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  1. Ryoko, Ejder, or Ejda
  2. Hello Please don't accept cookies from the DA
  3. Hello Please do not accept cookies from the DA
  4. Hello
  5. Hello
  6. Hello Please do not take cookies from the DA
  7. Hello Just so you know, it can be very dangerous to accept any food. From anyone
  8. Hello
  9. Hi, and what's you're favorite book
  10. I plan on reading the second mistborn series next. My favorite books were the stormlight archive
  11. That's hard to say. Maybe Syl though I like Vin too
  12. I'm new three! Welcome to both of you.
  13. I agree with Silva. I still don't understand why the Vorin church did that.
  14. Hi I'm new here. I've read the Stormlight archive, the first Mistborn series, and Elantris. I'm really excited because I've read a couple discussions and it was really interesting.