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  1. The Well of Ascension while Ruin was still there. Boring as heck, and the only way to pass the time risks gaining the attention of an infinite vortex of death and darkness.
  2. Is there evidence of that?
  3. And yet, he has a right to a trial by his peers. If a non-cosmere character cannot be considered a peer so as to stand witness, how can you argue that any of this trial qualifies as such to him?
  4. Objection! Based on the ruling by Adonalsium that a non-cosmere character can not be a witness for this trial, Brandon Sanderson cannot be tried for crimes within the Cosmere, as he is not a Cosmere character. Therefore this must be declared a mistrial.
  5. A hemalurgic construct that's soul is so damage any hemalurgic trait "leaks" over time, causing them to loose it, so in order to maintain themselves they need to constantly consume blood, which is temporarily placed within their own veins that delays the decay of the spikes and thus maintains their existence. Objects infused with the power of Harmony attempt to take control of them through their spikes, but their souls are so fragile that the process shatters their spirit webs and kills them.
  6. I mean, that is the premise of the movie "God of Trial" which is rather good.
  7. Is a child a creation of their parents or a consequence of their actions? I would argue the latter. Parents do not get to decide the appearance, beliefs, actions or thoughts of their child. Mr. Sanderson controls all those in regards to his characters. If anything, the comparison between parent and child is extremely lacking in this regard. Mr. Sanderson's characters would be better understood as extensions of his own existence than existing entities of their own.
  8. I feel as though this suggestion is rather like putting time on trial for the deaths of every person who has died of old age.
  9. This thread is proof that when you put a bunch of random, totally normal people on the internet, they unerringly adopt the chaotic neutral alignment. Every. Single. Time.
  10. I'm going to pull from another series here. Dresden Files. Don't worry anyone, no specific spoilers. Jim Butcher has described his job in writing the Dresden Files as finding new ways to make Harry Dresden suffer. Yet, through it all, Dresden has grown as a character. He's found hope in dark moments, grown in power and wisdom, and progressed in his relationships. There is no reason Sanderson can't do the same with Kaladin. Kaladin's development would be learning to let go of people and not blame himself for their deaths. I agree with the OP that the first step of this might be to actually reach out and connect with other people. Many have predicted that his next oath will be something like, "I will forgive myself for those I cannot save" or the like. Perhaps though, it will be more other-centric, like ,"I will entrust those I cannot save to those who can save them." It would signify that he's finally realized he's not alone. For those that believe his next oath will he about leading, perhaps it would be something like, "I will guide others to save those whom I cannot."
  11. @Pathfinder, you just touched on something else about soulcasting we don't really talk about. It is dangerous, and I've seen many threads that simply ignore that fact. You're astral projecting yourself into Shademar and hoping that you have enough stormlight to form a stable platform while also having enough to bribe the material into becoming something else. Meaning you either need an absolute abundance of stormlight, or you need to be able to estimate the necessary investiture for the task. And that's without considering the conservation of investiture. If you suddenly compact a massive quantity of air into something as dense as uranium, the investiture you're giving to the air has to go somewhere, and if it goes into the uranium, what's to stop it from forming a tiny perpendicularity due to the sheer density of investiture and scattering uranium into Shadesmar (the consequences of which could constitute a thread all its own,) or even worse, into the spiritual realm, which sounds bad. And I mean, giving the shards cancer types of bad.
  12. I think we overestimate soulcasting quite a bit because our main example is Jasnah, who may he about as good as you can get at soulcasting, and our largest examples are when in the presence of a perpendicularity. We tend to talk about soulcasting air like it's easy to do, but Jasnah specifically mentions that it's rather complicated. It just in general feels like we know so little about transformation that it's powers are greatly exaggerated. It's like if we hadn't seen gravitation yet, so we assumed windrunners would start casually making black holes. Or like we hadn't seen progression, so we thought edgedancers would start creating jungles with each footstep. Yeah, soulcasting is powerful, maybe even the most powerful of the surges, but I think we should try to be a bit more conservative in our estimates. Granted, I also just don't like Jasnah, so maybe I'm just biased and don't want her to be that powerful.
  13. HELLO

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      Did you have a particular reason to remember I exist in the first place?

  14. I am entirely serious in the silly sounding answer. Maybe, shards associate themselves with mountains, and thus perpendicularities tend to gather on mountains shards associate with themselves.
  15. I think the Stormfather would be rather upset about a bunch of people trying to ride his storm.