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  1. A small consolation~ the Stormlight 4 and 5 Outlining Progress bar is up to 80%!!! Just a little closer folks.
  2. The second one is really good, I think it looks great.
  3. If I remember right, and who knows, maybe I'm pulling this from nowhere, but... It is my understanding that she traveled there with Vasher, who went there so he could use stormlight as substitute investiture to keep living without worrying about the number of breaths he has. I have no idea how they split up, how long they've been apart, or how they lost Nightblood, but that's where I'm at.
  4. Uh same! No actually I was reading a COMPLETELY unrelated book, and there was a character named Tien and I actually like teared up and had to stop for a sec. It's not okay. Although I suppose if our theory of him being Odium is true...maybe not so much? Well innocent until proven guilty, am I right?
  5. Well I don't think it was all that random, because the Skybreakers were targeting him, right? So it definitely could have been a random soldier that did the job, but a skybreaker was there somewhere. (The Ghostbloods knew about it all, so we found that out in one of their letters to Shallan for those who don't remember.) Also 100% agree with this statement lol
  6. Like the rankings under our names? As you get upvotes you go up in ranks. The names are just titles and things from all of Brandon's books. ex. I have about 170, I'm an Oldblood.
  7. Oh cool!
  8. I don't think so...
  9. I was just wondering the same thing. It is my understanding that a version of most magic systems we know now were present pre-shattering, but all were at least a little different, ex. Yolish Lightweaving vs. Lightweaving. The shattering obviously altered whatever had existed before.
  10. How convenient...I bet there are cello jokes if you looked for them
  11. First of all, hello, @withoid, and welcome officially! Second, it is pretty amazing how far the Sanderfandom extends!! I love it
  12. Correction, it means you aren't allowed, okay? What about cello jokes, @Kelsier'sGodComplex, huh? I play in better tune than you do... (jkjk)
  13. *gasp of disbelief* How have we missed this for so long!?
  14. Sorry to inform you, it will be awhile~ Jasnah's Book 10 in the current plan