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  1. I am aware he survived explosions. I mean, Miles would carry dynamite for the specific purpose of blowing himself up to escape bindings, But with a high enough power explosion, you could theoretically blast their body and their gold in different directions. Or just get the gold hot enough to evaporate it (though that would have to be very hot to do quickly.) I'm just saying that's more reasonable than other methods of harm. For example, basically no amount of bullets is going to hurt a Fullborn, but powerful enough explosions might. As for the bindpoints, I know those are hemalurgic. I'm pointing out that our current belief is that aluminum spikes remove all a person's powers, and so an aluminum frag grenade might hit a bindpoint and make one of the fragments a spike.
  2. I think the only real way to kill a Fullborn by force alone is with powerful explosives, as you need to blast their gold away from them. The problem is, if a Fullborn knows what they're doing, they'll basically be living in bullet time and with beyond Daredevil senses as well as the ability to see trace metals. Its kind of hard to hide something from them and still get it close. I do think Elantrians could do it, but I think they'd need to set up a giant aon that turns gold into something else. But it would have to be huge, to the point I'm imagining Era 4 Elantrians having what are essentially orbital defense cannons designed to deter Fullborn, and that being considered the safest place in the Cosmere. I legitimately don't know that a radiant can hold enough investiture to soulcast a Fullborn's metalminds, and I certainly don't think they could do it fast enough to not get slaughtered. The best mundane option I can think of would be to create some kind of aluminum frag grenade and hope that when it explodes, one of the fragments hits a bindpoint and spikes their powers away. But yeah, Fullborn are terrifyingly powerful, and as I have said many times I shall say many more. They will be the Cosmere Equivalents of Kryptonians in Era 4.
  3. Isn't it possible Renarin taught himself to read? He's a fairly clever guy, and if you know the basics of how reading is done, you might be able to work it out. Alternatively, he may have had a woman read a book he knew really well or something and then paid attention to where she started each time she turned a page, then reconstruct it in private by separating out the words. It would take a while, but I think it would work.
  4. You may hate this answer, but potentially he saw what he was going to write in the future and them mimicked himself doing it without actually knowing what the writing meant, and so he learned to read so he could understand it.
  5. I'm actually not so sure about this one, because I mean, where is the Stormfather? At some level I feel like at least part of him is joined with Dalinar's soul, and we know aluminum doesn't block all connection period, or walking into an aluminum room would clear your accent and friendships as your spiritual connections are left behind. But at the same time, spren are mostly cognitive entities and so I imagine their communication is as well, so I can't say with certainty if Dalinar could be cut off from the Stormfather or not. And if he can, would he lose his powers? or are those too deeply a part of him? I have to say, you asked an excellent question, Wadehart.
  6. I do have to wonder if we here at the Shard occasionally put too much emphasis on the cognitive filter. Yes, I do believe its important, because otherwise everyone with healing would become a "biologically perfect" human, meeting the ideal of a perfect biological entity (I'm carefully avoiding the statement perfect human because I feel like that's too impersonal and has to much variety from individual to individual.) That said, healing is tapping into the spiritual ideal, and so that probably has some level of importance. I almost want to attribute the difference in regrowth and stormlight to them doing different things with the spiritual aspect of a person. For instance, let's say that regrowth works like what Dalinar did with the stones. He didn't regenerate the stone outward from itself, he reattached two pieces, and then removed the crack. What if (and I'm not saying I necessarily believe this) regrowth merely heals cracks in a spirit web, and reattaches two pieces together? Essentially, it takes connections between two parts of the spirit web and strengthens them, acting like stitches that pull the wounds together. Then you could potentially have stormlight healing work more like a lizard regenerating its tail or a scab forming, where new material is pushed over the wound, rather than old material being pulled back in place. It's not a perfect theory, but it essentially creates Mistborn style push and pull healing types, and might go to explain some differences inother wise very theoretically similar functions.
  7. He might not need any more investiture during those times. Sure, we don't know the exact conversion of breaths and stormlight, but its fully possible that on Roshar he's actually having a gain of investiture over the year by drawing more than a single breath worth of stormlight each week. In which case, he'd have a decent stockpile for when he's in situations where he can't reinvest himself every week.
  8. He fully held the Shard, he just wasn't physically, cognitively, or spiritually compatible with it.
  9. Agreed on all accounts. I'm wondering if Sazed told them about Kel surviving the Catacendre or if he doesn't say what happened to him. If so, I could see the survivorists basically portraying him as a forerunner for various activities. Something like, "He survived the mists, and now he's claimed them for us. He survived the pits, so the Lord Mistborn survived the flames. Survived death, so Vin and Sazed became the Ascendants. Now he's surviving the Beyond, and one day we will too." Or something like that, I'm just coming up with this off the top of my head.
  10. We are told that it does in Shadows of Self I believe. It's in the bit where they talk about MeLaan having not read any of Sazed's books. It is in fact used as a defense for Survivorism. Frankly I've just always been confused, because I figure Sazed would have included Kelsier starting a religion specifically to start a revolution, and it seems like that would create some theological issues. Not that they're irreconcilable, I just want to know how they deal with the record basically being, "Oh yeah, your god made that stuff up about his own divinity." Survivorists probably use his brief divinity to elevate him, showing that he is a good enough person to step down from divinity to allow someone else to follow in his footsteps or something. Really, I just want to know more about the religion in general.
  11. Edit: RShara beat me to it.
  12. Sleepless. I don't know why, but swarmforms have always fascinated me. If nothing else, I like the idea of being in more than one place at once. Though I'm not sure I'd spend time making myself look like a human, especially if its not super convincing anyway.
  13. But even if it did, you'd expect the skyships would just have ettmetal nodes that stored weight in a radius to cover the entire ship, so that people wouldn't need iron medallions, and could use their worn medallions for other things.
  14. I feel most people are unfairly critical with the oathpact. The Heralds agreed to it, apparently with an idea that they could sustain it. It was extremely arrogant of them, but they're immortals with access to the surges fueled directly by Honor, so they probably figured they could hold out against the fused without being captured for an eternity. Arrogant, but not without merit. That said, its not a sustainable plan, and I don't think it should be repeated. Nightblood seems to be capable of killing the fused, so there's some merit to executing them, but it would cost a lot of stormlight, time and effort. The best option would be a permanent sealing in Braze that's not dependent on Radiants or Heralds, but then the investiture seal has to come from somewhere, and for something that powerful, it would probably take a substantial sacrifice from a Shard to facilitate the seal. The best idea I have is simply that the radiants need to find some way to actually kill the Fused outside of Nightblood. Perhaps larkins? But yeah, there's no obvious answer to the fused problem. Maybe pushing them all into insanity somehow, maybe by Cultivating it? I don't know.
  15. It would definitely be interesting if they become almost like a more tactical nuke. You need to destroy the military population of a city, without casualties to property or civilians, so you give one of your soldiers a mini-mourning device, and drop them into city with a supply of metals, and give them an hour to clear the city of military personnel, knowing they can do it. The biggest problem would be if they have one of their own, which would likely lead to complete destruction within a several mile radius.