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  1. @Ark1002This was our fault. Our fate was sealed.
  2. We've both become experts at losing the Game. @Ark1002
  3. It's sad when you lose because you get reputation.
  4. Mostly because you shouted across the room. @Ark1002 @ZK117
  5. I haven't posted here since thursday. Wow. @Ark1002@ZK117
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
  7. 23 We might know how to count but my post counter doesn't, its been stuck for a while. And to bother ark @Ark1002
  8. 20 If it is my posts then we have to go to 28
  9. It's been too long since i've posted on here. I've been too busy losing the Game. Also it's normal to have three 17th tabs.
  10. I don't think there's a automatic way. I just had low enough posts.
  11. I only lost because I needed to remember where to put the pie chart.
  12. I like this background the best. Also i'm going to make a pie chart of all my posts to really see how much i've posted in here.
  13. I really wish those were separate notifications.
  14. @WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002@WeebTrash@Ark1002