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  1. Rhythm of War spoilers ahead. Odium's deal with Dalinar says that if Dalinar's champion loses, Dalinar has to become an agent of Odium in the Cosmere. This might happen, but if it does, I think this won't end with Dalinar re-embracing brutality forever, so I suspect that it won't happen at all. Why? Because Brandon Sanderson's son is named Dallin. He is 12 years old now, about old enough to start reading the Stormlight books and noticing that a cool character has a name like his. Maybe Brandon did that intentionally. Maybe not. Either way, I bet this will be meaningful to the young lad. Would Brandon turn his son's special character into an evil monster forever? I think not. Dalinar will not be a brutal monster in the end.
  2. Where can I find out when a Brandon livestream is scheduled?
  3. Is Shardcast delayed? I thought they came out every Sunday. Why didn’t we get a Shardcast Sunday May 1?
  4. Interesting thoughts, but Brandon Sanderson doesn't like the ending of Groundhog Day, because the world became less magical, and he is generally opposed to worlds becoming less magical. So I don't think he's going to remove access to Investiture.
  5. Some people have theorized that some of our Radiants will replace the current Heralds and re-forge the Oathpact. If so, I have a disturbing suspicion: Kaladin will eventually become the only Herald who doesn't break (he might break during the next few Desolations, but not later), and the other new Heralds will eventually be tempted to pin the whole Oathpact on Kaladin, as the original Heralds pinned it on Taln. I know, Kaladin has tried to give up before, but that is because he is more tormented than most Radiants. He would go to Braize with a lot more experience bearing up under suffering than the others.
  6. It's official. I need Stormlight 5 NOW. What the heck, Brandon. It's not fair when you taunt us with previews. Other authors, filmmakers, etc., okay. They can make previews. But this stuff is driving me nuts. He's too good for previews. Someone needs to make a law.
  7. It’s official. I NEED Stormlight 5 now. NOW. And I need Secret Project 4 now too. I’m like an addict. I have to read them, and I have to know what happens.
  8. Shallan's name seems like a combination of Shalash and Nalan, the Heralds of the Lightweavers and the Skybreakers. If Chanarach is Shallan's mother, she may have named Shallan after two of her friends. So we can wonder, why those two? And why didn't she (as far as I can tell) name any of her sons after Heralds? Do Shallan's brothers really share her mother? It's supposed to be difficult for Heralds to have children, isn't it? Does it say they all have red hair? Red hair is an unusual genetic trait (at least on planet earth) so it might be odd for them all to have red hair if they have different mothers. Is red hair common among Vedens?
  9. It occurs to me that "I am alone" probably won't be one of his truths now, because he has Design for company.
  10. When will the Rock novella come out? The Coppermind doesn’t say, but given that it’s supposed to come out before Stormlight 5, a publication date seems overdue.
  11. I have won 75% of shardles even though I had no knowledge of any of the Cosmere words that were the solutions by using the following strategy: For my first 5 guesses I write ADIEU, STORM, FLACK, WHANG, and BEVVY. Then I look at where the yellow letters can possibly be placed, and for my last guess I write in possible letter combinations but do NOT hit enter if the letters glow red or yellow (indicating a non-word or a non-Cosmere word respectively). When I find a permutation that doesn’t glow red or yellow I hit enter, and voila! I win. (Usually.)
  12. Renarin has been conformed to be autistic, I believe. It might be that becoming a Radiant neither left his autistic meltdowns intact nor cured him of them. Getting too much sensory input seems like the sort of think you could compensate for with stormlight. Even if autism isn't a disease, or is too connected to his self-perception, why would brain overload be any different from muscle overload? Doesn't stormlight prevent sore muscles? Autism makes you take in a lot more sensory information than neurotypicals do, right? So imagine a physical thing somehow that made you lift a lot more weight than other people did. Stormlight couldn't give you unlimited strength, but it could repair your muscles in real time, effectively making you somewhat stronger, and making you not be impaired when someone drops a large weight in your arms, whereas before, you'd have been temporarily disabled by the experience. I imagine autistic meltdowns might be similar. I have been diagnosed with "autistic traits." The psychologist couldn't decide if I had autism or not. I have sensory sensitivity issues, and I have anxiety/OCD attacks that are sometimes triggered by sensory overload. I don't think I've ever had an autistic meltdown, and I'm not an expert on the subject.
  13. Thanks, viengua. If someone who has experience with seizures could comment too, I would appreciate that. People are saying it's been confirmed to be epilepsy. But confirmed by who? I think people in-world believe it's epilepsy (under a different name). I think Renarin's doctors have diagnosed him with epilepsy. But if I understood Kaladin's thoughts about it, he thought there was something odd about the descriptions he'd heard of Renarin's fits, and I'm assuming Kaladin understands "fits" to mean epileptic seizures, as Renarin has been diagnosed with them.
  14. Maybe the words are, “I will take up the ‘stone’ of leadership.” Eh.
  15. Maybe it's a shard steed. Kaladin would love that. I guess there is a small chance of that. The Ryshadium could be their descendants, hybridized with regular horses. I don't think it's likely. I mean, what would be the point for the orders that can fly? Maybe it's the ability to make your shardblade appear anywhere and move around by itself. That would make a Radiant almost impossible to defend against. We already have shardplate appearing on various people around Kaladin. What if he could make a shardblade appear in various places, maybe even miles away from him?