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  1. sorry about that.
  2. I noticed bones seem to have a relationship to identity, as we see with Melaan feeling the need to imitate a dog while wearing it's bones and kelseir only being able to come back to life by spiking his skeleton. This connection could be cosmere wide as bloodsealers need bones to create their own skeletals and even need human bones for it to complete certain tasks. Are there perhaps any examples of bones I missed
  3. That would also explain how inquisitors can see non metal objects
  4. My apologies I thought that Axial was derived from axiom and was meant to invoke it like Connection, or Invested. As if Axi were meant tothe fudanmentally basis of reality.
  5. With how Axioms are described we often assume that Axioms are another word for Atom, just like how Cosmere is another universe. Indeed this appears to be basically true, the names of the surges basically prove they are, at least, an equivalent. But do we know the cosmere, unlike our universe, is comprised of more than matter and energy. The atoms of our universe is comprised of electrons, protons, and neutron and held together by the four fundamental forces. What if in the cosmere the fundamental forces were a bit weaker than those in our own, one of the tenets of multiverse theory is unlikely it was for the fundamental to arrange themselves in a way that could support matter even exitsting. If that was the case then something a bit more would be needed, perhaps they would need the four fundamental for forces AND investiture to exist. If this were the case it would explain a few things, for example "why does it take more energy to leave the cognitive realm then to enter it?" entering the cognitive realm is simply realsing the investiture in matter so it enters a state or realm of existence that requires less energy to exist, or "If no one can see axioms how can enough people cognize them for microkinesis to exist?" Axioms have investiture in their very NATURE, so of course they can be manipulated.
  6. This is a thread about tone and theming rather than lore and and theories. I have noticed how peculiar the perspective is in tress and the emerald sea and how similar it is to the works of fiction of C.S. Lewis, to begin: 1.both narrators exist as characters inside the story yet narrate from the outside, (admittedly there is a difference here is that hoid actually appears IN the story, whereas the Narrator in Lewis' stories only exist in the fact he describes the events of his own life) 2.Both narrator's clearly know more than they should, for the sake of the story, yet are not omniscient 3. Both narrators even while knowing the moral of the story intellectually have flaws and opinions of their own, sometimes outright contradicting the lessons of the characters they describe. Startlingly human in their sage-ness. 4. Both narrators see a humorous nature to human nature. Repeatedly both narrators present counter intuitive reasponses to simple stimuli (think King Miraz going to battle specifically because his advisors told him not to, or Laggart being terrified of being forgiven) 5. In the post script Brandon describes his novel as "a fairytale for grownups" a phrase C.S. Lewis himself used to describe his own work, namely the Space Trilogy 6.Finally the piece of evidence I find most convincing. The simple but convincing logic that is present in both. The scene where Tress debates leaving with her parents is very similar to Peter and Susan's discussion with Professor Kirke. Nether hides the apparent contradictions nor confuses with word games they simply analyze the situation through reason. I'm curious as to what you all think, am I reading to much into it, or do you think I hit something?
  7. I have been wondering about how unsealed metal mind medallions work. You see an unkeyed metal minds are able to be used by anyone with the proper investiture, hence the need for a nicrosil metalmind for those who are not the proper ferring. But to be able to tap an unkeyed nicrosil metal mind one would have to be a soulbearer in the first place. Does an unkeyed nicrosil metalmind represent an exception when it comes to Feruchemy or do the medallions use a different method to proverbially ignite the process
  8. or perhaps Scadrial had a moon all along we just never see it due it revolving around at the same rate as it's rotation
  9. I'm wondering if this is one of the reasons Kelsier has a Philologist on his crew, little idiosyncrasies in Connection and language could have huge implications on the history of the world, just look at the Hero Of Ages. Or the profanities of the religion of the god beyond.
  10. It was establised in BOM that if a culture doesn't have a word for something, it does not translate. This is further seen in the term Ralkalast, refering to aluminum not translating to English in the language of the rose empire. Yet when Shai gives her name it translates even if Marasi has no understanding of the word. Is it possible that the word moon still exist in some vestigial form in scadrian like the word hound in axehound. If this is true then perhaps this will give us some clue as to why Kelsier invited a philologist on to his crew.
  11. I've noticed how similar Hoid's encounter with Wayne was Like Kaladin's story of Fleet, upon Wayne and Kaladin telling the story both were eventually put into situation that embodied the story, wayne with the ship, and Kaladin with the fourth Ideal.
  12. I was wondering since Marasi didn't join the Ghostbloods, if she will find her own way into the cosmere. What do you guys think?
  13. all cosmere and his later works
  14. I've almost finished my brandon sanderson catalougue, are there any similar authors that you'd reccomend when I'm finished?
  15. I am unable to address the second point, except to say I think my reasoning is sound and it's possible that the shattering could have exacerbated a certain problem. The first I can say the Odium found a crack, but need Moash to have a Connection to Kaladin. Nevertheless even if my theory is wrong (I also wanted to add bits about how Veil is less able to percieve beauty and hues of color than Shallan, phenomenons link almost exclusively to Breaths and Dawnshards), I think the biggest thing to take away is that Radiants may have damage done to them when their Oath is broken as the Spren they bonded.