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  1. Are we so certain that they would eventually have to figure that out? Isn't it possible that will just be a limit to them all the way to Era 4, like how Scadrians don't have any ability that we know of to traverse realms without a natural perpendicularity? We've been told there will be a lot of cross-pollination with tech later on, so I could see Rosharans having to use mundane tech in the Cognitive Realm simply because their fabrials don't work there.
  2. Luckwielder. An appropriate name, because they clearly have access to a lot of fortune.
  3. It would be interesting to see the Sibling unmanifest at some point and then re-manifest themself into components of a spaceship. I feel like that wouldn't happen in the Stormlight series itself, but it would be awesome to see in Era 4. The Rosharan Flagship: Urithuru, the living ship. Though honestly, at that scale its more like a space station than a spaceship, but it would still be awesome.
  4. This reminds me how much I hate the idea of Hoid being in romantic relationships. Its one thing if there were when he was still mortal, and another if they were with other immortals, but good gosh I'm not comfortable with immortal/mortal romances. I can accept fairly large age gaps, but thousands of years is way too big. If Hoid can even look at people a century old and see them as anything but children, then I greatly question how much wisdom he's actually developed over his extended lifespan. What I'm saying is, ROW indicates Hoid could have children, and I am not down for it, so I'd be somewhat bothered is Felt ends up being related to him.
  5. They would get a burst of the feruchemical attribute as long as they were burning the metal.
  6. Thing is, Shadesmar is flat. Sure, they've measured space compression within the vertical dimension, but they've no reason to think that it doesn't horizontally represent their planet, especially in shape.
  7. Coppermind suggests that burning aluminum doesn't affect aluminum, with a reference to chapter 36 of Final Empire. Unfortunately, I can't check, so someone else would need to confirm it. In my opinion though, if the allomantic effect of aluminum affected aluminum I'd have a lot of realmatic questions (granted, I still have a lot of questions as to how aluminum is allomantically viable in the first place) so it makes sense to me that it doesn't instantly erase itself.
  8. Ah, Mistborn, my first love of the Cosmere. It will be excellent to have back. Really though, what I'm most excited for is just seeing Mistborn written with Sanderson's heightened skills. I think its safe to say that writing Stormlight and then managing other projects around it has really been power-leveling for his abilities as a writer, and so I just want to see what he can do with the Mistborn setting and characters now that he's better than he was when he last visited the series.
  9. I mean kind of. I know you know this, Frustration, so for those that don't remember, the Fused could return during the desolations until at least one of the Heralds either died or voluntarily went back to Braize to hold them back.
  10. I want to point out, humans did win every desolation. Yeah, with every desolation the Singers got closer to victory, but they still lost every time. The Heralds went to Braize by choice at the end of each of them and then had to fight alone, and its only then that their weaknesses can more easily be exploited. For example, we don't know if the Heralds have bodies on Braize. Maybe the do, maybe they remain just cognitive entities like spren, and in which case, they might be a lot less capable. Or, they could keep their bodies, but the environment on Braize is so hostile that their regenerative abilities are pushed to their limit just to survive their, and their strength and skill degrades the longer they're on the planet. Or after so many times of the Fused getting lucky and capturing them, maybe the later desolations didn't even require them to be tortured, but they gave in merely upon being captured. There are just too many variables, and no matter how invincible the heralds may seem they are still just people who make mistakes and have fears and vulnerabilities. Plus, we can't ignore the power of sheer numbers. There's a huge difference between fighting one person less skilled than you and two people less skilled than you. When it comes to the Heralds, even if they can fight a thousand soldiers it might be the one-thousand-first person that turns the tide.
  11. I don't remember him having all the plate. I thought what was happening was that the individual pieces were flying off and then conforming to the bodies of other people, like how when Kal put on the helmet in the area fight and it became more like a gauntlet, only better because its living plate. So for example, a pauldron might mimic part of a breastplate when he sends it to someone else or something. I'd check, but unfortunately I don't have my book easily accessible.
  12. The reason I'd doubt it is because plate seems to require stormlight to function. For living plate, it seems like as long as the radiant as stormlight, the plate can wireless draw it from them, otherwise you have to plug gemstones into it to act as batteries. Even if you could have a new spren just hop in and fix up a crack, that spren would still need more stormlight to act as plate, which might mean its easier just to repair the plate with stormlight. Maybe. We can't know until we see someone try it. I actually think one of the main things when it comes to the plate feeding on stormlight is that it can increase its durability by feeding on the radiant's stormlight. Repair might not even be a big deal for radiant plate, and the bigger consumer is reinforcing itself.
  13. As I am posting this, its a split between Ba-Ado-Mishram with 1 vote (thanks, Chaos), Nergaul with 1 vote (me) and Yelig-Nar with 1. 'Tis amusing.
  14. I believe you are correct here, and I know there has been some discussion (and complaints) about how burning godmetals in general doesn't make sense because mistborn should lack a connection to the shard and thus be unable to access their investiture, but regardless, based on what we've seen, you would have to be a true mistborn to be able to burn godmetals.
  15. If I had to guess, it probably depends on the level of the bond. I'd guess that further into their oaths the radiant is, the more likely the bond would stay in-tact. Now, as to what happens to a spren bonded to a shard, I can't say, though they certainly would probably experience some kind of elevation, though I doubt they'd have much ability to use the shard's power, since they don't have bodies.