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  1. I wasn't thinking that Kaladin would be particularly accepting, but he doesn't have to accept Szeth, just allow Dalinar to do what he wants, which is a lower bar to pass. He trusts Dalinar and I can't think of a time that didn't involve Amaram that he hasn't respected Dalinars decisions p.s. thanks Spoolofwhool for looking up the quote for me
  2. The other aspect of Kaladins character is that he tries to understand others (besides lighteyes in his darker thoughts, but those episodes are becoming less common, and less vehemently than he used to as shown by a whole platoon of lighteyes on the guard becoming "his" people to protect), it is what gets him attached to the different groups of people (and that understanding typically leads him to wanting to protect them). Also, if memory serves, when they confronted near the end of WoR, I think Kaladin said something like "Then you are not the evil man I thought you were, you are a coward" (I will try to look it up later and edit this with the real quote). Assuming Kaladin thought of Szeth that way when he killed him in order to protect Dalinar, there isn't a strong hatred that he has to overcome to accept him. Also, Kaladins moral code (that of the windrunners, his oaths, and Syls advice) isn't one to start a fight. He was probably distrustful, and needed to see proof of Szeth being on their side (and then some for him to become Dalinars guard), Szeths actions at the battle of Thalen city provide a large chunk of proof of Szeths loyalty. As long as Szeth can convince Kaladin that he isn't a threat Dalinar and Dalinar wants him there, Kaladin would allow it (even if he doesn't like it). While it is arguable how much he still considers himself under Dalinars command, he knows he isn't in a position to order Dalinar around (this wouldn't be as true for Jasnah since she is Queen)
  3. I also really want to know what's happening with the one persons story in the books, so I normally skip the interludes on the first read, and come back later to read them. That way it doesn't break the "intensity", etc of the main story, I can keep seeing what happens next to the characters I care most about, AND the interludes become a nice "one more page" fulfillment after I finish the main story. I do enjoy them for all the reasons mentioned above, and saving them for last on the first read helps me enjoy the book more
  4. Granted, you get a coppermind with all of the book quotes and WoB well indexed that you instinctively know how to use, but you are unable to say or record what you take out of the coppermind in any way until you return it to the coppermind, which you must do within 5 minutes. Not only what you took out goes into the coppermind, but everything you know about the topic you used it for I wish to know Hoids backstory/secrets/goals
  5. Thanks, Thank you, I hate picking favorites, especially when there are so many good options, so I will list some that I like. I like the effect that the light-hearted characters have on the mood of the story (examples of this being Syl, Lopen, and Wayne) to the point that I once stopped reading a series (NOT by Brandon) just because the author killed off the light-hearted character. That said, I seem to like reading Kalladins' story most. I am definitely biased towards characters in the bigger epics
  6. Hello everyone, I am a big Sanderson fan, and have read all of his published Cosmere works (but nothing else from him yet). I am a grad student in Chemical Engineering, specializing on corrosion, so that sometimes impacts my thoughts/interest in the Mistborn metallurgy stuff. I am currently re-reading the Stormlight Archive in chronological order, heavily relying on a 17th shard post with a detailed timeline, but they haven't finished incorporating Oathbringer into it, so I thought it would be nice to be able to ask about helping out to finish that project, which requires having an account here. That's what motivated me to finally officially join, though I probably won't do much until I get there in the reread (I am currently up to Chapter 1 of The Way of Kings, and had to flip through Oathbringer to find the last 3 flashback chaps). Of course I am interested in the theorizing, and trying to pick out Brandons foreshadows that we know actually exist and just need to be identified.
  7. While I agree with most of what you guys are saying, I don't think that having Dalinars Bondsmith abilities play a part negates the need for all of the plot connections between Adolin and his spren/sword, edgedancer oaths, etc. The WoB said that it would be VERY difficult to revive a dead spren, and it seems to be assumed as impossible by Syl and the others in world to revive a dead spren after the original knights death, so I don't think it would be a surprise if a long process with different things all coming together is necessary. Obviously Adolins connection with his spren/sword is important, but it might need Dalinar to do something that makes the "impossible" "possible" (such as altering her old bond to be able to form a new one if that is getting in the way of her completing the healing process). This isn't Dalinar just swooping in and fixing everything, rather him building a bridge that allows Adolin to bond her IF everything is done right, he swears oaths, etc. I try to avoid getting to specific in predictions of details because Brandon generally does more awesome things than I can think of,so my real opinion is that Dalinar will do something (I don't know what) to help Adolin heal his spren. (This is assuming that he has Adolin become a radiant/heal her) p.s. This is officially my first post on the 17th shard
  8. Nice name.

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      Thank you .... I originally had a name that wasn't related to any of the books and almost deleted my account to change it (then I realized that they let us change our names)