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  1. I feel most people are unfairly critical with the oathpact. The Heralds agreed to it, apparently with an idea that they could sustain it. It was extremely arrogant of them, but they're immortals with access to the surges fueled directly by Honor, so they probably figured they could hold out against the fused without being captured for an eternity. Arrogant, but not without merit. That said, its not a sustainable plan, and I don't think it should be repeated. Nightblood seems to be capable of killing the fused, so there's some merit to executing them, but it would cost a lot of stormlight, time and effort. The best option would be a permanent sealing in Braze that's not dependent on Radiants or Heralds, but then the investiture seal has to come from somewhere, and for something that powerful, it would probably take a substantial sacrifice from a Shard to facilitate the seal. The best idea I have is simply that the radiants need to find some way to actually kill the Fused outside of Nightblood. Perhaps larkins? But yeah, there's no obvious answer to the fused problem. Maybe pushing them all into insanity somehow, maybe by Cultivating it? I don't know.
  2. It would definitely be interesting if they become almost like a more tactical nuke. You need to destroy the military population of a city, without casualties to property or civilians, so you give one of your soldiers a mini-mourning device, and drop them into city with a supply of metals, and give them an hour to clear the city of military personnel, knowing they can do it. The biggest problem would be if they have one of their own, which would likely lead to complete destruction within a several mile radius.
  3. This is partially theory and partially meme: In Era 4, there will be more Fullborn, whether natural or artificial or hemalurgic (yes, I am drawing that distinction.) They will be the Cosmere equivalents of Kryptonians. Basically seen as essentially gods, and taking positions as heroes or tyrants. I also think there might be a way for them to travel unaided in space via some method of tricking momentum with time-bubbles, but I'm not willing to die on that hill.
  4. I just think that she's had so much build up as the most knowledgeable, powerful, and capable Radiant alive. While I understand that works for her being Shallan's mentor, she's kind a story breaker at the moment. It would be one thing if she shared her knowledge and experience to help other Radiants grow, but instead she seems to be hording information, which makes her a good target for a drama inducing in death, where the characters then have to struggle to make up for the absence of someone so essential.
  5. Don't kill me for this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jashnah dies.
  6. Really, I think it would take iron compounding to really pull planes out of the sky. But yeah, once medallion tech is accepted, a lurcher with an ironmind is a massive threat. Honestly, I see them mostly being different from our fighter jets in that I think they'd use ettmetal fuel rather than the combustibles we use. This also might lead to early VTOL tech, as they can potentially use the allomatic cubes to spin turbines faster than motors of the same size.
  7. Skybreaker for both. The core of being a Skybreaker is to acknowledge your own flaws in wisdom and judgement, along with a promise to do better and be better, all geared towards a desire to help the helpless. I know I have may flaws, and I'm an utter fool on my wisest day. The Skybreakers seek guidance from others until they are ready to become the guide themselves. While growth is a consequence of all the orders, I'd say that so far only Lightweavers and Skybreakers are so directly about self improvement, as much as helping others.
  8. Ambition: Empowerment Autonomy: Immortality Cultivation: unchanged Devotion: Sacrifice or Faith Dominion: Responsibility Endowment: unchanged Harmony: Patience Honor: unchanged Odium: Wrath or Indulgence Preservation: Balance or Order Ruin: Imbalance or Doom As I consider it, I'd be the least changed by Honor, and the most changed by Preservation. Devotion, Dominion, and Preservation would mold me into a better version of myself, and Cultivation, Ruin, and Odium would mold me into worse versions of myself. The rest I'd struggle with for a while before reaching a balance with the power. If I had to chose one, I'd probably take Honor.
  9. What Dalinar did may be unforgivable, but it is not irredeemable. Redemption is on the side of the perpetrator, not the victim. As has been said, Dalinar hates what he did, and has taken steps to no longer be the man that he was at the Rift. He is redeeming himself, forgiveness is the acceptance of that. If you cannot accept that Dalinar is redeeming himself, then yes, he is unforgivable. I suppose this does mean that no one is beyond redemption but I'm okay with that. This might just be my own beliefs, but as y'all can see from my title, I believe in hope in the face of justice, and Dalinar embodies that idea to me. He is paying for what he did with the guilt and screams that he will always hear, and that drives him to be a better man.
  10. @robardin I think most of what you just said is reasonable, however I think you're overestimating how obvious other feruchemical powers are. I remember when I first read about TLR getting stabbed, my thought wasn't "Oh, he's healing." My reaction was, "Oh frick, he can't be damaged." It didn't even occur to me that he was healing until the scene was over. Basically, I didn't see it as feruchemy, I saw it as him being superhuman with some kind of protection from harm. And I think that works for almost all physical abilities, as normally you can't tell when someone is using feruchemy. The two exceptions are iron and pewter. Iron because changing weight is rather unique, and pewter because of the growth. Specifically with f-pewter, if you see someone grow in muscle mass right before they move something heavy, you'd think, "Oh, so he's not always that strong. But wait, why would God not always be at his full strength?" Which leads you to the feruchemical conclusion, if you know feruchemy is a thing. I'm also trying to remember, did we ever see anyone tap pewter from the Bands of Mourning? Because I definitely don't remember anyone tearing their clothing, and that would support what I'm saying.
  11. I know people really want new metals, but frankly I'm really excited for the later eras to show off Sanderson's 3rd Law of Magic, "Expand what you already have before you add something new." The metallic arts have so much potential depth to them for shaping technology and society, and I'd love to see that explored. Yes, we're getting a little of that in Era 2 with the Southern Scadrian technology, but there's just so much that could be done, and I don't really think we need new metals. I mean, we have 48 effects to explore and we don't even know how a lot of them work yet. Anyway, my point is just that I think all relevant metals have been revealed, and I'm okay with that.
  12. This could definitely add to the drama of the culture clash that will inevitably happen in the last book, with pretty much all of hemalurgy being associated with the Inquisitors and evil in Northern Scadrial. I'm sure there would be a whole, "Your technology relies on killing people!" "People who willingly give up their lives to protect their people." "Do they even have a choice!?" exchange. In other words I'm saying I can totally see it. Especially as I've seen multiple threads on this forum trying to find ethical processes for Hemalurgy. Also, because it is somewhat relevant and I haven't said it in a while, I'm just going to remind everyone of my belief that in Era 4 Fullborn will be the Cosmere equivalent of Kryptonians.
  13. I attribute this to Shardic intervention. Maybe I'm wrong to do so, but until otherwise proven false, that's my hypothesis. Edit: I should clarify. I do believe that allomancy can be enhanced by the mists. I just attribute the healing effect to Harmony.
  14. I believe the pain blindness is just due to him tapping healing so constantly that he's either built up such a tolerance to pain that he doesn't feel it anymore, or his body has just learned that its basically immortal and thus pain is of no purpose. Frankly I'm inclined to believe the former and that its psychological. But that's just because I have no idea how his body would be so modified to ignore a basic function without outside intervention.
  15. Returned can awaken. Warbreaker Spoilers: