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  1. @SarcasticRaven The forest of hands and teeth is such a good book, but there aren’t many people who’ve read it. Have you started it already?
  2. If you are looking for darker books, I could recommend reading 'Shatter Me' by Tahereh Mafi. I don't know if there is a happy ending, because i haven't read the last book, but it is a darker setting (dystopian) with a kind of dark female protagonist. But it's YA and romance is involved. It doesn't fit your request perfectly, but I do know what you are looking for because I loved The Young Elites myself and it was the best I could think of right now.
  3. Hey

    I’m a med student from Germany. Whenever I see the page count of all the books I’m a bit overwhelmed.. if they are all as good as mistborn I don’t know how I’ll ever do something else until I’m done with all his books.
  4. Hey

    I’m just really excited to get to know the Cosmere and everything there is. There are just so many books to choose from.. Opening and ending! I loved both.
  5. Hey

    I think Cadmium will appear later, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind!
  6. Hey

    I was already thinking about reading era 2 after Hero of Ages, because these are the ones I already bought. So I think I’ll do that. Thank you! As a metal I think I’d choose Zinc or Tin. In my opinion they are the most useful ones. Also they aren’t that obvious like Steel or Iron.
  7. Hey

    I haven‘t been here that long, but trying to take my Breath (at least I think that’s what it‘s called?) won‘t work. Favorite Character: Vin, I just love the character development and how she thinks. (I‘m also a big fan of Zane, even though that doesn't seem to be a popular opinion) Least Favorite: Yeden, he was just way too whiny. All in all, I really like the whole series. I have been in a bit of a reading slump, but Mistborn got me out of it. Although I‘m pretty sure that there are different books by Brandon Sanderson which I‘ll like even more. But I‘m not sure if I should continue on with the next Mistborn era or start another Cosmere series after Hero of Ages...
  8. Hey

    Hey from Europe, just wanted to introduce myself. I‘m pretty new to everything here, actually including all of the books. I just read the first two Mistborn books and started Hero Of Ages two days ago, but I‘m already obsessed, so I just wanted to introduce myself here rather early. I hope to finish some more books until the end of the year (which will be a big challenge, while dealing with university). I really didn’t think that there would be such a big community behind all of this, but that is even better. I already have a couple of questions about the mistborn eras and similar things, so I‘m glad to dive right into all the topics in this forum. So, I hope you‘ll deal with me, trying my best to get through the books as soon as possible and then discussing them here. I also wanted to apologize if my english may not be perfect, but I‘m trying my best.