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  1. So I asked Sanderson a question, and I found my audio file on the coppermind. But how do I claim that question as mine?
  2. He was answering this question
  3. So, I want to start this off by apologizing. I am fairly new to this site and never got around to announcing what happened. It was just an ordinary signing, but one kid's question, to me, changed some theories that I have heard a lot of. "Is it possible for two Shards to *cough* 'procreate' and create a new Shard? Brandon: "Ummmm, thank you for keeping that PG for one. I think that I will have to RAFO that *audience gasp and 'ooh' because it was the first RAFO of the night* but until then, no. It is not possible for two Shards to, as you say, 'procreate', to create a new, baby Shard." So there you have it, I thought this was an huge discovery because it may change what we know about the Child (see Oathbringer letter #2).
  4. Thank you for the advice!
  5. Hello all! I know I am new here but a friend of mine's birthday is coming up and he greatly enjoys the Cosmere as much as any of us do. I was wondering if there is anyone with the time, skill, and heart do draw him in the Stormlight Archive as a Windrunner. I am willing to pay. If this is frowned upon please let me know and I will never ask again! May the stars shine upon you Thanks Matthew
  6. That is great to hear! I do worry that the Stormlight Archive may take a long time to finish so I read it and enjoy it, but until there is a clear end-date I will probably enjoy as more than I do now. If you ever want to discuss anything about the books, just hit me up!
  7. Thank you for having me! Wow, these questions are just getting more difficult to answer. Hmmmm, I guess there is no better one than Breaths. A Mistborn would have to be related to Scadrial royalty and the odds of me getting to bond with a Spren is unlikely. So the most logical answer would be the one where every has the powers but few choose to actually use them.
  8. That's another difficult question, but I would have to say 'Mistborn'. This was the first book I read in the Cosmere. And it completely made my world flip. What about you?
  9. Thank you! Here's on for you too!
  10. Very difficult question and truth be told I honestly do not have an answer. All the characters have so much depth and life in them it is very difficult. From Ati to Kaladin, there is always a deeper story. What about you?
  11. Hmmmm. Tempting. I would like to be spi- i mean eat that cookie. But I am going to politely say no due to the repercussions of Helmaguric temptations. Hope you understand! May I ask which of the spikes you have gotten? i would've taken a Steelrunner.
  12. Thank you for having me. I have read all of the Shardworld books (Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, Warbreaker. My favorite has to be 'The Hero of Ages' though. What about you? What is your favorite?
  13. Hello! My name is Matthew and I am very excited to join this community