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  1. Better quality
  2. Just edited it into my previous post
  3. I don't see why not.
  4. Philosophiend
  5. I miss kaladin...
  6. That last option may have some teeth to it considering most wood on Roshar are soulcast, that soul casting proccess might make the "soul" of the object touch the physical realm just like the inverse of lift touching the cognitive realm. But Stick might be unrelated as he has transceded both mortal and immortal offences. He is a Stick.
  7. I was re-reading Kaladin's spear Kata scene and I was wondering how he felt the spears Identity. Y'know how he felt "the spear knew what it needed to do" and how he felt the need to talk to it like Vasher did with his awakenings? Even light weavers don't interact that way with objects, so why can kaladin do it when we haven't even heard of the Nightwatcher nor Cultivation touch him?
  8. Thanks!
  9. It warmed my heart so much that they named their child after Tien. What kind of spren would he be called Conspirecy spren? Noble spren? Brandon did hint that if bonded the resulting radiant would get one surge from each order.
  10. A shade like this?
  11. Perhaps with a single breathe you could make a clock out of a real, lifeless cuckoo.
  12. The name Chasmling is a misnomer, the breed is neither related to chamfiends nor from the the Shattered plains. It originated from Herdaz, though it's name did not come from there, as a small game hunter to catch prey that ran into crevices in the rock or crem burrows. As more aggresive the hunter was the more likely it was to catch it's quarry the quality was bred to become more and more common among members of their kind until the single greatest thing it was known for was it's infamous temper. The proactive nature of the axehound breed led to the humourous sight of the hound picking fights with creature many times it's size somewhat commonplace, which in turn led to the Herdazians to christen it with a different misnomer: Espik Kincha, or big spikey in the Herdazian language. The breed eventually was introduced to the Alethi near the shattered plains, who were instantly enamored by it's enamoured with how it's courage contrasted it's diminutive dimensions. The furious response to being provoked, along with it's oversized spines and mandibles reminded the alethi of a tiny version of a chasmfiend, hence the name. It is at times given as a gift Alethi boys who are coming-of-age as an object lesson teach them how to control, and harness their passion into a useful purpose. I also edited the drawing a bit to make it clear which parts were which