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  1. Hey Sis! I'm boreddddd......:blink::(

  2. Also wouldn't that make Honor and Cultivation corrupted by Odium? It would have to go both ways...or rather three ways.
  3. I mean even with the WoB there are some holes and room for speculations. That's what this is for, no? lol Anyways I like the theory, and it's along the lines of what I've been thinking. Hoid is really good at being where he needs to be and who knows, maybe he knew being at the shattering or whatever would give him immortality. Here's my thought; maybe the healing came from something else entirely? We know that the immortality is connected to the weapon used for the shattering, but no confirmation about the healing.
  4. Happy birthday!

    *hands a cake with extra sparklers*

    Also, @BookishOcelot, I think you’d really like Mailnaise’s rank :P

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      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!!!


  5. I'll do that soon!
  6. Honestly with Brandon, I'd be ready for anything. However, I agree with the other posts here. Although it may be something even more general. Maybe a literal rock or something to do with a rock may be important. Honestly who knows. But nice thought.
  7. I forgot where I heard it or read it but some other sharder point out a whole bunch of time people and objects did things to rhythms. It's a lot. And I think it's pretty safe to say that most of them, and especially ones with spren such as Syl, have something to do with THE rhythms.
  8. I chose plate because I'm so clumsy I'd be scared for myself and others if I held a six foot blade that can instantly deaden my limbs or myself without armor...
  9. From the album My non-sharder friend's art

    My wonderful best friend who has not read any Sanderson books (but plans too) made me this beautiful picture of Shallan! I know it's not my art, but it is beautiful and I wanted to share.
  10. A small consolation~ the Stormlight 4 and 5 Outlining Progress bar is up to 80%!!! Just a little closer folks.
  11. The second one is really good, I think it looks great.
  12. If I remember right, and who knows, maybe I'm pulling this from nowhere, but... It is my understanding that she traveled there with Vasher, who went there so he could use stormlight as substitute investiture to keep living without worrying about the number of breaths he has. I have no idea how they split up, how long they've been apart, or how they lost Nightblood, but that's where I'm at.
  13. Uh same! No actually I was reading a COMPLETELY unrelated book, and there was a character named Tien and I actually like teared up and had to stop for a sec. It's not okay. Although I suppose if our theory of him being Odium is true...maybe not so much? Well innocent until proven guilty, am I right?
  14. Well I don't think it was all that random, because the Skybreakers were targeting him, right? So it definitely could have been a random soldier that did the job, but a skybreaker was there somewhere. (The Ghostbloods knew about it all, so we found that out in one of their letters to Shallan for those who don't remember.) Also 100% agree with this statement lol