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  1. With regard to the Devotion/Dominion intent, I think the discussing between Raoden and Sarene where she apologizes for thinking he was a tyrant, he says "well I kind of am," and she forcefully asserts that he couldn't be a tyrant because the people love him is a pretty good frame for understanding the intent behind Dominion and Devotion as it comes to obeying/worshipping monarchs/deities. (Don't have the book on me but happy to look for this quote later if requested.)
  2. Hahaha, omg, I wish I had noticed that re 16th post. The Cosmere's at it again.
  3. I read Elantris after Mistborn 1 trilogy, so curious, I divided by 16. It's 42.
  4. Yeah. I think we have a shot after Stormlight 4 - we know he doesn't like writing Stormlight back to back. So in the gap year, it seems like Rithmatist sequel, Skyward 3, and WW4 are the likely candidates. I don't see him going from outline to editing on all three of those in one year... Hopefully WW4 isn't the casualty. I also think it's highly unlikely that WW4 is put off until after Mistborn 3, because we need continuity with the characters who continue through.
  5. Thanks Diamond, welcome to you too!
  6. I forgot about that rule! Good point. So lifeless do have some "personhood" left that regular Awakened objects don't. Which I guess is why Kalad's Phantoms are bones encased in statue and not just statues.
  7. Isn't "lifeless arm" vs "Awakened arm" a false dichotomy? If skele lifeless can be lifeless, we don't need a brain - so an Awakened arm seems like it could certainly be called a Lifeless arm, because we see it as human. Based on Clod, Identity is still a factor in Awakening - Clod was awakened (presumably? Do we know when he was awakened?) close enough to his death that his body still regarded itself as Clod, and not a corpse. But after a while, the Identity of the corpse becomes "a corpse." So, if what Awakening does is convince the object to adopt a new Identity, then I can see why it makes sense that a chimera and a Frankstein's monster are both a hodgepodge of stuff that is difficult to convince to be all one thing. But, Awakening also becomes easier when things are shaped like the caster (somewhere there's a WoB about how a dog race would have to make things dog-shaped to Awaken) - which means the Identity it's adopting is invariably your own, which is why you can ascribe your intent to the object. So, it would be a lot harder to make a chimera adopt your human-shape Identity than a Frankenstein's monster. (Unless you are a chimera, of course.)
  8. My head canon casting tends to include a lot of animated characters as well as live action, so for the characters I've already cast in my head as live action actors: Denth - Jerome Flynn Tonk Fah - Andre the Giant I picture Scoot as Henry VIII, but he's probably unavailable.
  9. Granted, but the release gets pushed back several times and by the time it comes out you have an even better shard idea. I wish for the ability to find any book quote or WoB without much effort.
  10. I think Kelsier is just always looking for his next adventure, and isn't ready to quit yet. (Ironically, this strikes me as a very Hoid-like personality trait.)
  11. He's on a clock of a few years to finish SA4&5, because Moshe's retiring soon and wants him to finish the front half of SA before he goes. So we should be pretty solid with SA being on time, at least.
  12. So glad this got necro'd, I knew this existed but not how to find it. Re "what you lost," I wonder if this is related to the saving the city plot referenced in the first chapter of Liar of Partinel? I want to be sentimental and think "what you lost" is about a person (Brandon's confirmed that Hoid has had love interests), but I think it would have been phrased differently if it were a person. (Unless it's meant to be very, very ambiguous... Which I'm sure it is... Gah!) I imagine this loss is a side-effect of the shattering, or something that happened around that time. Hoid did not seem to actively try to prevent the shattering, since he seems friendly with some of the vessels and he was offered a chance at vessel-hood.
  13. Thanks Invocation! Welcome to you as well, Peleki! And haha, this particular friend hasn't gone as deep as we ended up going But the mutual friend who got HER into it is a full on Sharder.
  14. Do atium and lerasium even exist at this point, since Brandon has confirmed that if Sazed dropped his shard, it would drop as Harmony, not Ruin and Preservation? So theoretically, they shouldn't have separate bodies/powers any longer? (Much like the WoB on the Dor being all one substance, not a mix of small particles of Dominion and Devotion?) I guess we'll learn more in The Lost Metal.
  15. After centuries of being Mistborn, one would think TLR would have spent the relatively little time necessary to attain savant-hood in every metal. If Spook can up his powers to the level he did in a year or two, how much more so TLR in a thousand years (especially given his Sliver status)? I imagine nicrosil would not have been useful enough to him to balance the risk of introducing that into the Empire.