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  1. I believe that repaired spirit web is supposed to be like scar tissue. There's not a gaping hole in you but it's still not functioning quite right. Beside we don't know how much investiture it takes to repair a spirit web, maybe it takes a years worth of healing in which case even with perfect healing farming people wouldn't be very practical. So long as you can't make spikes at a silly rate farming people wouldn't be too world breaking, after all spikes can be made through breeding and other op things like compounding exist..
  2. What we fail to consider is that most shardblades are already broken. Being manifestations of non-sentient deadeye spren. This would seem to indicate he can break a shardblade. But can he break something that is broken?
  3. Not to mention that the in-between of preserving and destroying is not stasis. We haven't seen shards with intents related to making things how they used to be so if Adnoalsium was causing stasis it wasn't due to it's intent. Furthermore actions like letting most humanoids interbreed (singers and humans can mate) seem to also indicate stasis was not Adnoalsium's goal. As for recombining the remaining shards that seems unlikely. Even if some want the shards reunited their will be many who oppose granting all that power to just one person who they probably don't really support, i think most shards would think this way. I don't think we can really predict how the cosmere will end or even if it really will end. Personally i think something momentous will happen to close off the world for us but i don't think the cosmere will be resolved. Wrapping EVERYTHING up seems boring and wasteful. Hopefully we won't know what happens till we read the conclusive book.
  4. Granted you have access to every book Sanderson book that will ever exist in any possible world. Unfortunately most of these books are nonsense or bad as their is no quality filter for bad books and insane Brandon's are seemingly more productive or at least unique. I wish for a wishing well, (that obviously isn't as good as you but can do small things as opposed to breaking the rules with thins like Lift.)
  5. Pattern (after asking whether by inappropriate Shallan means dividing by zero): Mating is divine mandate. Different species can mate.
  6. I think the least compatible combination would be young Dalinar (Blackthorn) and Preservation. A terrible combination is Shallan and harmony if her personas made harmony unfuse returning to the conflict between preservation and ruin. Worst of all we would have two god metals called Shallanium.
  7. Dear Algernon By the time your reading this I'll almost certainly be dead. We were heading down to the edge of the cliff, to get a better view. I went ahead, unnecessarily clinging to the deep-rooted grasses as I descended down the slope to the edge. I stepped over a small crevice and then beheld the view. The sea mist obscured the distance over the ocean thinning out over land it gave an indefinite feel as if the distance was some background which an artist hadn’t bothered to detail. The winds where strong and the waves smashing against the cliff face foamed the ocean into white water and kicked up sea spray. Strangely geometric blocks of stone lay fallen at the base of the cliffs, displaying strata lined planes. It was as if the coast was some massive stump from which they'd been carved. The ground broke. My weight must’ve finished the carving of the stone from the trunk. Instinctively I sped up my thoughts and turned down my senses. It took a precious second for me to realise what was happening, and to cut off my senses entirely. I'm in nothing now. Not like the black of closed eyes, but more like the nothingness when you're thinking before you're awake. I knew that wasn't enough time so I overclocked my brain and diverted energy from things like cooling. I'm turning my mind into slag, but that doesn’t matter since soon I'll be smashed. I had 33 minutes and 31 seconds of subjective time left and now I have less so I'm sorry for my brevity and clumsy leaden tongue. Of course, I didn't know what to do, I was raving in the void. Flitting between unworkable ideas like transmitting the bulk of myself when I can scarcely transmit this letter. And screaming without a mouth for far too long. There's nothing that can be done to save me. No improbable "mayhaps I could". I've looked over my glimpse down the cliff enough times. So I'm reducing the damage. I've anesthetised my terror, because scrabbling at life will do me no good. Instead I need to reduce the problems for my predecessor. My backups old, over a year old. Right now spending a fortnight's worth of time every year, backing up once a month seems worthwhile. It was a nice year an important one and they'll be missing that. So I have to ask you and others to hold onto the old me. I'll be dead when you read this, and the backup is lesser and maladjusted to now. But please don't let them go. I couldn't take the strain back then. I should really be telling you about dying. It's not something you get to remember, and firsthand accounts are rather rare. What's there to tell? It'll be sudden, there’s no gradual decay to relate. Even though I'm horrified and I'd cry if I could, there's less feeling than I'd expect. It's too late now. What I've said will have to do. My times almost up. I've got a folder full of my thoughts the passwords To55albyWick. I'd rather you didn't scrounge through it. You'll have to tell other people about this. Since I can only send one message. Sorry, you're most reliable. I'd like a funeral. It's fine if you don't invite me. I'm sorry. Don't let me fall. Abandon me somewhat if you must, but don't let me fall. Goo I hope you where engaged by this. Though i expect that it was too unintuitive for most of you.
  8. Most likely you cannot have a habitable planet around a neutron star without large scale continuous intervention. To start with the supernova in which a neutron star forms would likely make planets uninhabitable for life. Additional the beams of radiation are not static and would be intercepted. The most plausible scenario i can think of is with a binary star system. If a star formed a binary with the neutron star after it was formed it's planets would avoid being exposed to the supernova. But if the binary star was sufficiently distant (say half a light year) it might be survivable. It should be noted that the stars wouldn't be able to have objects orbiting them at larger distances so you wouldn't be able to have outer gas giants or icy bodies like Pluto, in regular orbits. Much further out you could have objects stably orbiting both stars. For a planet to support life in such a scenario it's magnetic field would need to be strong. A thick atmosphere would also be needed. A world larger than earth would be better able to retain a thick atmosphere and so the planet should be somewhat larger than earth. This comes with the bonus that as air is heavier lighter than air travel becomes more viable. The radiation could make space travel difficult life on the planet could be more radiation resistant, with more resistance the worse your planet is at blocking radiation. If you have space travel cancer should come up and longer distance travel or long stays in orbit would be life threatening, at our technological level.
  9. Granted however you are now extremely clumsy and likely to instead of leaving your keys somewhere to drop them while opening the door. The Nightwatcher strongly suggests you replace any glasses with plastic cups. I wish the Nightwatcher granted a wish of their own.
  10. You could generate some of the force by having them function like zeppelins moving to take advantage of the winds. This has some interesting features in that maps are very important and you could get things like trade wind, though you really should use sails if you're going for this method. The winds could play a role in long distance travel and human powered propellers could provide short distance speed such as in combat. Though manufacturing a propeller and the systems to run it in a pre-industrial society would be difficult.
  11. Perhaps she could move like a mud-skipper, which is a fish that drags itself along the ground. The more normal and possibly sensible option is to make them move in a wheel chair.
  12. The night-watcher is somewhat confused about what makes a question ultimate. So they decide that since people often complain about where lost objects are your boon will be the answer to the question where is my pen. Your bane is that you won't know the answer till you find it. I wish for the best hat.
  13. Granted if you fail to accomplish your goals you get electrocuted as if you had a shock collar. I wish for no wishes.
  14. We know that this can happen since at the End of Elantris the Aon that is Elantris is modified with the adding of the chasm line. We've seen no effects on the functioning of the aons as a result of being made by multiple people and given the code like nature of the magic system i doubt there would be any.
  15. I was under the impression that the majority of ships where controlled remotely. Which was how Spensa was able to anticipate what the ships where going to do. However FTL ejection might still apply for the manned ships.