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  1. Thanks! Hoooooo boy is my head filling with questions!!!!!
  2. Have you read all the novellas? First Born, Dreamer, Snapshot, Infinity Blade etc. Lots of good stuff! READ ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!
  3. Yeah don't worry they like to badger you when you first show up with the impossible questions. Welcome, I've been here an incredibly looooooong like week or two now so obviously I can guide you! Uh, do stuff, things happen, ?????, Profit!
  4. do you happen to have a link or links to where you got this idea? Cause that is fascinating and I wanna read more!
  5. Yes I know the ending shows that. Which was my point, he wasn’t just a cognitive shadow anymore, which means it is possible to become so connected to a world that leaving becomes physically difficult, which makes sense on a meta level but also in the cosmere itself. Just read through a huge chunk of the word of Sanderson (word of Brandon just doesn’t work for me and I will not go alone with it. We get a yearly “state of the Sanderson,” I think I'm following established convention) and Lordy Lordy so many nibblets. And I realized just how little I know compared to so many others! It almost breaks my heart that I’ve missed so much!
  6. Jeezy Pete’s! I’ve read oathbringer 3 times and I never picked up Azure was Vivenna. Kelsier was right, there is always another secret. I guess it makes sense though, cause I can usually identify worldhoppers, but you people are crazy in being able to figure out who they actually are!
  7. Yes yes I’m current on my Sanderson books.
  8. Now we don’t know that Kelsier doesn’t have a physical aspect. He was a cognitive shadow but it’s highly likely he has found a way to come fully into the physical realm. Because he tied himself to the well and even took up the power briefly, not to mention whatever spikes he has acquired, he is tied very strongly to Scadrial, but reading the WoS, there is a strong implication that Kelsier is powerful enough to jump to other worlds, he just hasn’t figured out the trick yet. I would bet he can probably coach others to it but because of his unique nature he himself can’t. Also it will suuuuuuper obvious when he does cause he will be making lots and lots of noise.
  9. We do know that one of his believers got off the world and could very well have passed those words along. Although extremely interesting that the amount of investiture can actually tie you more strongly to a world. Kandra probably won’t be going off world easily, but what if they did? What could they learn from such travel? And sort of unreleased could hemalurgy be used to take other types of investiture? What about kandra made from such spikes if they are possible? damnation now I have a lot more questions!
  10. As if you could!
  11. Hey now, nothing got ignored! I just didn’t have time to look into this stuff! I can write/talk about myself easily, but research takes time. I’m no shallan to just jump into bed with a group without certain....assurances (sly face) I think I’d say he’s my favorite because he is strong, creative, dedicated, and engaged. I might like others but Sanderson is always the one I come back to when I want to reread something. I enjoy the solid feel of his supernatural systems and that his focus is basically always on the flaws and limits which is what makes a great story.
  12. Oh man, I don't know that I could possibly choose my favorite character! If I started trying I would find a billion reasons why everyone is my favorite character. Just now in my head I tried to just pick one from a single book and I went back and forth like three times between two characters before adding a third......I mean, maaaaaaaaybe Hoid cause I def feel like a watcher lots of times, but even then I immediately question my choice. The trick is figuring out what kind of things they enjoy reading currently and then presenting the parallel Sanderson book. I even got a non-reader to try once by finding out what bothered them about reading until now, and suggested a novella. Oh lordy....another nearly impossible question! There is a series called Magic ex Libris by Jim Hines that deals in drawing the things from books out so I have actually thought a lot about this. Basically, if I have access to the investiture and can power the abilities, then it becomes basically impossible, because I love all he creates, however if I'm following the rules as set forth in the Magic ex Libris series then I'd definitely draw forth a bead of lerasium to make me a mistborn since the power comes from a fusion of internal and "burning" metals. It's pretty much the only one that could be done on it's own outside the cosmere in theory. I might also consider soul forging because it's such a neat idea and I am one of those people that likes change but also doesn't like being stuck with something. Being an Elantrian would be cool for similar reasons, but having no source would create issues. Same with being a Windrunner, I already have the ideas down, but no stormlight means no cool powers. Same with breath, and sand manipulation. Being a rithmatist has a lot of cool things, but I don't much care for math and also I am a horrible visual artist. Lastly, I basically feel like I already have a Talent and Aspects but just no control of it.....HA! So there ya go, a little look into my weird brain
  13. Hello all, Long time Sanderson acolyte but relatively new to the boards. I've heard about the 17th shard for a while, but just never took the plunge. Tell the truth I'm not sure why I did finally. But as is typical for me I did not look carefully before I got going. So I've actually posted in two other threads and PM'd a person before I decided to look around a bit and heya, there's a thread to introduce yourself. I got started with mistborn, but I have read pretty much everything (translation: everything I know about) and done a lot of reading the hints and stuff that he leaks or writes into the books he signs. I consider myself well-versed in Sanderson and I routinely convert others. In the last week I have talked to three people and through a few minutes discussion found the right entry point for them and I'm very proud of this. Oh! That's how I ended up here! I had this awesome idea to do a podcast reading through and discussing the books and wanted to see if it had already been done and blammo, found out shardcast and cosmere conversations and sandersonian institute of cosmere studies and Mistborn spoilers and the cosmere deep I've put that idea on the back burner like one of Rock's dishes to simmer and hopefully develop into my own unique take on it. Uh, well probably should let all the many many people who will obviously find this and read it get on with their lives for a bit. Always open to chat and such. I'll talk about whatever with whomever, and I generally treat nothing as off limits so never worry about offending me! Just talk and lets have some fun! *Swipes right on all yall*
  14. This is the spoiler thread my homie. After reading 'Voices in my Head' part 3 I think I have a different idea of what might be happening. See we thought the first two books were literally what was happening, but what if instead they were an expression of his mental illness? In addition to the aspect thing, Stephen could suffer from schizophrenia. His reality is literally warped and the aspects actually help him manage it. The weird out of place tech in each book is a hint of this, as is the fact he can't make the camera work like the other guy did. Sandra could just be another patient and she had sunk too deep so is heavily medicated, but Stephen refuses to be medicated for fear of that hollow feeling. So instead, when his ability to manage the schizophrenia and his aspects starts to crumble he channels it. He was externalizing them into his warped world, and now he is actually creating a space for them to live on their own. As I write I'm actually picking out more threads that could make this work. Look at the actual tech things we see. A camera that can look at the past by shining a light on it. Stephen knows this is important and thus gets to work trying to figure out the trick of it. Capturing a moment of the past unfortunately is only a slice of what he needs but it is a good start. Then in Skin Deep we get a virus that stores information in your very cells. Each body is capable of holding vast amounts of information and even if you can't see it or access it right now it is there waiting for you to find the key, something Stephen needed to learn. And finally, a virtual reality type machine. Something that does exactly what Stephen has been doing this whole time. Not only are the ones running the VR a clear analogue for the hospital staff Stephen has to deal with (with them trying to force their world on him), but his aspects hop in and out and Stephen himself starts to assert control. Lua, his aspect of survival, tells him the rules they say don't have to be his. The other aspects engage in the world as it is, which is another hint they could live outside him. So he gets out, and after doubting the conclusion he has come to, Jenny models for him what can be done. They are all still there, waiting for him to make them live. He writes stories for them, breathes new life into them, and he feels the approval of Tobais, but doesn't see him. He even says his adventures are done. Stephen finally makes a true break between what is real and what is not which is why the aspects no longer manifest but he now can remember them. Just an idea
  15. She was an aspect that was an expert on his aspects. She basically allowed him to remember his aspects and as far as I can tell it allowed him to access the aspects without the mental strain that causes the breakdown. It’s hard to really tell though because there are so many loose ends dangling.