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  1. Hmm, I'm working on Elantris rendition of Closer rn. Seems like Chainsmoker songs are a pretty good fit for this.. here's what I got so far: Trying to think up Call of Elantris and Spirit of Elantris approriate 2nd and 3rd choruses respectively..
  2. How about a mistborn edition of Something Just Like This?
  3. So it's made very clear that Allomancers can be either Mistborn or Mistings - no inbetween. You either get one power, or you get all of them. However, it's also been stated that burning an alloy of lerasium and a metal makes you into a misting of that metal. So what would happen if you were to burn multiple, different alloys of lerasium - would all the investiture you burn compound and enhance one ability? Would they override each other, "wasting" the lerasium you previously burned? Would they merge and form a new allomantic ability entirely? Or would they have the intended effect and make you a "polymisting" of the metals that were chosen? Or, is it something else entirely?
  4. It is stated that in end-negative systems, hemalurgy being the prime example, investiture is lost during the process. However, it is also said that investiture can not be created or destroyed, so what happens to it? Does it return to the shards?