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  1. Granted but you're prone to forgetting important things on a whim. Leading to all your important memories quickly being eroded. I wish for a megaton of helium.
  2. Seems reasonably likely though i'd imagine the crossing over into the physical realm might attract lesser spren. The mini "perpendicularity" caused by a spren crossing into the physical seems likely to attract lesser spren both due to their relationship with radiant spren and because it's probably easier to feed on things in the physical realm when the realms are closer together. I think it's probably partially a positive feedback loop.
  3. I'm less sure about the stormlight efficiency benefits, it really depends on how efficient knights radiant are with a single bond. If their efficiency is 80% their really isn't much room for improvement. Since efficiency increases with higher levels of bonds i'd expect the efficiency benefits of having two bonds to be significant at the early oaths but small for full radiants. On the subject of resonances do we know if they are limited to interactions between two powers, or whether more than 2 powers can interact. If that is the case with an overlapping surge we could at maximum see 4 resonances.
  4. It may not take much effort to set up the aons around the city which provide a supply of unlimited fresh water, but it takes some effort and doing it displays some consideration. Simpler services like this could get you other things in exchange such as those you listed, and some respect. One extremely valuable service you've omitted is healing. Most other things could be obtained by more costly means but if you need someone to cure you of the plague or fix your broken leg you don't have an alternative to Elantrians. Given how aons used in healing have a tendency to get into the complicated, you would expect that only some Elantrians would be proficient at healing in general or only in healing a particular issue such as fixing bones, whilst other unproficient Elantrians would only be good for fixing scrapes and the like.
  5. Regrettably due to a waning of interest (both on my part and others) i've decided to leave the game. I leave my meager some of eggs to whomever posted after me.
  6. Sure you can, just copy the proposed rule's list from the last post of MetaTerminal and update that. When they take over again they can copy your list. If the thread doesn't dramatically increase in activity i could also govern the thread if you would prefer not to.
  7. I vote against rule 100 I propose the orange rule, this rule's colour can only be orange I retract this rule. I claim the knight on g8 and move it h6. I claim participation eggs. I now have 20 eggs
  8. Hello I'm joining the game I have -10 Eggs Votes for Votes against Animal I propose rule 97. The forgotten naming scheme: All points shall henceforth be called "stygian drops" or "drops". 10 drops will be called a "forgetful water balloon" or "water balloon". 100 drops will be called a puddle. I vote both in favor of The forgotten naming scheme I also vote to strike the forgotten naming scheme. I would also like to propose the actually fair start amendment which amends rule 37 so that new players have a minimum of 0 Eggs.
  9. Granted you are now a void-bringer (you've got the powers your not actually a fused) with the ability to fly, and the metabolism of Lift. The night-watcher seeing you are of the enemy menaces at you. You'd best fly away since you won't be resurrected. I wish that Charity was a crime
  10. So the whole idea of the merging is to produce particles with the properties from two particles. So a quark plus an electron would basically be an electron which interacted through the strong force. Do you intend to deal with contradictory properties for example would your phleptons move at the speed of light or have mass? The names of all the particles both old and new, and the concept are a little confusing. I'd advise you start with something simpler, like dense material where electrons have being replaced with muons. Before talking about varks. Maybe you should attach an appendix with this thing, saying all the particle combinations.
  11. Depends on whether Harmony decides to help out or not. And whether they were able to make nicrosil with impure silicon (I have no idea if that's possible). Wasn't it that there's a margin of error in which burning is less effective and makes you sick. Also silicon like aluminium can be extracted with non-modern methods and was first extracted in pure form in 1823. So Nicrosil could have being made at least in small quantities quite some way back. Though it is surprising given the cost that they discovered the right alloy.
  12. I believe that repaired spirit web is supposed to be like scar tissue. There's not a gaping hole in you but it's still not functioning quite right. Beside we don't know how much investiture it takes to repair a spirit web, maybe it takes a years worth of healing in which case even with perfect healing farming people wouldn't be very practical. So long as you can't make spikes at a silly rate farming people wouldn't be too world breaking, after all spikes can be made through breeding and other op things like compounding exist..
  13. What we fail to consider is that most shardblades are already broken. Being manifestations of non-sentient deadeye spren. This would seem to indicate he can break a shardblade. But can he break something that is broken?
  14. Not to mention that the in-between of preserving and destroying is not stasis. We haven't seen shards with intents related to making things how they used to be so if Adnoalsium was causing stasis it wasn't due to it's intent. Furthermore actions like letting most humanoids interbreed (singers and humans can mate) seem to also indicate stasis was not Adnoalsium's goal. As for recombining the remaining shards that seems unlikely. Even if some want the shards reunited their will be many who oppose granting all that power to just one person who they probably don't really support, i think most shards would think this way. I don't think we can really predict how the cosmere will end or even if it really will end. Personally i think something momentous will happen to close off the world for us but i don't think the cosmere will be resolved. Wrapping EVERYTHING up seems boring and wasteful. Hopefully we won't know what happens till we read the conclusive book.
  15. Granted you have access to every book Sanderson book that will ever exist in any possible world. Unfortunately most of these books are nonsense or bad as their is no quality filter for bad books and insane Brandon's are seemingly more productive or at least unique. I wish for a wishing well, (that obviously isn't as good as you but can do small things as opposed to breaking the rules with thins like Lift.)