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  1. Mistborn is still my favorite Cosmere series. Though, I read all six books that are currently out in one go over the course of 3 months, so I can't really separate the original trilogy from Wax and Wayne era mentally. To me, it's one story in two parts. If I try to just think about the first trilogy, I would say that it's very satisfying. Mistborn always felt very grounded to me. Kill an immortal god-king, deal with the political and sociological consequences of doing so. Give a man the power of a god, but watch as he dooms the world without the knowledge to use it properly. Etc. So yeah, I love Mistborn.
  2. You could probably awaken it, but realmatically it would probably count as a different and inanimate object. Now, if say, someone took a what lase through a lung, you might be able to awaken it with the command, "Breath regularly" and have it artificially sustain the person, but in the long run, without a brain to keep it balanced with the rest of the body, it would probably decay and become a necrotic and mostly useless mass of tissue.
  3. It comes from being able to ninja people.
  4. Perhaps next time of you don't want to get ninja'd you'd do what I did and only type two words.
  5. So, clearing up what seems to be a minor misunderstanding. Vin's atium shadow didn't split because she reacted to what Zane was doing, it split because Vin used atium to see the future, which interfered with Zane's atium. Now yes, technically Vin did this by proxy, but the point is that for that brief moment, she acted upon future knowledge and created a prophetic loop. Based on this, I do believe a steelrunner would be able to replicate the effect, but I think they would have to know what they were doing. Either way, you can only react as fast as you can react, so atium still looses to massive steel speed.
  6. While I do think Rashek tends to be overestimated, in that he doesn't have unlimited of every feruchemical attribute, I will keep saying that fullborn are the Cosmere equivalent of kryptonians. I think if he could kill the Heralds, it would take a while and he'd start getting frustrated and sloppy as he discovers he can't instantly kill them. Considering the first few hours would be everyone against him, we need to assume that the Scadrians would inform everyone else of the importance of his metalminds, and then the other powerhouses can find a way to deal with them. Either way, Rashek would eventually go down vs. everybody else, but he would take a vast majority with him.
  7. Do they get to bring any resources with them? If not it will probably come down to whatever beings are able to fight and survive without access to magic. I'd put Dallinar and Adolin up there, and I think Kelseir could survive quite a while off trickery and fighting dirty. If awakeners can survive long enough to out last Radiants and allomancers, they'll make it to the finals so to speak. My bet would honestly be on feruchemists though, and specifically full keepers like Sazed.
  8. You probably could shape water with cohesion (I think that's the one that lets you reshape stone, not sure), but then you have the issue of water already being fluid, so even if you reshape it, it's just going to fall back into a puddle or surface of a body of water. Not sure if any surge could harden water, but it's possible.
  9. We never have gotten to really see what damage aluminum bullets do. The big thing is just that they can't be manipulated via allomancy, we're not actually sure how much damage they do. For all we know, they're really crappy bullets, just the only option for resisting magic. It might be that an aluminum bullet can't get deep enough or spreads out too much to work as a spike.
  10. It's implied that the Ministry of Steel only knew of about 50, but yes, there are like 300.
  11. Hemalurgy works anywhere in the Cosmere, so their spikes would function just fine off world. They'd be all good to leave.
  12. Okay. I just need to say, with the whole, "Nightblood eats investiture, therefore he can destroy anything that uses investiture to live." That is a flawed argument. People eat meat. Dinosaurs were made of meat. I dare you to go beat a dinosaur by eating it. And for the people saying Nightblood would never be "full" just because we've never seen him be "full", we've also never seen a coinshot break the sound barrier while flying, so should we assume they can do it?
  13. I voted other, because I have an unpopular opinion (which is nothing new). I think the Diagram is a red herring. We're supposed to think it's super accurate and the key to saving Roshar, but I think it's just wrong. Odium said it was made without access to fortune and the spiritual realm, which means, when all is said and all is done, the Diagram is a guess. I expect that when Taravangian has the most faith in it, and expects the most that it contains the path to victory, it will fail. Basically, I doubt everything about the Diagram because I think it's bunk.
  14. Here are the first 10 I thought of: Kaladin - Hufflepuff Shallan - Ravenclaw Dallinar - Gryffindor Jasnah - Syltherin Navani - Ravenclaw Pretty much all of bridge 4 - Hufflepuff Eshonai - Ravenclaw Veleni - Slytherin Szeth - Gryffindor Sadeas - Hufflepuff....just kidding, y'all know what he is