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  1. All right, since we're on the topic of Stormlight... Which order of Radiants would you fit in? I'd be Edgedancers.
  2. Thanks guys! I suppose I could have just looked that up myself but I appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Also, aluminum is really complicated. Also, like ALL BRANDON MAGIC is really complicated
  3. *stormlight spoilers* So one of the big things that stood out to me reading the Roshar intro in Arcanum Unbounded is that the spren predate the arrival of the shards. This changes the way I think about the spren. I'd thought they were all splinters that had split off of the shards, but now we know it's a bit more complicated. So on to the theory--the unmade are massive spren that existed on roshar pre-shattering. Upon the arrival of Odium, they were corrupted and coopted his investiture. They were made, then they were unmade. I also have similar thoughts about the sibling. Either he's some huge spren (the spren of the Rosharan continent, maybe?) or the same kind of spren that the unmade were. Maybe...there were ten major spren (ten's a good number for Roshar). When Odium corrupted nine of them to make the Unmade, one escaped and became the Sibling. This could either be way off, or something everyone's figured out already Guess I'll find out. I'd love to hear what you think!
  4. *mistborn/Wax and Wayne spoilers* So far we've seen that Aluminum can block emotional allomancy, and that it can't be pushed or pulled by steel/iron. Can it intercept any kind of allomancy? If you put an aluminum sheet between a coinshot and a metal object, would he be able to sense or push it? How about bronze? would aluminum shielding block an allomancer from being sensed by a Seeker? Etc. I'd love to hear if there are any Words of Brandon to this effect, but theories are also welcome. It seems like we're just starting to learn what aluminum can do.
  5. I heard Tezim got in a wreck last week. But it's okay--he's got Tukars
  6. Also, those pictures took up a lot less space before I posted
  7. Sean Austin as Dockson. Chris Pine as Kelsier. Only problem is I am still in love with Michael Fassbender as Marsh, and he and Chris pine don't look much alike. They might be able to make it work.
  8. Based on previous books, the in world book that book 4 will be named after has not appeared yet. Words of Radiance, I think, did not show up until its namesake book. Same with Oathbringer and obviously Way of Kings. So if he keeps the pattern he will introduce something we haven't seen yet. Perhaps an forgotten parshendi song?
  9. It is an in world book. What makes you think that it will be the Book 4 title?
  10. Not sure about most of the parts, but I'm pretty sold on Michael Fassbender as Marsh.
  11. @kaellok No worries. Well, regardless of what happens, I think we can look forward to an EPIC boss battle.
  12. Okay, that Dalinar pic is literally THE MOST EPIC.
  13. @kaellok I think we're going to have to strongly agree to strongly disagree on this particular issue. Either that, or you could challenge me to a test of champions... My champion is...You! Oh wait, did someone try the "recruit opponent in his own champion contest" trick already? Nuts...
  14. I'm pretty sold on moash vs Kaladin for the fate of Roshar. It might seem too obvious, but not everything needs to be a surprise. Certain story elements are more powerful because they have been built up to. Kaladin makes sense as Dalinar's champion. He has the strongest aspect of leadership next to Dalinar, just as their counterpart Heralds each led in different ways in the ancient past. Also he's awesome. Moash makes sense as Odium's champion. While he is becoming more and more Odium's, he hasn't turned into a cheap one sided villain. Brandon seems to have put some effort into making Moash seem relatable and at times even moral. He at times seems like more of an antihero. And of course the two having been former friends would make it even cooler. Or of course it could be possible that the voidbringers are taking such an enormous interest in him for no reason. I mean, it's not like they have had him do anything important like, say, KILLING A HERALD.
  15. Well,I'm coming to the conclusion that it's practically impossible to come up with a theory that 17th hasn't thought of yet At least I thought of it all by myself. Yay me