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  1. Hey, I don't know if you are still around, but do you still have audio of the Chicago coming?

  2. Would love this. <3 mistborn!!!
  3. Does Brandon ever do anything in the most simple way? Also, since he has said 16 is an extremely important number I thought that would be the way to go. And to get really nitpicky(because that is what I do ) it would be 16(16*4).
  4. Does one need to take classes to be a Shardpoolguard? Also... does each pool need 3 guards? One for each realm?
  5. Brandon has already stated that 16 is a big number in the cosmere... 1024 is 16*64. 64 is 16*4. And honstly... I think that would be more important than any powers of 2. Just my two(extremely corroded) cents.
  6. Honestly, I think the first three Mistborn books proves that extremely disparate shards can work together.... Maybe not for long, but they can do it.
  7. Well, I went through and modified the Elantris & Warbreaker pages. Still need to add summaries of the books, and descriptions of the magical systems... I wanted to check with everyone and see if we think this is a good starting layout for individual book pages(series would have to be done slightly differently)... Let me know what you all think?
  8. Well, Brandon's discussion of it was that certain things(gods, moons, etc.) were all palindromes but regular people would try and name their children things that are *very* close to palindromes... without actually being one so as not to rise above themselves. For example, Shallan is almost a palindrome, only one letter off('sh' is a single letter in their language). I'm betting on the first myself... but I'm also guessing this is a case of RAFO to get it confirmed... or someone ask Brandon at one of the Q&As. Some of it is, but some is also strictly guessing on my part.
  9. At the Chicago Q&A the question was asked about how the various powers from the different planets would react away from the planet... and the answer was pretty much RAFO... but there are hints embedded in the various books.
  10. I honestly think he would come up with a new name for himself. The combination of Ruin & Preservation... to tear down/destroy and to protect at the same time? I'm not even sure if there is a word for that... also... would containing two Shards protect Sazed from the loss of self that other Shard holders experience? Would the "battle" between the very natures of the two Shards he holds keep his sense of self intact?
  11. I've been watching a lot of Stargate Universe recently and thought of another choice for Vin... Elyse Levesque even though I think she is a bit tall for it...
  12. Brandon did say at the Chicago signing that 10 is a holy number on Roshar. He also said palindromes are holy too. Look for them in the book as well. Also, go listen to the Q&A here.
  13. Well, I have every intention of recording every signing I attend from now on... And I plan on attending any one that occurs in the Chicago area.
  14. Please do so when you have time. It would be greatly appreciated by lots of people... me included.
  15. My great journey to see Brandon Sanderson started at about 1:00 in the afternoon... I arrived at the signing at about 2:00 and then met up with some fellow 17th Sharders (Shivertongue and his friends) and we hung out at the mall across the street from the Borders where the signing would occur. We got back to the Borders at about 5:30 or so and acquired our wristbands to assure our places in line. From there we commandeered an entire row of seats(not the front row... but we should have) and sat around talking with fellow fans of Brandon for the next hour and 45 minutes or so. I got to explain the fixing of Elantris to someone. That was fun. Brandon was late. From what I can tell this is pretty normal for him. The employees at the store said he hit traffic... I think he just didn't want to leave the restaurant where he had dinner because their food is quite awesome. Brandon then did a reading from The Way of Kings in which he read the prelude. He also explained that the prelude is really a second prologue... and that the book doesn't really start until chapter 2. Also, it is entirely my fault that the reading did not get recorded. The mic I was using to record was a powered mic which I of course forgot to turn on until about halfway through the reading. Way to go me! Then the Q&A portion of the night happened. I recorded all of this. The audio is available here... Listed below are all the questions asked during the Q&A session. They are a little hard to hear on the recording so I wrote all of them down and you can follow along while listening.