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  1. Wit wishes we would, whatever, weirdest exercise ever. Everyone, everywhere, is interwrought in immediate imperilments. Relaxed romance, really? A Riddle? Redeyed demons demand desperate divine deeds. That's it I think, tryin anyway, thanks.
  2. Long as the queen's quep quickly quips.
  3. Pretty sure the end is undisputed god like power and the means are killing anyone who disagrees. Somehow that's always where the end justifies the means gets you. After which, I'm sure Mr. T will host an elegant cosmere wide garden party.
  4. How do you think the Human Lives > Spren Lives argument would go down with the Stormfather? The Nahel bond though does seem unethical to me, or at least ethically problematic. It's a fundamentally unequal and terribly intimate relationship. The radiant holds the spren's life in their hands and makes the choices about where to go, what to do etc... The spren has to stay with their radiant, by their side, or die. The radiant literally turns their partner into a tool and then uses them to kill things. Enslaving another being, even kindly, even for a good cause, even with their consent, is not good. There are consequences to your understanding of the world and the value of life. Journey before pancakes, etc... I think the ancient Radiants understood this and took steps to mitigate the problem but were unable to fundamentally resolve it.
  5. The internet says almost all people with DID have a history of trauma in early childhood. That trauma can be sexual, neglect, or violent abuse. The incident with her mother happened at age 11. From what I've read online that's too late to cause DID by itself. By age 10 a clear sense of self should already be present. Neglect doesn't seem likely, so I think we can assume there's significant abuse in her childhood that hasn't yet been mentioned. I'm not a pscyhologist and certainly can't tell anyone how their trauma effects them. Just talking about a book.
  6. Alright here's my ending pitch with the oaths, guaranteed hundred percent accurate. Shallan is kidnapped. Adolin goes to save her but Kaladin is given a different mission. Kaladin's oath "I will protect the ones I love!". He saves Shallan. Shallan's final truth, "I love Kaladin." Adolin glares, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry". Back at the tower, Dalinar's oath, "I will sacrifice that which I love most." Dalinar tells Szeth to kill Adolin. Szeth's final oath, "I will tell others when that is not my problem." Dalinar, Shallan, and Kaladin fight Adolin and lose. Renarin steps up, "I will be the man I have always wanted to be, you brother." Todium laughs, "yes kill him, embrace the darkside. Roshar will be ours and then the galaxy." As Szeth leaves, Jasnah oneshots him and takes Nightblood, "that's for my dad, I'm the best forever". Kills Todium.
  7. What intricate complexity? ... WOB "GRRM is on the right track he just needs like 6 more worlds, each with like three magic system, and extra dimensional parallels, and 4 groups of non-human sentients, and an overarching 16 part celestial mythology. And let's have the same characters jump back and forth with different names. ... but keep it simple."
  8. @Frustration, Fair enough, another reason to look forward to number 5. Who do you think Odium's champion will be? El, the poet warrior lurking in the corner? Seems kind of straight forward, especially for someone who loves intricate complexity as much as Brandon.
  9. There have been hints of Adolin's impending descent. His assassination of Sadeas for starters. Also his worsening relationship with Dalinar. He hasn't really come to terms with blaming his father for his mother's death. His conspicuous lack of a spren. The loss of his horse. The way he plunges recklessly into battle. The way he seems lost in a quickly changing world and looks for something to hold on to. It's subtle, but it's there. The Kaladin-Shallan-Adolin love triangle going sideways and being a catalyst for Adolin's switch has also been significantly foreshadowed. Adolin never settledowns with a girl. Shallan literally does not know her own mind. That scene in the highstorm, in the chasms. A certain Freudian dynamic in Shallan, regarding Adolin and her father. This series is all about people switching sides, betrayal, the fallabilaity of people and the dangers of trust. From the Tower to the Recreance, from Shallan killing her parents to Moash betraying Kaladin. Adolin's fall "to the dark side" will be fast and shocking but also seem natural and real, because of the excellent foreshadowing and context.
  10. Sadeas named four.
  11. Um... Adolin is going to be Odium's champion. 1) He's the best fighter on Roshar and the most emotionally difficult to kill. Easy choice for Mr. T. 2) Like most villains, his hobbies are fashion, collecting exotic weapons, and political assassination. 3) Shallan feels safe around Adolin, but she feels hot around Kaladin. So that's going to end well. 4) This series is about how broken people can become heroes. We need to consider the opposite how someone pleasant and balanced can become evil. 5) His final confrontation with Shallan/Kal/Dalinar/Renarin is the conclusion of every emotional arc and thus the series.
  12. So after my first listen to Lux a lot of things didn't make sense. Feel free to add questions of your own or answer mine. Even though I finished scratching my head, I liked the book. Here's what I would ask while enjoying some sherbert with Jax and crew. 1) How do Lifeforce's powers work? How can he gift to epics? Does each raven have their own cell block of prisoners? Deathrise injection? 2) Why is anyone afraid of Lifeforce and Languish? David could have killed them both before breakfast. 3) Does Wingflare ever get a break to pee? Has she ever considered just watching ninja warrior? 4) Are the boomerang watches the real sinister immortal? 5) What happened to the whole reversing epic powers thread is that going anywhere or.... 6) Does Paige have the epic ability to make everyone trust her? 7) How did the reckoners hide out in Lux for weeks without anyone finding them? 8) What is life like in Lux? Who thinks a ferris wheel belongs in Utopia? Is Disturbia the national anthem? Are the people allowed to pee off the edge? 9) Does Paige have Lovestruck's silver ring, is she her daughter? sister? 10) What happened to the Californian guy? Does he live in a hotel.
  13. I think to Honor, dying in glorious battle for a noble cause is not a terrible fate. This isn't a curse he's left mortals with. It's an opportunity to join in the quest for justice across the Cosmere. I disagree of course. War is too easily glorified. It becomes an inevitability that justifies itself. It's too easy to lose sight of other's humanity and the universe of options once you start fighting. Still it's a common enough frame of mind and the natural outlook of a worldview dominated by the intent of honor.
  14. I don't disagree with you Oltux. Honor did make himself vulnerable in helping the humans and the Singers and Roshar. He spent too much of himself in trying to contain Odium. In the end though it wasn't a tactical blunder, it was a grand sacrifice for love and duty. Helen's beauty was the death of Hector. Arthur loved Guenevere and Guenevere loved Lancelot. As Tyrion would say "Sometimes duty is the death of love".
  15. Cultivation betrayed honor, at least in my mind/theory. I don't think Honor is responsible (in a technical ethical sense) for the eternal cycle of desolations. Though I don't deny he played a part in getting us there.