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  1. "Sprengsel." I didn't trust my eyes when I discoverd that. I will be in Bonn anyway but maybe I will listen to the english part via Audible while they are reading in german ;-) Anyway, I think I will have to accustom myself to all the german "translations" for shardblade, spren, brightlord, highprince, Hearthstone etc. because I'm still trying to bring some "german-only" friends into the Cosmere. @Pattern I'm already imagining myself going round whispering at random people "Pattern!?"
  2. @Nivallo and @Pattern Obviously there are more SA fans within reach than I thought I will be in Bonn, too. If anyone is interested in meeting / having a cup of coffee before the event - just raise a hand.
  3. Hello and thank you for welcoming me! I didn't get everything you wrote about - but I will try to figure it out ;-) By the way: I'm totally ok with spoilers. That never ruined a good story for me. Lift would like a cookie. With some sirup. :-D I thought that the outfit didn't really fit regarding the other depictions. Maybe someone was taken by fantasy ;-) ___ Edited for typos.
  4. That' imposible to answer... I even was sad when Sadeas vanished ;-)
  5. I'd like to share some thoughts concerning plant growth/food supply on Roshar: In WOR I-1 Eshonai says (to Venli) "We won. (...) The gemheart is ours. We will continue to eat." Does she refer to the practice of the Listerners (as mentioned in WOR I-4) "... rockbuds ... encouraged to grow quickly by use of stormlight infused gems."? Is it a gift from Cultivation to the Listerners? Apparently only the Listeners know how to do it. Around Hearthstone at least this technique isn't known. But how does it work? Just by placing infused gemstones between rockbuds? How does the stormlight connect with the rockbuds? Is the cognitive realm involved? Is there more to that "cultivation-technique"? Parshendi do not soulcast, as Navani states in WOR and when Eshonai describes Narak there's no hint of Soulcasting either. I don't remember it exactly, but in OB they try to grow plants in Urithiru. They still don't know that technique, right? Could Shen/Rlain as a Listener help with it? Is it bound to a form? If only the Listerners have access to that technique, where there Listeners among the inhabitants of Urithiru before the Recreance, managing the "food supply chain" with help of the big fabrial? And some more thought: Venli bonded Timbre in OB so she will be an KR. Was it that way before the Recreance? Where there Parsh among the KR? Probably it's a big RAFO - but maybe there are some more thoughts or even knowledge out there ;-)
  6. Hello everyone, last year a benevolent fantasyspren brought me to SA and as there was always another story I hopped along the cosmere with eyes wide open. (Eyes can not be open enough as I discover still new connections.) More Sanderson was required, so: Skyward was fun and Legion - amazing. Currently I'm into my first reread of SA (finished WOR) taking notes as recommended by Jasnah herself: One notebook for everything that seems noteworthy and a second with the notes that seem really important. So I'm on my way to scholarship. Finally - neither school nor university could implement that habit so far ;-D Order: Edgedancer I live in Europe and look forward to meet Sanderson himself one day in a bookstore not too far away. Hopefully with a good question at hand ;-)