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  1. Mr Hoid, what are your thoughts on the bombshell recording that was recently made public? Your opponents claim that it proves you don't have our nation's best interests at heart, do you have any answer for that? [plays recording]
  2. I for one want to know if there's anything significant about those gas giants. Conveniently ten of them, named after the Heralds. And Brandon says 10 is important to the Rosharan system...
  3. Just based on general scumbaggery, I chose Sadeas. He just is excellently written as a repulsive, detestable person who makes your skin crawl simply by his prescence. Writing-wise, I don't actually hate any of those characters. Sadeas is well-written for the very reason that he's so eminently hateable. Same with Amaram. I even like Moash as a character in the story. I think he fills an important role as a foil for Kaladin, and also for Dalinar in OB. While I don't think i particularly hate any stormlight character from a writing perspective (Brandon does good characters), the one that irritates me is, believer it or not, Jasnah. But that's mostly because I can't stand condescending people. I admit that she's objectively awesome. But she still grates on me horribly, and I'm waiting for her to finally get knocked down a peg (Brandon has to do it sometime. She can't always win.)
  4. Sadeas getting a good face punch would have been immensely satisfying. Unfortunately, he is dead, and punching dead people just isn't the same.
  5. I'm just seeing Brandon see GotG 2, yelling "storm it!", then dashing up to his study, where he pulls out a manuscript, furiously scribbles out a name, the writes "Ambition" underneath. He walks out, muttering "nobody better take that one."
  6. I have been in the Moash vs Kaladin camp for some time myself. Not everything has to he a narrative curveball. Some things are built up to over several books. I'd like to see Kaladin swearing oath 4 (about accepting failure or some such), so that his climax in book 5 has him swearing the 5th oath, which will involve being willing to kill someone he cares about (i.e. Moash) if it is necessary to protect others. 5th level Kaladin vs Moash with honorblade and who knows what else. Kaladin will eventually win, of course, but he will die heroically in the process. That's my speculative headcanon, at least.
  7. Huh. Interesting. Thanks for the WoB, I'd never seen that. Although it still seems plausible that the "muddying" Brandon talks about could interfere with compounding. Perhaps not, though.
  8. I've wondered. Can matching A and F powers granted by hemalurgy be compounded? It occured to me that the different identities could interfere with using them together that way. Kind of like the limiting factor we saw for the medallions in BoM. Any WoBs on this?
  9. I like the idea of flashbacks for a POV character showing them through a different person's eyes. Venli flashbacks from Eshonai's perspective. I think perhaps a mix might work best, though.
  10. I'm pretty sure Occam's razor sometimes is dull when it comes to epic fantasy. The precedent of Atium is compelling. That WAS listed in the Ars Arcanum of the mistborn trilogy as one of the 16, even though we now know it doesn't belong in that spot. So we know that just because we see something on an allomantic table (or another metallic art) doesn't mean it actually belongs there, at least in that specific spot. Actually, the way Aluminum interacts with other investitures seems to indicate that it is different from other allomantic metals. The other allomantic metals only have investiture significance because of their interaction with Ruin and Preservation (Brandon has even indicated that the metal does not glow in the CR because it has power, but because of the power seeking to come through it). Simply put, unless you're a worldhopper using preservation's investiture, pewter is just pewter on Roshar. Tin doesn't do anything on Sel. Brass doesn't have any effect on Nalthis, etc. BUT: Aluminum has an effect wherever you go. That sets it apart, and makes it not quite fit with the rest of the metals. Seekers could sense atium being burned in the final empire days. Despite that fact, the Steel Ministry still placed Atium (and Malatium) as one of the temporal metals, where Bendalloy and Cadmium actually should have been. Bronze can identify the metal, but can't tell you everything about how it fits into the magic system. P.S.: Is there a place, other than the Ars Arcanums, where Khriss is actually quoted as saying Aluminum is one of the 16 metals? I don't recall, but if there is one, please provide the quote. That would certainly put a hole in my theory.
  11. Now in one sense this is a dumb question. Obviously, you can burn Aluminum for an allomantic effect. But is it one of the 16 metals? We already know of two metals (and their alloys) that are not part of the standard sixteen: atium and lerasium. These are in a different category of godmetals (and their alloys). Removing Atium and its known alloy, malatium, from the chart made space for another two metals. Come era 2, where we thought there were only two metals left to discover, there were actually four! I dont personally think aluminum is a godmetal. However, it does seem to be in a different class. It doesnt just interact with the metallic arts, it interacts with all kinds of investiture, implying it has a more fundamental nature to the cosmere as a whole. And since it interacts with all investiture, of course is interacts with the metallic arts. If this is the case, and aluminum and duralumin are "bonus" metals, could there still be two enhancement metals we dont know about?
  12. Stickform. You can never change back. You are a stick.
  13. There's this WOB from a 2013 signing, that I've never been able to figure out, as I wasn't on the Shard at the time. By the way, if any old Sharders know what this is about, I am ravenous with curiosity.
  14. It could be an expression. The word shard has bounced around Roshar for millennia after all.
  15. It might not mean all of "us" are on "this world". They could simply be, in hive mind speak, referring to the fact that a part of "us" is on that world. If an avatar of autonomy is on First of the Sun, the Autonomy can refer to (them?)selves as being on that world.