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  1. So wouldn't the age of ash then have killed and buried all the living plants on Scadrial that hadn't been modified to survive the new climate and those plants would then have been allowed to undergo the coal formation process?
  2. This is the closest we've got. Now, this might cause some contention I don't mean to cause, but, Scadrial didn't exactly have normal circumstances in regards to its tectonic activity. So I'd argue that with the whole planet being shoved around + volcanic activity + microbes that broke down ash for 1,000 years + the rearranging of everything by Sazed could mean that they've had rapid coal formation due to the unique circumstances the planet has found itself in. I'm not an expert in coal formation (or any geology really,) but my understanding has generally been that they way it happened here on earth is not the only way it could happen and different circumstances could lead to faster or slower or just different development. Alright, now for an actual expert to appear and completely throw everything I said out.
  3. I actually love WoA and would say for me personally it places above HoA. I'm actually a fan of political drama, and the siege and Elend going from a dreamer to a king is just super satisfying to me. I will admit I'm not a big fan of Zane, but he never was enough of an annoyance to really bother me. So yeah, I might be the one person who thinks HoA is the worst of the original trilogy, but that's where it is for me. Still love it, its just the lowest of many amazing books.
  4. This is not a reasonable question. I guess I have to go with Bands of Mourning, but we're splitting hairs to get to that. I need a all of the above option.
  5. Its more, you store 20 years and become 20 years older until you stop storing, whereas you then return to your original age, then when you tap you become 20 years younger than your true age. You're just missing the middle step. To put some numbers to it, say you're 40 and you store 20 years for an hour. While storing you're 60 years old. Then you stop storing and return to 40 years old. Now, when you tap that age, you can reduce yourself to 20 years old for one hour, or make yourself an infant for half an hour, with other ages for different duration in between. But unlike something like strength, your age is constantly changing. While you're 60, you're still aging and while your 20 you're still aging, so even while you're not using feruchemy your age is still going up. The mostly end neutral nature of feruchemy is the issue. Time passing means you're constantly running out of youth, and the fact that feruchemy never creates more of a trait means that it can't actually give you more net youth, only redistribute the youth you already possess. And yes, you're right about the compounding, the issue is just that you have the spirit realm interfering. When you compound 2 years into 20 to get a net +18 years, you're not actually 18 years younger, and your spiritweb knows it. Essentially, your age isn't 18 years younger, but (x-18) with x being your original age. Now you might say that's the same thing, but realmatically its not. Rashek's age during the final empire was (~1024-1000) which is not the same as 24. He had a millenium of "debt" that was being suspended by magic, but as soon as that magic went away the debt came back. Feruchemy can't make a permanent change to you, even with compounding. I guess that's the biggest thing, realizing that feruchemy can't make permanent changes.
  6. That's actually a really good point. As we all know, fullborn are the kryptonians of the Cosmere. (had to do it. Frustration has his bit, I have mine.)
  7. I apologize, I'm about to be real stubborn on this. Sorry, y'all. Dynamite is not comparable to a shardblade. Dynamite is a purely physical form of damage, whereas shardblades are not. Unconscious is also very different from dead. As for Wax, that's a weird situation that may or may not involve shardic intervention. Now, I will admit that if y'all are right, and a gold compounder can survive a shardblade though the central nervous system (which would be frustrating from a story perspective as it means they are essentially truly unkillable) then I don't actually know if a Radiant could win that fight. Like, at all. It would be a long long fight. But yeah, I don't see how a compounder could lose in that situation. Unless the Radiant lashes them to the ground and starts systematically surgically cutting out their metalminds, and even that I don't know how effective it would be considering shardblades don't cut living flesh. Maybe a 5th ideal Windrunner could full lashing them in place while reverse lashing only the metal out of their body at something like 20g, but other than that I've no ideas.
  8. Fully agreed. However, we're talking about a blade that, unless you're making yourself super invested, that blade is going to have no resistance going through a body, plus it can possibly cut off metalminds, plus it cannot be pushed or pulled on. Once that blade is swinging, its going where its going, no being blocked or redirected. Thus, the metalborn is going to have to keep their central nervous system out of that path. That's way easier to do by moving at super speed than by hoping the radiant is going to miss. I guess my issue is less to do with the potency of gold, and more the fact that once your soul is severed from your body, I'm not convinced a metalborn would have the presence of mind or spirit to keep tapping while, you know, dying (especially since SH gave us a clear detail of just how painful that is.) Maybe if the tapping persisted after the hit the metalborn could heal (even that I question though) but it seems very unlikely that they'd be able to continue that healing after damage like that. And to those who might suggest that of course they can keep tapping, because of Intent, everything we've seen from SH indicates you need a body to use the metallic arts (see Kel eating a nail in the cognitive realm.) Once your mind and soul are being separated from your brain, you probably can't keep using feruchemy.
  9. The issue is that while gold healing can heal a shardblade wound, I'm still fairly certain that a fatal wound from a shardblade cannot be healed. I'd need someone to confirm for me, as my books are currently in a different state, but I believe both Words of Radiance and Othbringer mention that a shardblade through the brain or spine will instantly kill a Radiant with no hope of regeneration. I imagine it would have a similar effect for gold healing. Thus, it can only take a non-lethal hit. Steel would be better for just avoiding that possibility at all.
  10. The scars are part of his cognitive Identity. Every magic that we know of that would heal or regrow his flesh would see the scars as part of his body to be regenerated, and thus he'd still have them.
  11. I would actually argue the other direction, and say that a feruchemist halfborn would do better than a mistborn halfborn. Namely, because while yes, mistborn are generally more inclined to combat, radiants are hard to kill. Killing a radiant is essentially a war of attrition, and while a halfbloodmaker could theoretically outlast a radiant's healing, I'm not convinced they could do enough damage to get past a 5th ideal Windrunner's plate, and at that point the radiant barely would even need to use stormlight to beat them. Gold compounding or not, a sharblade cutting through your spine ain't going to do much. For those pointing out that a mistborn can basically fire a coin like a bullet and then point out there's a WoB that says Wax could break through plate with one bullet, that's also Wax and non-living plate. My arguement would actually be for a halfcoinshot. Steel compounding means that a halfcoinshot is basically never going to get hit (though they'd have to be careful for unexpected uses of adhesion to slow them down) and drawing upon weight means that they've got a ton of power behind their pushes. The issue just becomes then actually doing enough damage to overcome a radiant's healing, but I believe that once you get the plate out of the way, a halfcoinshot could use their super speed to just keep the pressure up at all times and not give a radiant time to recover their plate (however that works, we don't know yet.) For a close second, I'd argue halfleacher. Though they'd need some serious feruchemical reserves to do it. They'd have to get in close to the radiant so they can touch them and drain their stormlight without getting instakilled by the shardblade, and then get out, as radiants don't need stormlight to use said blade. But ultimately in a fight between a feruchemist and what is essentially a non-radiant shardbearer, steel + pewter = victory.
  12. I mean, Diamante's kind of the reverse, since he makes things that are already hard flexible. So, for those that aren't familiar with One Piece, the dude has the power to make anything into a "flag" which makes it move like fabric. The most Tension thing he probably does with it is turn a sheet of steel into a cape and then when he needs to defend himself turns it back into a sheet of steel, basically creating an instant shield. I do believe Tension could do something similar but in the reverse way, taking a normal cape and making it rigid and durable as steel. But anyway, as for the Tension being like Pewter, I guess if you can use Tension on yourself you could theoretically harden your skin (which would actually be fairly like armament haki from One Piece) or make your joints and muscles more Tense to support greater weights. So maybe if you used it very carefully and precisely you could simulate super strength, but frankly it seems kind of unlikely. Other than bones, there's not a lot in the human body that likes being rigid. In general, flesh likes being able to bend and stretch to do its job. But, if you're made of crystals, I guess that isn't much of an issue.
  13. I like halfborn, but you definitely might want to add a small descriptor for which half they have. Yeah, I'm sure us being the 17th shard we'll just default back to a-halfborn or f-halfborn, but I kind of like the idea of contrasting it with their one power. So a mistborn bloodmaker would just be a half-bloodmaker, a feruchemist coinshot would be a half-coinshot. Yes, you could extend that to halfborn-bloodmaker and halfborn-coinshot, but I'm lazy, so let's not do that unless we're being formal.
  14. I always hear the voice of Russell from the movie Up. So yeah, Nightblood is a kid in my mind.
  15. allomancy

    In my head I've always seen it as pulling in extra information and details from the world around you via your senses. Is that just me justifying it away? Yes. But that's how it makes sense to me to think about it.