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  1. So the real topic is, how do we want Brandon to die in cosmere films or shows? ... This could get morbid. Dont worry Brandon, we love you! We just want you to die repeatedly for our entertainment.
  2. Right! I forgot about drunk Jezrien.
  3. Szeth noticed the absence of Shalash's statue in the WoK prologue. The fact it hasn't been replaced could imply that Ash did her defacing work recently. So that's at least three heralds at the feast.
  4. Thanks for the quote @Calderis. Preservation may have been better at fortune than I thought.
  5. (Mistborn Spoilers) So we know that the prophecy of the Hero of Ages (from the original Terris religion) were corrupted by Ruin, but in their uncorrupted version they made true predictions. In HoA we find that they predict Sazed, and his taking the fate of the world "on his arms" by taking up the powers of ruin and preservation, using his copperminds to give him the knowledge he needed. The question is, if the prophecy is actually a real prediction of an event over a millenia before it happens, where did it come from? Did preservation use fortune? I doubt it was Ruin, he wouldn't make a prophecy just to corrupt it. Possibility #1: Preservation saw the future, and passed it to the Terris. But I got the impression that Preservation wasn't as good, as Shards go, at future sight. The future sight he demonstrates in Secret History seems limited, and I believe he even mentions that it isn't as useful as it should be (I don't have the text with me, so I can't provide a quote). Over 1000 years in advance, that kind of prophecy seems difficult to do for him. #2: It's possible that it was a self fulfilling prophecy: that is, preservation planned it to happen and set events in motion in order to cause it. This also seems unlikely. Too many people involved (people are unpredictable) and Leras' mind was fading during some of the crucial moments. #3: (this one is from my wife, and I think it's the most likely) Connection. Spiritual Connection transcends time, as we see with Kaladin's connection to Syl. I suspect that Leras is better at Connection (just like other Shards are better with Fortune and future sight), due to the fact that his godmetal creates connection. Sazed, the future holder of preservation, has a spiritual connection with Leras. Through this connection Leras had with the future Sazed, Leras was able to gain the knowledge that resulted in the Hero of Ages prophecy. Let me know what you guys think! Or if you have any additional theories
  6. Shamespren appear on Roshar. Awkwardness could be close enough to attract a few of those.
  7. Unknown Shards. All things Aimia. The Dawnshards Hoid. Where Kelsier got his new body. I mean, pretty much the stuff that everybody's wondering about.
  8. Storm it I missed one.
  9. Okay, I had not remembered that quote from Khriss. Never mind then. @Calderis good point about the Skaze. could Shu-Korath have been influenced by interaction with Seons? Maybe the religions seem to associate with shards because of the influence of sapient Splinters on them.
  10. I win with no capitals whatsoever. also, the game.
  11. I get the distinct impression that the religions we see in the book Elantris are influenced by the Shards of that world. Shu-Korath fits Devotion, and Shu-Dereth Dominion. What's interesting about that is that they did not spring up independently, as you would expect from two religions caused by two different shards. Instead they were both offshoots of shu-keseg. Keseg's two students went two different directions with his teachings. We also know that Sel existed before Dominion and Devotion came there. So their religions would develop after they got to Sel. So I think in this we may have a definitive time for when the two Shards arrived on Sel: during the lifetime of Keseg's two students. After they arrived, their two diverse intents influenced the respective students and the religions that came from them. Just something my wife thought of. Edit: not sure how this relates to any other religions of Sel (like the ones we see in Emporer's soul)
  12. I don't see how my theory explains the "sailors lost on an infinite sea." So that prophecy is probably about something different. I do see the possibility of BAM being able to connect people with dead blades, doing something similar to what she did with the parsh. I also like the idea of the radiants having to make a dark deal with an unmade (with terrible consequences of course). Its the kind of moral dilemma that makes for good storytelling.
  13. So sometimes you have a completely whacked out Cosmere theory get stuck in your head. Don't hold it in, sharders! That's what forums are for. In that spirit, here's a crackpot theory. Gotta let it out, guys. Only time will tell what BAM asks in return. Don't tell me I'm crazy. I already know.
  14. Soulcasting is of course frightningly powerful, but there are some limiting factors that keep it from becoming unbalanced. 1. Danger: As has been already mentioned, soulcasting is a dangerous art. Shallan nearly gets herself killed doing it. Jasnah is extremely competent, but some of the ambitious things mentioned on this thread might be too dangerous even for her. 2. Fuel: Soulcasting takes Stormlight. Presumably more stormlight if you are trying to soulcast something into something less believable to its cognitive self. In Way of Kings, Jasnah completely broke a gemstone soulcasting a large stone into smoke. If that takes so much fuel, then soulcasting air into uranium would take a prohibitive amount (in most cases). 3. Finesse: You have to convince the object that it wants to be something else. So some of the more broken soulcasting would probably not even work. You simply would not be able to convince the cognitive aspect of the object to do something so unbelievable. I.e., "I am a stick." "But you could be dark matter!" "I am a stick." "No, you definitely want to be dark matter. Look at all the stormlight I have!" "...I am a stick."
  15. Thanks all! It does seem like it stores both, but also that Nicrosil is every bit as mysterious and confusing as I thought. Hopefully we get more in future books.