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  1. The next secret announcement: Brandon is writing a new book! On paper! Readers can buy it in 'bookstores'. It will come out next year and pick up where his last book ended. Swag will be provided for all pirates. Boxes sold seperately.
  2. We are depleting stores of water. I think that the true spren are supposed to naturally bond greatshells and elevate them to a final form.
  3. I think the recreance was radical environmentalism. Spren and stormlight are tied to the natural eco-system of roshar, the radiants were depleting them. They realized they were an invasive species and like the stormfather said "tried to protect the world".
  4. He could regret his choices, see that he was wrong. I think he already does. What he can't do is undo what he did. He's redeemable but not forgivable. He can never again eat stew among friends. He might hope for a good death, to die trying to make ammends.
  5. Ivory is Jasnah's spren, my mistake. Some people have suggested Jasnah is utilitarian and logical. I see Jasnah as emotional. Consider how she treats Shallan. Not interested goodbye, I was so worried about you, I'll never forgive you, marry my cousin, alright let's practice note taking, congratulations sister. People can be both emotional and intelligent. Jasnah seems wildly out of control to me.
  6. Kora reached out and felt the feeble grasps of Taravangian's dying mind. An interesting creation, a lovely work of contrasts. "All flowers grow pale and fall away, my son. We all must change even me." She touched the power. Such heat, "what are the passions of a man compared to the passions of a God?" Kora had experienced countless lives and she felt them all. Ecstasy! Every love, every loss, every joy, every HATE. It burned, Rayse, Tanavast, neither had ever cared for her, never truly known her, never seen her. And this world, none of them appreciated the beauty of it. The endless, impossible, life around them. They hunted her children. They shattered the very lands she had so lovingly wrought! And the outsiders, the interlopers, the pests. Emissarys of lesser Gods sent to peck and meddle and steal from her garden! Cephandrius schemed to unite them against her. Could she confront them, send her creations out to fight and die? She longed to rip them out, to build a mountain of weeds and corpses and cities. Then she saw the way. Her agents would spread from world to world. She need not fight them when she could so easily turn them against each other. She would grow, siphoning off their power, corrupting their intent. She would consume them, people by people. A good garden needs fertilizer. Cancer smiled.
  7. I suppose my point is that vigilantes act in the name of the public without asking the public what they want. Maybe the barmaids and patrons of the Ralinsa want a trial, maybe they want restorative justice rather than retribution. I don't know. You're right Pathfinder. I can only speak for myself. Jasnah doesn't know either though. Just like she doesn't know what those men's stories were or what might have happened if she let them live.
  8. There's all this talk about how Jasnah is protecting others. As is if everyone else is just helplessly waiting for someone to rescue them. I can protect myself. I am responsible for my own safety. Please don't hurt anyone in my name. Jasnah should worry about herself. What does casually killing people do to a person? It lessens the value of human life, normalizes violence. It haunts a person and makes them fearful and paranoid. It twists a person, steals the joy of life, moment by moment. How long before she starts ordering assassinations or plotting genocide?
  9. In my experience, paranoid people have secrets. We know Jasnah is ruthless. Jasnah would kill all the singers or all the heralds, depending on her mood. Nor is family safe. She is willing to spy on and kill her sister in law and almost kill her cousin. She has the intellect, the disposition towards deceit, the poise and the murderous brutality necessary to be a traitor. She also has an arrogance and certainty; a willingness to make grand moves, great sacrifices, if she believes them necessary. She knows things she isn't sharing with Dalinar. Has Jasnah made a concerted effort to stop Odium. Not in WOK or WOR, her recommendations about the parshmen could have been a cover. I think she knew they wouldn't be taken seriously. In Oathbreaker, she choose to spare Renarin. Pattern said "a traitor is". Perhaps she meant that Sja-anat was a traitor to Odium. We know Odium has been concerned about Sja-anat and her 'children'. We know Renarin helped bring down Rayse. Perhaps that was Sja-anat's plan and Jasnah went to stop it but decided not to. In Rhythm of War she spends most of it away from the fight, interrogating the Heralds, getting close to Wit, consolidating her power. Before the books we know she investigated her father's assassination. She could have discovered things about his plans, how he got access to voidlight. Why hasn't she shared that information with Dalinar? What does she want from the Heralds? What is she keeping from Hoid? All I mean to say is it's possible that she is a traitor. She would need some grand reason, the fate of the cosmere, a better Roshar, the promise she could found a dynasty. I could see her stepping into her father's shoes.
  10. It feels too obvious. We're supposed to believe Maya is getting better because of Adolin's kindness. What if Maya's recovery is part of Odium's plan? Healing Maya might be an excellent step towards recruiting Adolin.
  11. I think he's trying to make a new kind of radiant, ones that are less corruptible.
  12. Kezim and his brothers Ishil and Lamar had been house guards in Vedenar. They stood tall with bright shields bearing the glyphs of Highprince Rajen. That had been 15 years ago. Before the border conflicts with Alethkar. Before Kezim had taken the arrow to his lung, before Ishil had been left half blind from the blow to his head, before Lamar's eyes had burned, before the Blackthorn. Kezim and Ishil had spent what spheres they had saved on the passage to Kharbranth. The surgeons had been true to their word. They had pulled the arrow head from Kezim's chest. They nursed him through the first months of recovery. They gave Ishil herbs to ease the terrible headaches that still plagued him. Then they were discharged, alone, penniless, in foreign land. The ships wouldn't take them. Kezim was prone to coughing fits after a days labor and captains distrusted Ishil's eye. They found work along the docks, guard duty, moving cargo. They made just enough to afford meals and a room in the back of a tavern to share. Kezim could never shake the nightmares. He lay on the ground, blood in his throat, watching the arrows fall around him. There in the distance the demon, gigantic, grey, and always coming closer. The drinking began as a way to let him sleep. Ishil just stopped breathing one night. The ardents were kind. They cleaned him. They spoke about how he was going to fight in the Tranquiline halls. Kezim hoped he could rest first. After that the drinking got worse. By the time Sekir started asking him to look out for valuable cargo being brought in, Kezim spent most days sleeping under the piers a bottle in his hand. He was laying under the pier when he saw her arrive. Kholin, Jasnah Kholin. Almighty she was beautiful. The king himself seemed awed by her. "Those earing,alone could buy a ship." Sekir muttured, clapping Kezim on the back. "Can you meet me for drinks at the tavern tonight. There's someone I'd like you to meet. A captain, a proper soldier, he spoke of work ..."
  13. You're over my head with the linguistics, though I appreciate the depth of your analysis. Here's one thought, Coppermind claims Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor means "I saw a beautiful wet stone that no one is paying attention to, but it was really cool because of the water pattern on it". Let's rewrite the poem as 'a water pattern, unnoticed on a beautiful rock'. Numuhuku might mean water pattern. 'Ula'makai means captain. So I think makai or makia means warrior and makiaki'aia means warrior hiding or warrior unnoticed. Lunamor of course means beautiful rock. Hawiian and Unkalaki cultures have a lot of animism and spirituality, so 'beauty' and 'pattern' probably mean something like blessed and sacred. So my guess is that Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor means both 'a water pattern unnoticed on a beautiful rock' and 'a water blessed warrior hiding a sacred stone'.
  14. Could the radiants build/have built a base on a moon? It's not implausible, particularly if the radiants have a means of transporting a large amount of stormlight. It's a long way, but much shorter than the distance to another planet that the Shanay-im tried. Once there, Stonewards could carve out an underground base quickly. Elsecallers could provide air and supplies. Combined Stonewards and Elsecallers could create interlocking caverns with heavy glass shielding above them. Edgedancers could make a forest bloom in those caverns. With time and effort a self-sustaining eco-system capable of producing food and air could even be created. We know the humans have experience moving between worlds, terraforming, and grand projects. The humans built Urithiru and the floating glass cities on Ashyn. I also think they had a hand in terraforming Shinovar. There could be significant advantages to a moon base, particularly if it could be kept secret. A moon base could be a refuge from both the wars and storms of Roshar. It could also be an excellent place to safe guard precious treasures or knowledge. If you believe as I do that BAM is the corrupted spren of the moon Mishim, then the radiants could have gone to the moon Mishim to capture her. Perhaps she still resides on the moon captured in a gemstone.