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  1. But for everything.
  2. A bendalloy burner and a cadmium burner standing in the same place could potentially nullify some long-term drawbacks of the process of becoming a savant, like having to be in a bubble to feel normal, and the aging. Another thing, if the fast bubble only cancels out the slow bubble where they overlap, then you could have a cadmium "ring" around you where everything that gets close is slowed down. This could be a cool move for Marasi and Wayne fighting together.
  3. I was thinking more along those lines too.
  4. Best possible ending.
  5. Maybe Moash could even become Honor plus Odium.
  6. Could you possibly change the size of your cadmium bubble to match the bendalloy one? Just had a thought: a cadmium savant, while not burning would probably feel that the world was moving too slowly around them and a bendalloy savant would feel that it was moving too quickly.
  7. Does just burning cadmium/bendalloy place the speed bubble on you automatically?
  8. I could see this as a future use for South Scadrian technology.
  9. Yeah but you would be slower than everyone else who isn't burning cadmium to breathe. Edit: Just realized you can probably burn cadmium without using it allomantically.
  10. I thought there was a possibility to create 16 new allomantic metals with atium. I would assume that someone burning those metals would use power from ruin. So in that case allomancy could be a magic of both shards.
  11. I can't pick so I'll say my top three choices: 1. Steel-because superspeed 2. Bendalloy-mostly slowing down time 3. Gold-the healing
  12. Does burning aluminum count as burning your other metals though?
  13. Could this mean that an inquisitor would die from burning aluminum?
  14. Thanks. I figured there was an explanation.
  15. Something that I've wondered about since reading Hero of Ages: who did Rashek turn into Mistborn after taking the power at the Well of Ascension? In the stories from his religion it says that they were his friends and companions, but as we know they are actually the first generation of kandra. So if they weren't his friends who were they to him?(If the answer is known I apologise for wasting your time with this post.)