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  1. UM THIS IS AWESOME, more giveaways PLEASE I was looking at that necklace in the shop just this morning!
  2. I was listening to the newest Shardcast, Predictions for Starsight, and they talked a lot about theories of the purpose of the debris field and the like. Go listen to/watch it if you liked Skyward. I really liked their idea that the debris, combined with that fact that the humans are underground, was there as protection from something, therefore implying that Detritus was a human? manufactured fortress world. If we apply the fact that humans had AI capabilities, saying that Detritus had some AI doesn't seem that far off to me.
  3. Maybe when Dominion and Devotion were splintered something happened in that event that made the first Elantrian. A Shard being splintered in no small thing, it would have wrecked all kinds of havoc on Sel.
  4. Bet you all know this by now, we're Sanderson fans here, but we now know the what the secret project is so... Further proof it will be awhile for Rithmatist.
  5. First of the Morning I guess, but I'm seeing a lot of people with that name. First of the Rising Sun ooh or First the the Setting Moon. Yep that's mine.
  6. I thought there was no atium left after Harmony took up Ruin's power and all that jazz. They call it the lost metal in Era 2, and I seem to remember a mention of it being gone in Era 1 at the end. If I'm right, that couldn't be how he's stayed alive so long.
  7. Well in that case isn't it cannon that it's a compass?
  8. I feel like if it's done right, a game would be great; I would definitely play it. However, claiming that it would be better than the book is a very bold claim my friend ( @Arcoss )
  9. It's not Rithmatist..I went to the Seattle book signing and he said that in 2019 he'll be pounding out Stormlight 4 and working a little on Wax and Wayne 4. I don't know if that's the "secret project", but it's there.
  10. If the city is a compass, which way is it pointing exactly? It has four points, (the surrounding cities) but no distinction between which one points north or anything. Unless there's something in new versions of the book I haven't seen. I just have the pocket paperback size one.
  11. We still don't know what story they've been told, coward or murderer?
  12. Maybe not that specific shipyard, but other shipyards and collections of rubble will definitely be instrumental in getting humans off Detritus. As for the planets origin, I know there are clues and information in Defending Elysium, which I haven't actually read yet, but I listened to the Skyward Reactions podcast, and they talked about it. I like your idea @SteveD that the planet may be a little alive, or at least aware. Most of the technology on Detritus seems to just be in the atmosphere, but who's to say if there's more underground, giving it awareness similar to M-Bot. I hope we know a lot more about the planet by the next book.
  13. I think as readers we're all programmed to assume something like this would be harder for the character because in most books it is. I know I was immediately wondering what the catch was. Turns out there wasn't one. Maybe they had a record of the battle available to the general public with Chaser's betrayal cut out, just in case people insisted or requested on seeing the battle, on official reasons or curiosity.
  14. Right now my title thingy obviously says Callsign: Ookla, but once that's over it's gonna be: Callsign: Cake My friend has been calling me MaiaCake since 6th grade, so I thought it would be fitting. Also, not gonna lie, I love me some cake
  15. This is pretty boring but Vin and Elend are, and always will be, my OTP.