thread for this, but I was wondering, how does the investiture/anti-investiture reaction relate to the idea that energy/matter/investiture cannot be destroyed only changed. When the spheres exploded I thought that perhaps the investiture and anti-investiture changed into a massive amount of heat and that caused the gemstone to crack, causing the loud boom and all the burn marks were from the heat. However, The process was nowhere nearly as physically destructive when the anti-void light was used to destroy Raboniel's daughter. What do you think we would see if we had witnessed the event from the cognitive realm, or perhaps even the spiritual realm?
  3. Definitely lashing tools to hang in the air for convenient reach. Also, using a full lashing on a wound as temporary stitches while you put the real stitches in might be useful.
  4. I was going through the preview chapters of Rhythm of War again and noticed this part in chapter 5 after Leshwi escapes Kaladin. This got me thinking. What can a bonded Spren do without their radiant physical being within a few feet? We have seen spren do some of the following. (This is not an all-inclusive list, just some examples of what I remember) Carry small items Undo locks Deliver messages Scout/look for enemies Distract opponents However, I was thinking that it might be possible for a spren with a high enough bond to produce a Blade to form a blade while not directly in the hands of a radiant. While it is true that there would be no radiant there to swing the Blade, a spike or an ax forming right above a target's head might be enough to kill them. Now that I have put this idea out there, somebody pull out a WOB saying that I am an idiot for even thinking of this.
  5. theory

    One of the heralds with the surge of division is a great bet. My personal theory however was it was one of the Dawnshards. However, I have absolutely no proof.
  6. I was also thinking about real world uses for the Metalic arts. Not Cadmium Alomancy, but Copper Feruchemy. Theoretically, you should be able to store your memories of a books ending in your coppermind, and then proceed to reread that book and be shocked by the ending all over again, thus making it much easier to wait for new books as you can keep enjoying the old ones just as when you first discovered them.
  7. Are we sure that is Adolin on the back? I thought Adolin was supposed to have blond hair with a bit of black, not silver. Did I miss something?
  8. @GudThymes good point. I hadn't thought about that. Have an upvote!
  9. Mistborn spoilers
  10. A simple way to make it powered, but not totally reliant on lashings would be towould be to just replace the chills in the current set up with boulders that could be lashed sideways as many times as needed to achieve the desired speed. Of course, this would not be nearly as efficient as just having a half dozen Windrunners flying around lashing the bridge directly. Which brings up the question, why didn't they do that? Are the fabrials that they are currently using more stormlight efficient? Is the amount of stormlight consumed really an issue with Dalinar on board? What do you guys think?
  11. As much as I hope this doesn't happen, my bet is that we have Gavilar's cognitive shadow floating around somewhere and he will end up possessing somebody and being Odium's champion.
  12. I don't have the book in front of me but isn't there a scene in Oathbringer where Dalinar is hiding the Jezrien's Honor Blade in the piping of Urithiru and remarks that it doesn't have a gemstone?
  13. "I will protect those who have been forgotten" Just think about Kaladin becoming an Edgedancer from a surge standpoint at least. Kaladin would be able to control the amount of air resistance during his flight which could lead to some insane maneuvers or just plain old ignoring terminal velocity which could help with lashing to travel long distances. If Kaladin became an Edgedancer he would also be able to heal and possibly revive all the people he failed to protect, which could help him cope with having failed.
  14. I just got my copy last night, and after doing a few solid read throughs of the rules, I have a two questions. In co-op mode, with the adversary quest "Contest of Champions" there is the option for players to choose to side with Odium. What happens if every single player decides to join Odium? Also, I could not find anywhere in the rules that anyone who has the "Odium's Champion" destiny card, MUST side with Odium if given the chance. Does this mean that theoretically, you could play a game where three knights radiant choose to side with Odium, and Odium's own champion is the only one who has to try to fight him at the end? Cause if that could happen, that is just plain hilarious.
  15. Do we have any idea about a release date?