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  1. main plot

    Zedkrin simply sits there, pondering what the jobs will actually be. But it doesn't seem like the man will give us any examples soon, Zedkrin thought to himself. He also looked around at the people scattered about. He didn't recognize any of them.
  2. Inaccurate
  3. Invalid
  4. Untrue
  5. Incorrect
  6. I don't know what yall are doing but, I just won.
  7. main plot

    "Thanks" Zedkrin ventures into the room.
  8. main plot

    Zedkrin strolls over to the front desk. "I'm here about the party"
  9. Why are there 13 people following this thread, also I lost.
  10. Everyone in the last post wins just lost
  11. Yall just lost the game
  12. I lost @[email protected] of Chaos @Lunamor
  13. @Dark1002 Why
  14. Zedkrin snaps his fingers, creating a few pillars of chalk, then leaves. @Invocation
  15. Zedkrin leans on the back wall, amazed at how the tavern is still standing.