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  1. That was in MARCH, are you okay.
  2. They should be imouto anime.
  3. I'm signing up as Subaru, the man who suffered, a lot.
  4. He got paid a pack of gum.
  5. Ark has to have his nails painted for the rest of the school year.
  6. Now you lose.
  7. You are SUMMONING him. Regret your decisions now.
  8. Stop trying to summon Ark.
  9. An overview of the 17th Shard:
  10. 5/10, there is no time to regret your decisions.
  11. *wins with an answer* That's just your mom.
  12. *wins on page 359*
  13. *wins with no enthusiasm*
  14. *wins with numbered list*
  15. *wins on the right*