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  1. Yes! I will be ant! Thank you for the Christmas goal.
  2. I just got back to the Shard, and I have no idea if you'll ever see this, but I'm making this to pester you.

    Hope your life is going well! We had good times man.

    1. beantheboy12



    2. Ark1002
    3. Jaywalk


      Can't argue with you there.

      I'm a sucker for Aaravos's silky smooth voice.

  3. Last visited 36 minutes ago?

    Hey dude. ^_^

  4. I have an important announcement. Some of you may not be ready to handle the news I am about to give you, so to soften the blow, I've put it in the least frightening format possible. 

    *deep breath*

    Here goes. (Don't say I didn't warn you...:unsure:):


    Everyone, Book04Cover-2.thumb.jpg.77dc4990916acf1c03884b016f4aceb4.jpg



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    2. beantheboy12
    3. beantheboy12


      Thank you guys!

    4. Rebecca


      Hey bean! Happy late birthday! Hope you had a good one. :D

  5. I still do. *looks at the time* I have to go now.
  6. Because I'm gone?
  7. *just smiles*
  8. *soothes that*
  9. I had to.
  10. *turns into AJ*
  11. Thanks for sparing me! I am rather fond of life. WaffIes
  12. I loved the KR episodes.