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  1. Last visited 36 minutes ago?

    Hey dude. ^_^

  2. I have an important announcement. Some of you may not be ready to handle the news I am about to give you, so to soften the blow, I've put it in the least frightening format possible. 

    *deep breath*

    Here goes. (Don't say I didn't warn you...:unsure:):


    Everyone, Book04Cover-2.thumb.jpg.77dc4990916acf1c03884b016f4aceb4.jpg



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    2. Rebecca


      Because bean isn’t active on the Shard anymore, and I can’t actually wish him a happy birthday.

    3. RayOfSunshine


      aww this is sad

    4. The Last Post
  3. I still do. *looks at the time* I have to go now.
  4. Because I'm gone?
  5. *just smiles*
  6. *soothes that*
  7. I had to.
  8. *turns into AJ*
  9. Thanks for sparing me! I am rather fond of life. WaffIes
  10. I loved the KR episodes.
  11. Oh shoot. I'm rusty. Please don't burn me! I thought we were friends!
  12. With no episode? I think that Eric's sick. @Ooktapus The Fierce!
  13. Hello! I come occasionally. Just to group messages and shard cast though.