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  1. So I read Mistborn first and obviously there's nothing like your first love. BUT I just love Elantris!
  2. Hi! Ugh, this is so difficult. My set of favorites would be: Vivenna, Lightsong, Vin, Sazed, Breeze, Gaotona, Ashe, and Raoden. Not going to lie I felt those Hrathen feels... D: How about you?
  3. Who was your fav in Elantris and who was your least fav?
  4. Favorite books/characters?
  5. Hi

    I am on page 12! hahaha welcome
  6. I am so excited! I have only heard amazing things! I am still in college so I feel like Fall semester is the best time to be reading Stormlight as I have a few long weekends, Thanksgiving break (USA), and a month off for winter/Christmas! It totally makes up for all the time consumed studying...
  7. Okay so I am on The Way of Kings and a book behind you! Just finished TES... What do you think?! I am minorly obsessed with Shai (as well as this character from Warbreaker). What were your thoughts on it?
  8. Hi! Let me know what you think of Mistborn, I am a huge fan! I haven't read Reckoners yet :/
  9. Hi! I am new to the shard (obviously...). So far I have read The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Emperor's Soul. I am currently on page 12 of The Way of Kings. (I know... what a huge dent I have made xD) Super stoked to dive into this world (the Cosmere world)!