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  1. goody153 Is Trell trying to obliterate Scadrial? Not just to control it? And I am having trouble communicating about modesty because modesty is typically used to mean wearing non-sexualizing clothes, but modesty means, well, the opposite of ostentatious, basically. But I can't just say I don't mean dressing non-sexually, because shocking and arousing people by wearing sexualizing clothes is a form of ostentation, in a way. In any case, I'm not referring to chastity. I'm thinking of a shard who, if he were a mere human, would be a very good practitioner of Austrism.
  2. Also, I doubt Trell is any shard who's vessel we know the name of, because if Trell isn't the name of a new shard it's probably the name of the vessel, given that the metal is called trellium (wait, is it?) and Atium is named after Ati while Harmonium is named after Harmony. That rules out Odium.
  3. Slimy Slider, I don't mean that Brandon meant the god-metal, I mean that he meant Trell from Trelagism (and from White Sands, come to think of it).
  4. Calderis, that's a strong argument, but one could also argue that we knew the shard from Bleeder's metal, namely, the shard Trell aka Modesty, which is known to us because Sazed talked about it, etc.
  5. John203, Has Brandon said so? If not, why do you say so?
  6. The end of the Reckoners series (spoilers, obviously). It ended without giving the readers a good long look at Prof in his normal healthy state. Instead of fan servicing his fans, Brandon fan serviced his main character, who got to go hang out with his dad while we fans were longing to see what the whole last book was fighting toward: Prof as himself again. At least that's how it seemed to me. Yes, I know, he saved David. But we get like a sentence out of him there. Afterward, we only see the back of his head. I was ridiculously upset after the end.
  7. In the old, pre-Lord Ruler religion centered on him he was supposed to be the god of night, right? And his showy brother was god of the day. But his followers loved his humble ways more than those of his brash brother. Trell works quitely. Whereas Ruin and Preservation had a full-blown war in full view of everyone, Trell moves quietly in the background. His (ostensible) followers in The Set do too. It may be that in Warbreaker the god Austre is actually Trell. Austre seems to have very little connection to Endowment, and Austre teaches his followers to share Trell's quiet, self-effacing ways. So Trell is the shard Modesty (that is, opposite of ostentatiousness). Do you agree?