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  1. I said it was either Dominion or Devotion's I couldn't remember. Definitely not Cultivation @Kelsier'sGodComplex Be more careful quoting me.
  2. Random side note: My friend looked over my shoulder and saw this sentence and was really confused.
  3. I like this theory! I mean, I'm also behind the lesser spren shardplate theory, but still. It's true that Radiant would have had to heavily rely on their plate. If an Unmade could eliminate such a fantastic resource, I would certainly be scared if I was a Knight.
  4. I have no memory of that...Do you have a quote or something?
  5. Can I just say how much I appreciate how much he writes? My other favorite book series is Green rider by Kristen Britain, (which are amazing and you should totally read them), but the first book came out 20 YEARS AGO, and we're currently waiting for book 7. And she has released no other books. in 20 years, she has only released 6 books. Think about Brandon for a second! Elantris was he first book so in 14 years, (It came out in 2005) he has released 24 BOOKS not even counting his short stories of any kind. Thanks Sanderson, from all of us
  6. My money's on Vin and Elend being in at least the last few people Think about it~ Mistborn are pretty overpowered. I mean they're no Fullborn but think about it
  7. I DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT I don't know why it just did that forget this post~
  8. Well there's a can of worms~ Was Honor really a spren though? My first thought on that specific comment though, is that the Stormfather , who is definitely a spren, is still alive. So maybe if he somehow died then the Honorblades would truly require the ten heartbeats like any other dead blade.
  9. You've got a big storm coming...I'm pretty sure you've read OB at this point but since you're asking this question, idk, so...yeah spoilers for OB But yeah from that quote you put in, maybe he tried to bond one in the past as well.
  10. This makes a lot of sense to me because they were researching how to get Kel's body back, right? Makes sense that they would find information like what Lerasium is and it's hemalurgic properties along the way.
  11. I can officially say that my name is unique enough to be in a Sanderson cosmere book~ The name's Maia (spelled different, I know)
  12. The Cosmere is so number oriented, it seems strange that it wouldn't be sixteen. Preservation did so many things in sixteens, it looks so out of place not being a confirmed 16. I'd bet money that there are definitely 5 more like you said. Oh! And I may be remembering this wrong, but didn't burned atium show up back in the Pits of Hasthin? It's Ruin's body, it wouldn't just disapear, so maybe we can make the same argument for Preservation~maybe there are still 16 or so peices of Lerasium that have renewed their physical form since Leras died.
  13. I didn't know that, but it makes a lot of sense. Yeah, I second that
  14. Hey I think Dad may have told you this story little sister @Kelsier'sGodComplex~ Granted. You start to make it, but as you pour in the milk you realize its so rotten it is now basically cheese, (no, stone lol) and you have officially ruined the box, but you do indeed have it. I wish for all the idiots in this class I am in currently to leave. That dosen't work because they asked for UPvotes. It's not granted if you give them downvotes.
  15. They would also have to know what Lerasium was, and I haven't heard it mentioned at all. Although I suppose the kandra could know.