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  1. Hello, Mushroom Catalog! I'm sorry I don't have any mushrooms, but I do have cookies ; )
  2. Ha! I should have thought of that!
  3. This. Is. AWESOME.
  4. Ah, no. Hate to be a negative influence, but Ma-ny don't like this thought is actually 6 syllables, and so is Luck-i-ly I hate Moash.
  5. For me? Callsign: Void or Callsign: Dimensional, something like that. Maybe Callsign: Bloody Mary. And then, because no-one's done it yet - SA callsigns! Adolin: Princeling Kaladin: Bridgeboy (or Brother, depending) Shallan: Horneater Princess Veil (just bcuz): Veil Radiant: Radiant Dalinar: DAD Navani: Techie Lift: Raise Moash: No. I refuse. Renarin: Truthwatcher (I couldn't think of anything else) Syl: Blue Fly Pattern: Pattern If I've missed any, feel free to supply your own, or dispute mine. I just came up with these on the fly.
  6. I literally just read Skyward and this is totally going to be stuck in my head forever.
  7. Yay
  8. I haven't listened yet, but I might start singing it soon. So good!
  9. Saving the princess Finally something done right Hrathen's death has come
  10. I've commented and left kudos. In return, do you think you could check out some of my works? Link to a description of everything I'm doing for Brandy Sandy's works here: I mean, you don't have to. I'd just really like it if I got some reviews.
  11. Wait. There are systems of magic out there based on sex? But what of Adonalsium and the Shards? Is there a Shard called Voyeurism out there? (And what's its opposite? Chastity? Control? Self-Discipline?)
  12. Actually, I always thought that Brandy Sand didn't write sex scenes because of his religion (which I share). Also, if we could read something like a short story detailing a Rosharan/Scadrian/Sel/Nalthis wedding, that would be a wonderful tidbit of world building.
  13. that something written about the Dark Alley group? I haven't been on 17th Shard long enough to know just what that means (or what to write about it).
  14. A list of all the stories I'm working on that have something to do with the Cosmere fandom and other Brandy Sandy works, and a short summary of each. COSMERE STORIES: Stormlight Archive: Pentagram: An SA AU where Kaladin is bitten by a werewolf around the beginning of the second book. First chapter is currently under construction. Crossovers: Stormlight Archive: Avatar: The Last Airbender: Siblings of Storm, Siblings of Soul: An SA/ATLA crossover where Zuko wakes up in the path of the slave caravan that's carrying Kaladin near the beginning of the first book. First chapter is currently under construction. RECKONERS STORIES: Before and After: A collection of one-shots in the Reckoners series. First one-shot is up on and second is currently under construction. Steelson: A Reckoners AU where Steelheart adopts David. Prologue is up on and first chapter is under construction. Crossovers: Avatar: The Last Airbender: Deception: A Reckoners/ATLA crossover where the Fire Nation Royal Family (and maybe co.) are Epics. Prologue is up on and first chapter is under construction. Aliases and Pen Names: Gray Jedi 4000 AO3: I_Deal_In_Nightmare_Fuel Wattpad: GrayJedi4000 Note: I will take requests for one-shots and flash fictions. Other Note: This will be updated as progress happens.
  15. Oh, Adonalsium. I'm going to be that one who Pushes the admins to the Snapping point, aren't I?