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  1. rhythm of war

    I've been thinking how weird it is how bondsmith spren can just make or conduct various forms of investiture come into the physical realm. I think they might be Spren of the spiritual realm, first off the investiture itself is of the spiritual realm so them manipulating something not of the cognitive realm is weird. Second the Nightwatcher can do some kind of trickery with connection though I may be wrong since it seems everything attributed by the Nightwatcher was actually cultivation. I have feeling that when the gods of Roshar made bondsmith spren and unmade the took creatures from the spiritual realm and made them or unmade them so that they could experience the physical and cognitive realms. what do you think? Also since all things in the spiritual ream exist as one, it isn't weird for them to be as different as they are as bondsmith spren because the are probably like given more individual identity out of the spiritual realm.
  2. I'm honestly confused on how veil died and shallan still has missing memories. I'll only be happy if the ghost bloods have them traped in breath infused scarf or something. Veils death just felt a bit cheap after shallan was like oh I still have more missing memories. Like I thought veil was the holder of her trama? If she is gone why does shallan still have missing memories? What if veil comes back from the dead cuz of shallans lost memories?
  3. Imagine ati's life before he was a shard. How depressed and hopeless he must have felt that his personal interpretation of God was ruin, decay, entropy. The mindset you need to shape a piece of God to express the end of all things.
  4. I wonder If you introduced breath into a gem filled with stormlight could you give the breath a command to eat the stormlight? And would a more powerful breath come out? Could you make a divine breath this way?
  5. What if planet had big storm all the time? What if it carried investiture? What if crab?
  6. The heralds get new bodies when they come to roshar each time. The returned get there cognitive shadow stapled to there dead bodies so I think that has something to do with it.
  7. theory

    Is ettmetal canonized in the books? It's such a boring name. Sazedium tho? That's fire.
  8. So running with the Thaidakar is kelsier bit. What do you think they mean by avatar? Like does he give out some scadrian fabrial let's him zonk into another person's body? Possibly using aluminum and duralumin to store identity and connection?
  9. i can't find the information for the contest in the newsletter pls help
  10. I don't use the forums often so . . . hi how are you come here often So we know that you have to use a lesser Spren traped in a gem to bond a dead shardblade. It's a quick an easy fix but does that negate the ability to form a nahel bond? Are you actually bonded to the shardblade by proxy bond of the lesser Spren? Like you are bonded to the lesser Spren and the lesser Spren is bonded to the shardblade thus giving you access to a limited use of the shardblade. With this proxy bond in place I think it would interfere with the ability to form a nahel bond. Also it would just be cool symbolic gesture between shardbarrer and dead Spren to just pull out the lesser Spren (a symbol of an artificial relationship between them) and form a new relationship based on trust.
  11. Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one! :D

  12. intoduction

    What do you mean I only posted once?
  13. intoduction

    I'm suck between lightsong and breeze. I'm a sucker for characters who complain about the use of effort but do there best in there own ways.
  14. intoduction

    I really like warbraker so I wanted to incorporate an aspect of that plus stromlight is cool. And the mental image of biochromaticStormlight is just awesome.
  15. intoduction

    Warbraker is probably my favorite so far I really like the culture and magic system on nalthis. the biochromatic breath system seems to me to be the most beneficial of the cosmere magic systems because of it's verseitality.