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  1. Are you a stick?
  2. I agree that I can't just pick one favorite. I'd say that both Kaladin and Elend are very high on my list. Also Lift and Szeth. Lift is just fun, and Szeth is a fascinating and intense character who's journey has been really cool to see.
  3. I am not entirely sure yet what I think of the "Dalinar unites Adonalsium" theory but I think it has a lot of merit. Dalinar already has definite ties to all three of the Shards on Roshar. On Odium's comment, "we killed you," here's a point that may be relevant. We know, for several reasons, that as Shards go, Odium is more adept at using Fortune (seeing into the future). We also know from Renarin's visions right before that the visible future changed when Dalinar refused Odium. I think if "we killed you" refers to Adonalsium, it is because in that moment, Odium was looking at not what Dalinar was, but what he could become.
  4. Shard sports paraphernalia, which can change logos depending on which team is winning.
  5. Taking a cue from Lift. https://stormlightarchive.fandom.com/wiki/Shardfork
  6. It's also possible that Bevadon is not an agent of Bavadin, but that it's a product of Bavadin's long (though subtle) influence on Scadrian culture. We don't know when Autonomy first began meddling on Scadrial, but if you look at Sazed's description of (pre-Lord Ruler) trelagianism in TFE with Autonomy's many aspects in one thing, it seems like the Shard has been around since before the Final Empire. Perhaps the name Bavadin made it's way into cultural use (changing slightly over time), [minor Stormlight spoiler] In this case it would simply be evidence that good ol' Bavvy has been messing with Scadrial for a VERY long time. But there's an even more disturbing possibility (cue scary music): Brandon just RAFO'd that question to mess with us, and it's not important at all
  7. I think it might be more accurate to say that they are soft tissue, and can shape and transform it. That's why they can't make hard tissue or dead cells (hair and nails)
  8. I figured it was farfetched, but since we were speculating, it was a pretty interesting idea.
  9. Here's a thought: would it be possible to use Nerghaul in a diminishing Fabrial? Would you get a fabrial that takes away people's will to fight?
  10. I think there is something to it. I even think I have seen a wob alluding to this, but I'm not sure if I could find it.
  11. I agree. It didn't quite convince me, but it was well thought out and I hadn't heard it before, which is hard to do on the Shard.
  12. Eh, as I said, at this point it's only a plausible crackpot theory.
  13. I thought it might be that you become the standard of law, and are above the laws of others. But Nale almost always follows other people's rules. No, as I think about it I think it might be that a person has given themselves over so wholly to the law, following and enforcing it, that all other wants, hopes, and passions die away. You become the embodiment of the rules. You BECOME law. It doesn't exactly sound good, but the radiant ideals might not all be good. And it does describe Nale very well. But on the subject of 5th oaths, I think in light of the 5th Skybreaker ideal, it probably is something that raises someone to the highest or most developed version of that order's focus (as in law for skybreakers).
  14. The shattering could very well have left a core, a remnant of the being Adonalsium was when he was whole. Or not, of course. At this point, it's only a plausible crackpot theory.
  15. Perhaps the gemstone contains the remnant of Adonalsium.