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  1. There's this WOB from a 2013 signing, that I've never been able to figure out, as I wasn't on the Shard at the time. By the way, if any old Sharders know what this is about, I am ravenous with curiosity.
  2. It could be an expression. The word shard has bounced around Roshar for millennia after all.
  3. It might not mean all of "us" are on "this world". They could simply be, in hive mind speak, referring to the fact that a part of "us" is on that world. If an avatar of autonomy is on First of the Sun, the Autonomy can refer to (them?)selves as being on that world.
  4. As a minor evidence for Trell being connected to Autonomy, check out this thread.
  5. I don't yet, but it would probably be a good idea. I haven't actually done much cardsmithing yet, except in my head. I have plenty of ideas, through. Edit: @Turin Turambar Here's one. The stormlight mechanic is like energy from the Kaladesh set, only attatched to permanents. I degrades over time and must be replenished by other cards (like highstorm cards). One variety of shardplate (there may be more). Forgot to add an equip cost. 4, maybe? (And yes, I need an icon for stormlight counters. Just using $ for now)
  6. All right, fellow Sanderfans! I know there are other Magic, the Gathering enthusiasts in your number besides me. In fact, they seem like they should go together, Brandon being such a big MTG nerd himself. One of the things I like about MTG is that the game is based on such an in-depth fantasy universe with highly developed lore. I also love fanmade MTG cards based on other fictional worlds. And who else has made an in-depth fantasy universe? Brandon. It's a match made in the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, despite my searching, I have yet to find a well-made set of cards based on the world and story of the Stormlight Archive (there is some pretty good Mistborn stuff, though). So if anyone else is interested, I propose that we design the set here on the 17th Shard. Here's my thoughts so far: There should be a few different sets. The first I'd like to call Storms of Roshar. It will cover the world and story on Roshar from the beginning of Way of Kings up to the advent of the everstorm at the end of WoR. This will have very little in the way of surgebinding of course, but those cards can come later. We'll want to base cards and game mechanics off of some of Roshar's more interesting features: The Thrill, Death Rattles, Fabrials, Stormlight and Highstorms are some that I think could look cool in gameplay. Set two would be Everstorm, based (so far) on Oathbringer. Now we could get into making cool cards based on surgebinding, radiants, and oaths, as well as the fused and voidlight, and a host of other cool things that we see after the desolation begins (including a card for Nightblood ) Assuming Brandon continues to expand the Knights Radiant as the story develops, it might be worth making set three Rise of the Radiants (after a couple more books come out). Any takers? Let me know your ideas! P.S.: If you want to design any actual cards, mtgcardsmith.com is a great place to go.
  7. Couple of options. The boring, tedious option is to have people constantly re-reading or re-learning the same information, then storing it again and again, like a memory assembly line. This is the one method that I can think of that is certain to work. The less certain method would be copper compounding. Less certain because we don't actually know what it does for sure. However, I have seen it theorized that a coppermind, if burned, would multiply the memory, allowing it to be stored in multiple copperminds.
  8. I'm going to be old fashioned and put in a plug for Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is practically the father of the fantasy genre, so he's an important read for any fantasy lover. The first book starts slow but it's well worth getting through it, because it gets very cool.
  9. If I remember correctly, shardcast concluded it was Kaladin defending Elokhar. One of the chief evidences is WoR chapter 62, entitled The One Who Killed Promises, where imprisoned kaladin decides that perhaps moash is right and the king must die. But regardless of the death rattle, the storm-collision fight you described between Kaladin and Moash totally needs to happen. Of course I'm in the camp that's rooting for them to be Dalinar's/Odium's respective champions.
  10. Crud. It sure stinks to have a pet theory shot down. Well, perception alters reality in the cosmere, so maybe if I think about it really hard I can change the canon Seriously though. That's the big thing that Wayne excels at that isnt tied to one of his metallic abilities. I can't think of much else he does that could be the result of a resonance.
  11. I agree, this sounds awesome, but it should probably wait till the series ends.
  12. So the real topic is, how do we want Brandon to die in cosmere films or shows? ... This could get morbid. Dont worry Brandon, we love you! We just want you to die repeatedly for our entertainment.
  13. Right! I forgot about drunk Jezrien.
  14. Szeth noticed the absence of Shalash's statue in the WoK prologue. The fact it hasn't been replaced could imply that Ash did her defacing work recently. So that's at least three heralds at the feast.
  15. Thanks for the quote @Calderis. Preservation may have been better at fortune than I thought.