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  1. It's easily shardplate's biggest weakness.
  2. From the album Best in show

    If you ever have trouble sleeping, try counting axehounds~
  3. Was hope supposed to look like an axehound? If so it would be thematically appropriate, considering how useful they were to humans settling roshar.
  4. *plays rock music*
  5. A recent sketch of a Dustbringer I did, I pretty proud how it turned out. Bonus: I based the the face in the sketch on someone from real life. Try to guess who it is! Hint: He's canadian.
  6. Do you think a careful soulcasting could work? You can't soulcast aluminum, but you can soulcast something INTO aluminum.
  7. Theoretically how tactically useful would an aluminum or aleast aluminum plated thunderclast be? Could such a thing even be possible?
  8. GUYS! I found this AMAZING animation by peu on youtube! He's given me permission to share it! Here it is:
  9. I Drew a Chimera from Shadows of self
  10. I accept the WOB. But I have never seen any indictation that Kandra don't have blood, do you have any evidence to that wise?
  11. When does Hemalurgy not require metal touchin the blood?
  12. Unless the "hang" is literal, it's better than any of the other alternatives one might face when they encounter an inquisitor.
  13. I doubt it's as simple as "catch a Shade with an aluminum net, put it in an aluminum box and release when desired" Nicki Savage was able to return the investiture when she touched it, and that was after he shot the "Shade". where as silver simply destroys a Shade Perhaps it could work if you could trap the shade in some other fashion, Maybe a gemstone could work?
  14. Are you implying that Man That Stole the Map imprisioned a Shade in his weapon Danny phantom style? How would someone go about doing that.
  15. If that is the case, and that then the "Pistol" the opponent pointed at her was most likely a form of invested art from somewhere off world. Additionally what would the metal "Kalkis" in the text be? I'm not sure if they are Hemelurgic constructs, as hemalurgy requires blood.