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  1. There's a thing that bothers me is that the content pages "Savant" and "Babsk" belongs to the category "terminology". This is odd because "Terminology" is a subcategory of disambiguation pages and should only include redirects. But since a lot of content pages can belong to terminology, too, it would be nice to find a separate place for these non-disambiguating terminology pages. My suggestion is to change the current "terminology" into "teminology redirects" and put the content pages in a separate category "terminology". This is Joe ST on that. However, I realized that there might be too many pages that can fit into the category Terminology, like Allomancy, Investiture, Lifeless, etc. Perhaps the efforts to put all these pages into a category will not be so useful? Please leave some thoughts on this.
  2. The different types of infobox templates( {{location}} {{magic}} {{character}} etc. ) should mean different things, but they look exactly the same if you don't open the edit page. These types give the reader a basic idea of what the article is about, and helps the reader to understand faster. Is there a way to directly show the name of the template?
  3. All the annotation ref for Warbreaker {{annotation ref|wb|1}} is broken and can only lead to the homepage of Brandon's website. (see coppermind page "BioCromatic Breath" ref [2] for example) Is is the annotation ref template that needs to be fixed?
  4. The page Leras states that the bargain between Ruin and Preservation is that Preservation gets Scadrial and Ruin gets to destroy it. But I thought anything other than humans on Scadrial is neutral, neither of Ruin nor of Preservation, so the bargain should only include humans. Can someone familiar with this area help write it?
  5. I have read almost every work of Brandon, except the newer ones. Cosmere from Elantris to SA2, along with the short stories. (I like emperor's soul a lot!) Other works are Alcatraz, Reckoners, Rithmatist, Legion1,2. I am very fascinated by the vast and enormous stuffs, such as the Three Body Problem, so I loved the concept of the Cosmere very much. I would really like to see the rise and end of this incredible story.
  6. All three books in the series of Remembrance of the Earth's Past are greatness. If you think the first is expanding your mind, the sequels will let you see through the time and space of the entire universe.
  7. Hi, I'm [[User:Alicila]], and I've been quite active on the Coppermind recently. I think I would get around a bit, to know more about Brandon's great works. By the way, the best fiction I've ever read is the Three Body Problem. Such beauty is truly unseen anywhere else.