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  1. Shard Moash severs the constitution’s soul and fires the Congress. Best Hoid make all the decisions
  2. I understand that you guys work super hard on alleyverse things. If there is anything I can do to ease your burden, I’ll do it.
  3. Boathouse
  4. Okay, you're in! Thanks for participating!
  5. Great! Can I get a copy of his bio here?
  6. Cool! Take an upvote!
  7. What i've found is that threads normally have mingling conversations. While in character PMs generally stay in character. I've been involved in 2 assassination attempts in the past 3 weeks so I should know
  8. @Voidus, @AonEne, @Some Mod, you should put her in the confusing PM.
  9. Shard Death Star VIII, Anti all anti Shard Death Star Thing Thing, and Shard Moash come to spam the chat.
  10. TLPW will win. Unless we want to ally our forces together and spam this thread, making it the longest and passing the questions.